b*****r and s****r Fuck Mum Part 3

b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part 3
Please read parts 1 & 2 first from my blog to follow this story if you haven’t already.
Tom went and took a shower as Kelly and her daughter talked about sex and orgies.
Kelly was on Sharon’s bed besides her peeling her daughter’s wet hair from her shoulders as she told her about her first group sex she had with her father and some friends. She said that she always had a good sex life with her husband and still does and he always made her feel good. “Then one day he asked me what I thought if we were to have another woman join us in bed”. I told him that I loved the idea but thought that another couple would be better for the both of us as I always wanted to have two cocks in me at the same time. Well it took your dad two weeks to find a couple on the net and they were a bit younger than us but it was the best sex we ever had. I got to fuck a woman for the first time and let her fuck me as hard as she wanted. Then the two men fucked both my holes at the same time as I finger fucked the woman to orgasm. We are the best of friends now and you and Tom know who they are. “Donna and Mike?” asked Sharon. “Yes, that’s right and they come to the same orgies every month with me and your dad”.
“Does Donna ass fuck like you mum?” “Donna is a lady to everyone outside our group of friends but an absolute slut when she gets going. There is nothing she won’t do and she likes her sex hard and dirty just like me and your dad. Mike has even been fucked by your dad and other men and so has your dad.”
Sharon knew that the idea of fucking her father was not going to be a problem and told her mother so. But her mum said that the idea of going to an orgy with his daughter and watching men do whatever they wanted to his little girl would upset him as he knows how wild they can get.
She told her mum that when she finally fucks her dad’s brains out he will realize how much alike you and me are in the sack and that I’m ready for anything that goes. Kelly asked her if she would let her father ass fuck her and Sharon just smiled with a shiver and a rub of her cunt. “You bet I would mum and I’ll even clean his cock after with my mouth.”
Kelly told her that tonight she would talk to him in private and let her and her b*****r know what he thinks but your not to get upset if he says no.
That evening at the dinner table Sharon was wondering if her mum had spoken to her dad about today and what he was thinking while Tom ate his dinner as normal. She thought about fucking her dad all afternoon and played with herself as the wicked thoughts ran through her head. Now with her dad sitting next to her she felt that if he did know what they did with mum, he might be disgusted at her and her b*****r.
Peter asked with a smile on his face, “So how was your afternoon k**s.” Tom nearly choked on his food and tried quickly to contain himself then said, “Fine dad and yours.” Peter told them that it was not as exciting as theirs. Sharon knew that her mum had told him and now felt worried that he might be mad at them.
“Tom.” Peter called out and tom replied with, “yes dad.”
“I am so proud that a man of 19 years of age can give a woman like your mother a dam good fucking, and ass fucking for that matter that she would like to do it again. And Sharon I hear that your appetite for sex is just as strong as your mother’s.” He was smiling as he looked at their faces and waited for their response.
“Ah, yah dad, um, thanks,” was all Tom could say. Sharon asked her mum if she had told dad everything and Kelly said yes. Peter said that he liked it all and got horny hearing what went on today but was concerned about taking them to an orgy. Sharon said that mum thought you might be but got horny about the idea herself and would do anything to prove to him that there was nothing to worry about.
With that Peter told her to stand up and show him her pussy. She stood up and removed her dress and g-string in front of him as he pushed his chair back from the table. She moved in closer as her cunt started to get excited and wet. He liked her shaved cunt and ran a finger up her slit and felt her wetness which gave him an instant boner. How many fingers can you take he asked her. “As many as you want dad,” she replied.
Peter started with one finger as she parted her legs and then inserted two fingers as she closed her eyes and let out a little moan. “Sit back down sweetheart,” he told her and she did. She spread her legs apart and he inserted three fingers in her wet cunt and Sharon grunted out the words, “four fingers daddy”. He smiled and was overjoyed to see how hungry she was to be filled as his cock strained in his pants to be released. He slowly inserted the forth finger into her and she grabbed his wrist and started fucking herself with it. His 20 year old daughter was horny as hell and he knew she loved this. He moved his mouth to her clit and flicked his tongue over it as she moaned and grabbed his head and pulled him harder into her. She cried out, “fuck me dad, give it to me, give it to your horny little daughter as hard as you want to and don’t hold back.”
Peter was amazed and proud of his daughter and knew that his wife was right; she was just like her mother. He asked Kelly to come and suck his cock and then heard his daughter say, “No, suck Tom’s cock in front of dad.” Peter couldn’t take the strain in his pants any longer and got up to undo himself. He kept his fucking fingers going in and out of Sharon’s cunt while freeing his cock out and Sharon looked up to see his huge cock in his hand. “Oh yah dad, let me suck your cock, please. She move in on his cock and swallowed it down as deep as she could while his finger were still buried in her cunt. He pulled them out of her wet cunt and pushed her head away from his cock and with a look of amazement at her he put all four fingers into her mouth to suck. She sucked her juices off his fingers as he lowered his cock to the entrance of her cunt. When she felt the tip of it touch her cunt she smiled and said, “I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me all day dad, so fuck me like you fuck mum.” With that he shoved all eight inches into her to the limit and Sharon cried out, “Oh fuck yah daddy, fuck me hard”.
Peter moved some plates away on the table and picked her up with his cock buried in her cunt and placed her on the table. “Fuck you like your mother?” he said. “Fuck me like a slut.” He held her legs in the air as he pondered into her wet cunt and she grabbed her left breast with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She could feel the fullness bringing her close to orgasm but wanted to show her dad that she was ready for anything before she did. She inserted two fingers into her cunt as her dad watched in amazement at how filthy his little girl can be. Her fingers felt good rubbing on his cock and making her feel even tighter than she was. He knew he was going to cum soon and told her to cum with him. She rubbed harder and was grunting with every thrust as she locked eyes with him to see him cum at the same time. As she watched her dad opening and closing his eyes while fucking into her she decided to give him and herself an extra treat by pulling her fingers out of her cunt and shoving them into her ass hole. She yelled out, “Oh yes fuck me dad, fuck me harder, harder, don’t fucking stop I’m, I’m going to, oh fuck yes, fuck yessssssssssss,” with a squeal in her voice as the biggest orgasm hit her hard. Peter felt her shove two fingers in her ass and could feel then against his cock as he fucked into her hard and deep. When her orgasm hit her, his cock was being squeezed by her powerful contractions and he fucked her harder and deeper. His thrusts made the table move and he pushed his cock deep into her and held it there when his orgasm hit him hard. He bucked into her as load upon load squirted deep into his daughters contracting cunt. He grunted out the words, “Oh god yes, yes, fuck me, yes.” Sharon was feeling her dads cum filling her cunt and was fucking her ass as hard as she could as her body was trembling on the table. She thought her orgasm would never stop and she didn’t want it to. Having her dad fuck his little and cum into her was better than fucking her b*****r. She pushed her anal wall hard against her father’s cock with her fingers and could feel his cock spasm as his cum filled her cunt and she wanted more of him.
Peter wanted to stay in her cunt forever as he felt her fingers pushing against his cock. He moved towards her and she looked up at him and met his eyes. With her heavy breathing she said, “I love you dad,” and he said that he loved her like never before. They kissed hard as their tongues entered each other’s mouths. As they kissed Peter slowly removed his cock from her soaking cunt which made her shiver in her dad’s arms. She removed her fingers from her ass and went to hug him but he grabbed her hand and suck in her two fingers which made her shiver with delight to see her dad do that. She poked her tongue in his mouth and licked her fingers with him. “Don’t do that honey; you’ll get me hard again.” “I hope so dad, because I want more of you. I want you to fuck me again and again and in all my holes. I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum after you fuck my little ass. I want to suck your balls and lick your ass and finger it while you fuck me. I’m all yours dad and you can fuck me whenever you want and even when I have my period and I’m not joking.”
Peter was smiling and told her that she knew what she wanted and how to get it because she was turning him on again. She wanted more and was happy that what she said was working and decided to suck his wet cock and get it ready to be ass fucked.
When Sharon got off the table, she and Peter looked towards Tom and Kelly who were on the floor. Kelly was deep throating her son as he lay on the floor and her on her hands and knees. She was fist fucking her cunt hard and deep while her head bobbed up and down on Tom’s shaft.
Peter’s eyes widened when he saw the two of them and his cock starting growing harder and decided he wanted to fuck his wife’s ass at that very moment. Sharon saw the look in his eyes and knew he wanted her mum and told him to go for it. He smiled and said “thanks babe” and moved in behind Kelly with his cock in hand aiming it at her ass hole. Sharon told him to wait and she lowered her head to his cock and spat on it and spread her spit all over his shaft. She had hold of it at the base and with her mouth directly above it let a long trail of saliva run down to the tip of the head and spread it even more around his cock. When he started moving in closer she stopped him as she moved in on her mother’s ass and landed another long stand of saliva on her ass hole and rubbed it around and in her ass. Kelly stopped sucking and started moaning when she felt this and saw her husband ready to fuck her. She smiled and asked him if he wanted the fist in or out? Peter just said, “Surprise me.” She turned her head back to Tom’s cock and removed her hand from her wet cunt and grabbed Peter’s cock between her spread legs and smeared her juices along his shaft. When she let go he aimed his cock at her anal entrance and rubbed it up and down as he heard her moaning for it. Peter was hoping that she would put her hand back in her cunt but was happy to fuck her ass hard.
He pushed in and didn’t stop until he was deep to the base of his cock as she gasped when he hit her bowels. She was just about to shove her fist back in her wet cunt but Sharon wanted to be a part it this and shoved her hand deep in her mother’s cunt. Kelly yelled out loud, “oh my fucking god,” at the fullness she felt in both her holes.
Sharon was kissing her dad as Kelly tried to continue sucking her son as her husband was pounding into her hard. Peter stopped kissing Sharon and told her to go and fuck her b*****r. She removed her hand and Kelly replaced it with her own. Peter grabbed her by the hair to remove her from Tom’s cock and Sharon spat on her fingers and rubbed it around her ass hole. She sat on Tom’s cock facing her mum and lowered herself until he was deep inside. “Oh yah, oh fuck yah” she said as she watched her mother being ass fucked at the same time as her. Sharon told her mum to fist fuck her and Kelly looked up and saw Tom’s cock buried deep in her daughter’s ass. She moaned at the sight before her and went straight for Sharon’s cunt with her fingers fully extended. Sharon screamed at the onslaught to both her holes. She loved to be fucked hard as hell and grunted at her mum to fuck her harder. Kelly told her to do the same to her as her orgasm was coming. She felt Sharon’s hand was flat in her cunt and with a panting voice said, “Follow my lead with your hand.” She curled her fingers in Sharon’s cunt to form a fist and felt her daughter do the same in her own cunt. Kelly started fist fucking her as hard and deep as she could which made her scream in pain but it also made Sharon stop fisting her. “Don’t stop fucking me,” she yelled at her. Sharon wanted to enjoy the brutality she was getting as her orgasm was approaching but f***ed herself to be as brutal to her mum’s cunt and make her cum at the same time.
Kelly was yelling “Fuck me, fuck me harder,” and Peter was fucking her ass as hard as he could for his own orgasm was about to hit him. Tom could feel his mum’s fist through his s****r’s cunt and started shooting load upon load into her as he bucked up of the floor to get deeper inside his s****r. He grabbed her left breast and pulled hard on it while grunting with every thrust as she tried to receive her mother’s fist and her b*****r’s cock as deep as she can.
Sharon was fisting her mother as hard as she could manage and when she felt her b*****r cumming in her ass she lost control of herself. Her orgasm hit her hard and her cunt started contracting on her mum’s fist. She started screaming as her body jerked and bucked on fist and cock trying to engulf as much as she could. Tom felt his cock being clamped by her anal muscle and had to work hard to push it in deep.
Peter had lost control when his orgasm hit him and started stabbed deep into his wife’s ass with every load shooting from his cock. Kelly was moaning the words, “Oh my god, oh my fucking god,” and then in a quiet pant said, “Don’t stop, don’t stop fucking me, more, harder, fist me harder, fucking give it to meeee, pleassssssssss, yesssssssssss, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” as her ass and cunt muscles started contracting around cock and fist. She grabbed Sharon’s arm and pull it into herself and kept it there as her whole body trembled from her massive orgasm.
Peter pulled his cock out of her ass and saw her trembling thighs so he shoved three fingers in her ass as hard as he could. Kelly grunted at the intrusion and pushed back on him for a deeper penetration as her ass clamped around his fingers. With a low trembling voice she said, “Oh my god, oh my god, please, please don’t stop,” as her body was trying to calm down. She was slowly pushing back and forth on his fingers as her cunt was slowly squeezing her daughter’s fist.
Tom was spent and released his grip on his s****r’s breast while his cock was still imbedded in her ass as he lay on the floor sweating.
Sharon could feel her contractions respond to her mother’s contractions around her fist at the same time and decided to stay with her mum until they separated. Peter pulled his fingers out of his wife and moved his cock to her mouth to suck him clean. When Sharon saw this she knew she wanted him in her mouth and pulled her fist quickly out of her mum’s cunt and was amazed to see her squirting on the floor. Kelly pulled her fist out of Sharon and started rubbing her own clit fast as she continued spraying the floor with her cunt juice.
Sharon ass gripped Tom’s soft cock in response and placed her hand under her mum to catch her spray and bring it to her mouth. She tasted her mum’s cunt juice and did it again but this time grabbed her father’s cock and put it in her mouth. As she tasted her mum’s ass and cunt juice and his cock she had another orgasm. Kelly looked at her having another orgasm and dived down to her cunt and started sucking on her clit. Sharon let go of her dad’s cock and flopped back onto Tom’s chest as her mother ate her cunt and searched for her daughter’s g spot with her middle finger.
Peter sat back in a chair to watch his wife at work and was proud to see how good she was making his daughter cum.
Sharon grabbed Kelly by the head and pulled her in closer and said, “Suck that filthy cunt of mine mum, please, please do me fucking hard, yes, that’s it mum, that’s it, bite my fucking clit.” And with that Kelly started sucking and fingering her cunt with two fingers as hard and as fast as she could. Her hand was a blur as she hammered into her and she used her teeth to pull on her clit. Sharon was screaming but Kelly didn’t let up on her cunt as she wanted to make her daughter loose herself and squirt. Kelly stopped sucking and started rubbing her thumb on Sharon’s erect clit while moaning the words, “come on babe, cum on your mother, you can do it babe, you can do it. Sharon’s cunt was on fire and she could hear it making squishing noises on her mum’s hand. She has never been fingered as fast and hard as this before but knew her orgasm was going to hurt. Kelly spat on her cunt and used her whole hand to rub her clit with such speed that made Sharon raise herself off Tom’s cock and in the air for more. Kelly quickly pulled her two fingers out and replaced them with three searching deep for her g-spot as Sharon started moaning louder and louder. “Fuck -------you------bitch-----I’m----cum-------I’m-----fucking-------cummmmmmming, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck----meeeeee.” As her orgasm hit her she lost all control of her body and felt like she was going to shit herself as her mum continued fucking her cunt as fast as she could when suddenly a small amount of fluid escaped onto her hand. Kelly pulled her fingers out and a powerful squirt came out as Sharon screamed and bucked trying to get away from her mum. But Kelly roughly shoved her three fingers back in and fucked her with a blur again and again until a Sharon started squirting nonstop all over the place. She kept pulling out and shoving her fingers back into her like a pump and Sharon kept squirting and fighting her own body as her ass and cunt were contracting violently. Her legs were jerking in and out and her head whipped in all directions as squirt after squirt went flying all over her mother’s hands and chest. She could feel every nerve taking over her entire body as she squeezed and pulled hard on her tits. Kelly tried to place her mouth to her Sharon’s cunt and drink her juice but Sharon’s bucking made it impossible.
When Kelly felt her daughter’s legs slump to one side she decided she had enough and removed her fingers and sucked them clean as she moaned to the taste. Sharon collapsed on the floor in a foetal position with one hand squeezing her breast and her other hand cupped over her cunt and ass hole as her whole body trembled.
Tom was amazed at the sight of his s****r’s state and told his mum that it’s the first time he’s ever seen her that way after sex.

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Incredble. Well written and just, well... amazing.
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great story
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excellent & intense
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That was a brilliant story. Hope you have some more lined up