Caught Mum with a Black Cock.Part 1

Caught Mum with a Black Cock.
Part One.
The day Julie caught her mother fucking a black man was the same day that changed her life forever. From that day on she knew that her sex life would never be the same.
It all started when she came home to spend her summer holidays with her parents. She planned a whole day of shopping with her mother and catch up with what’s been happening with everyone while she’s been away. After three hours of walking and buying different outfits they decided to get some lunch.
It was there that started the change in her life.
After finishing their meal and deciding which shop to go to next, a tall well dressed black man came over and said, “Hi Sandra how are you.” Her mum got up and kissed him on the cheek and said, “I’m good Allan. What are you doing here?” He said he came out for some lunch and then looked in Julie’s direction waiting to be introduced.
As Sandra did the introductions, Julie noticed the way her mother was holding his arm and wondered what’s with her red face. The way they were standing there holding each other made Julie’s dirty mind wonder if they were an item but then she thought that she was being silly. When they started talking shop, Sandra told Allan that she still had one of the files in her car and if he wanted they could go and get it. Julie was pissed off but didn’t show it for she was there for her mum and nothing to do with her work. But when her mum said that she will be back soon all Julie could do was smile and say that it was, “ok, and it was nice to meet you Allan.”
She waited for thirty minutes then decided to go and look for them and again her mind was thinking dirty thoughts of what they might be up to. She felt strange having these thoughts flashing through her brain but for some reason she felt that there was something going on. When she made it to the car she could see Allan sitting in the passenger seat but no sign of her mum. When she got closer Allan noticed her coming and then a head popped up and it was Sandra. Julie stopped in her tracks and asked herself, “Did mum just give Allan a head job in the car?” When Sandra opened the door she had a shocked look on her face as she apologised for taking so long. Julie smiled at her and said, “Mum, are you and Allan having a fling or something? What’s going on here?” Sandra knew she was caught but started thinking quickly and came up with, “I know how it looks but I was just picking up a pen off the floor you silly thing.” Her reassuring smile didn’t fool her a bit.
“Bullshit mum. Just tell me the truth and it might stop you from blushing.”
“I’m not having an affair Julie and with that tone in your voice I have decided to leave the shopping for today and go with Allan back to work to fix a problem we have.”
“Ok, ok,” Julie said as she asked for the car keys and told her that she will see her after work. But what Julie was really planning was to follow them and see if she was lying.
Sandra called to Allan and said, “Let’s go to work and fix this problem,” and as Allan walked passed her he said, “Thank you Julie. We won’t take long and I’ll have her back to you soon.” She waved goodbye and kept her eyes on them as she entered her mother’s car. As she wondered what to do next she lost sight of them and knew that it was all over. She didn’t know where her mum’s office was and started thinking about the whole event.

“Was mum giving Allan head in the car? Is mum having an affair with a black man? Is she fucking a black cock? How big is his cock? Does dad know of Allan?” She was also thinking about fucking a black cock herself. She had a large black dildo which she uses more than her standard ones and started watching some of the handsome black men at her work. One of her girlfriends told her about a the first time she fucked a black man and how she loved it so much that she tried a threesome with two black cocks and it was the most intense fuck of her life. She told Julie that their cocks are huge and they can fuck you for hours and hours before they blow their loads. She also told her that they taught her how to do anal and the next time she does a threesome she wanted to do a double penetration with them.
This got Julie thinking about black cock and after many nights of masturbating she went out and bought the dildo and loves it so much that she knew that one day she would be fucking the real thing.
Deciding to go home she was thinking about her dildo and wished that she had brought it with her. she would just have to use her fingers while imagining her mother fucking Allan’s black cock. She stopped thinking about her mum having an affair but her cunt didn’t. Now she wanted to give it a little rub before she left but to her surprise she saw Allan and her mum driving out of the car park. Turning the keys she took off after them.

She was nerves and excited as she stayed back in the traffic hoping not to be noticed. Again her mind turned to sex when Allan’s car drove out of the main town into a housing area that she knew of. “They aren’t going to work,” she convinced herself and she was right when they turned into the most expensive real estate in town. She pulled over and waited a bit knowing that she only had to drive around until she found Allan’s car. “Fuck,” she thought. “What if he parks in a garage? Fuck.” Picking up speed she was relieved to see Allan’s car parked in a driveway and she knew she was right about her mum. “Going back to work my ass,” She said to herself. Driving straight past the driveway she wondered what to do. She parked further up the road and decided to walk back to the house. If she got caught she was going to tell her mum the truth and make her mother explain all this bullshit about work.
The car was parked in front of a double garage with one side leading to the front entry of the two storey house and the left hand side leading to the rear of the house. She decided to take the left path and head towards the back of the house but she got to the garage she could hear someone was in there. She sneaked up closer and saw a small window in the garage wall and quietly peeked inside. What she saw just blew her mind.
Allan was leaning against a work bench and kissing Sandra while she held his cock in her hand. When they broke their kiss Julie heard her say, “Let me finish sucking your cock honey, then you can eat my cunt before you fuck me.”
“Bingo.” Julie knew she was right about her mum giving Allan a head job in the car park and yes she was right about her mother fucking a black cock. “I just can’t wait to see this,” she said as she crouched down beside the window to watch the show.
Sandra dropped to her knees and with Allan’s cock protruding out of his fly she pulled back on the foreskin and wrapped her mouth over the head. Allan bent down and pulled her top up over her head to expose her firm breasts. Throwing her top to the side he leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of her hot wet mouth trying to suck in as much as she could. Julie could hear and see her mother noisily slurping on his cock and moaning while her free hand was buried between her legs.
Julie felt her own cunt getting wetter as she squatted under the window. She was amazed at how hot it made her feel watching her mum sucking that big black cock. She knew that this wasn’t her mother’s first time at Allan’s cock and she couldn’t wait to see how she was going to take it into her cunt. It was at least 10 inches long and 3 inches thick and it was about the same size as her black dildo at home. The only difference was that her dildo was completely smooth and jet black where as Allan’s cock was dark brown with large veins along the shaft. All Julie wanted to see was how her mother was going to fit that big cock inside her. She imagined that it was going to hurt her as she looked at her mother’s tinny figure.
Sandra kept her figure well. The nightly gym sessions with her girlfriends turned into a competition between them to see who could tone every part of their body’s the fastest. Her breasts are firm and quite large for someone who stands at only five feet tall. Her shoulder length bottle blond hair framed her beautiful smooth skin with sparkling blue eyes. Her slim legs carried her firm and small ass well. She could wear a table cloth and look seductive. Julie saw her mother was still wearing her short skirt with her breasts exposed and doing a great job at taking that large cock into her tinny mouth. She still wondered how much of it can she get into her cunt.
Sandra spat on his cock and spread it up and down his shaft and she looked him in the eye and said, “I want it big and hard for my horny pussy baby but you have to get my pussy hungrier for it. Is that ok baby?”
“Whatever your pussy needs I’ll make sure it gets,” Allan said with a grin. Sandra got up still holding his cock and kissed him deeply. Without breaking their kiss he picked her up and placed her on the work bench. Julie saw that her mum had no knickers on when she lifted her skirt and spread her legs. Leaning back on her elbows Sandra licked her wet lips and looking at Allan she said, “Eat that pussy like you always do and make me cum in your mouth.” Allan wasted no time in lifting up her legs and parting them before burying his face into her cunt. Sandra grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her and as he flattened his tongue and ran it from the bottom of her cunt to the tip of her clit she let out a shivering moan. “Fuck Allan, this isn’t going to take me long,” she said as her legs started to twitch.
Julie was as horny as hell. Watching another couple making out in front of her and them not knowing that she was there was driving her crazy. But knowing that it was her mother was too much. Squatting under the window she f***ed her hand to her crotch and pulled her g-string to the side and rubber her hand over her pussy lips. She felt the wetness her cunt had produced and spread it around. Wanting to moan she quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching her and when she felt safe she decided to insert two fingers into her steaming cunt and she started moaning. Drawing her juices out she spread it over her lips and then stabbed them back in for more juice. Her clit was erect and every time she touched it she trembled. Her cunt was screaming for an orgasm but she wanted to wait until see saw her mother getting fucked by a black cock.
Sandra’s breathing was rapidly getting faster as Allan parted her cunt lips and buried his long tongue deep into her hole. Every time he flicked his tongue over her clit she jerked forward. But when he placed his opened mouth over her entire cunt and clit and sucked hard she pulled his head closer and trembled uncontrollably while moaning through it.
Julie could see Allan was doing a good job on her mother’s cunt and wished that he was doing it to hers. The way her mum was throwing her head back and moaning was amazing. “How much more can she take this before she cum’s,” Julie had spread her juices towards her anus and gently rubbed the entrance with her middle finger to avoid touching her sensitive clit. She didn’t want to cum until she saw her mum’s reaction when Allan shoves his cock into her and start fucking the shit out of her.
And then everything changed.
Julie saw her mother having an orgasm for the first time in her life. Sandra was grunting in short breaths, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming, oh fuck Allan suck my cunt, suck my fucking cunt, ohhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuck, meeeeeeee.” Julie lost control as two fingers went straight into her wet cunt and started fucking herself with great speed. Both her knees dropped to the concrete path as her hips fucked back into her fingers. Bitting her lip to avoid herself from screaming she held her breath as one hell of an orgasm hit her hard. Fighting to stay focused on her mother’s body thrashing about in orgasmic bliss she had to let go of the window and her hand slapped down on the ground for support as her uncontrollable hips took over. She fucked her fingers as hard and as deep as she could as her contractions tried to squeeze them further in. Gasping, she could now hear her mother begging Allan to stop but Julie wanted him to keep going. Her mind was saying, “Don’t stop eating that filthy cunt. Keep going, keep going at it until she can’t take anymore. Make her cum her brains out.” Julie kept fucking herself through her orgasm and she couldn’t stop while hearing her mother’s cries. Forcing her fingers against her contraction and finding her g-spot she and pressed against it hard. She wanted to scream so badly but she didn’t. Still able to hear her mum begging Allan to stop Julie f***ed her body to get up and watch. As she tried to raise her head her spasms f***ed her back down. Every part of her body trembled and every movement of her fingers made her body jerk. She gasped with each jerk as her cunt muscles contracted around her invading fingers. This was the hardest orgasm she has ever had and she started to fear the f***e of it. Finally she froze from moving her fingers as the contraction clamped around them. After awhile she started to feel she had some control of her orgasm as she tried to relax and slowly remove her cum soaked fingers. She rolled back and collapsed against the wall under the window trying to control her breathing. With her knees bent and her elbow resting on one knee she held her head in her hand as she sucked her cunt juice from her wet fingers. Her thighs trembled as she savoured her taste. Julie was jolted back to the task at hand when she heard her mother saying, “Fuck that was fantastic. I could have you do that all day. Now I’m ready for your cock baby. Come and fuck me like you always do.”
Her mother’s words inspired her to f***e her tired body back up to the window and finally see her fucking a black cock.

To be continued.

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Very fucking hot. Can't wait to read the next part