Taboo Orgy 6

Taboo Orgy 6.

While everyone in the lounge room was fucking each other Kevin was watching Tanya their house maid fucking herself? He was going to have his way with her but wanted to watch her masturbate to an orgasm first.
She was spread out on the tiled floor with her eyes closed and her hand stabbing into her cunt with f***e. She had hold of one tit and was lifting her hips up and down as her climax was building and Kevin moved in closer to her.
Her other large breast was swaying in time to the movement of her fist and her breathing was getting faster. Kevin stood at her side to watch her brutalise her cunt to orgasm with every hard deep stab of her hand. Squeezing her breast so hard, it made her nipple stand out further and more erect as her hand moved faster and faster making nasty squishing sounds with every thrust. Suddenly she cried out as her legs opened and closed uncontrollably to the massive orgasm that was raging through her body. She rolled from side to side trying to f***e more fist into her spasming cunt and was grunting like a wild a****l. She had no control of her body and she looked like she was possessed as she kicked and squirmed about the floor. Kevin was waiting for her to start screaming but she held her breath as her body stiffened up at the highest point of her orgasm. Her entire body was now trembling as was her breathing and Kevin was masturbating as fast as he could so he could blast his cum all over her.
His breathing made Tanya look up to see him pulling himself and she knew what he wanted to do. She thought he was disgusting for what he was doing but was also amazed that she liked the idea of what was about to come and it turned her on even more. As her orgasm was ripping through her she tried to prolong her climax for Kevin to unload his seed on her. She had tears running down her face as she pushed her fist as deep as she could when Kevin said, “Get ready baby its coming.” She let out a little yelp as she squeezed her breast as hard as possible while blast after blast of his cum hit her face and neck. Kevin was pulling his cock so fast while trying to stay on his feet as he aimed his load at her face. Tanya threw her head back and enjoyed her orgasm while feeling hot sperm hitting her everywhere. Her body twitched as she curled herself up into a ball on the floor to ride the wave of ecstasy her body was having. Kevin finally hit the floor when he had nothing left to unload. Tanya opened her eyes and saw him sweating and panting while holding his cock. She had a glow about her as her orgasm was still sending her shivers with her hand inside her cunt. He moved his hand to her face and started spreading his cum all over her and she opened her mouth to suck his fingers and eat his cum. She loved the taste of it and said she wanted more. The thought of how disgusting all this was drove another side to her she never knew. She had no energy to spread her legs or even move her body but could only move her fingers around the inside of her cunt because she wanted this feeling to never stop. It didn’t take much for her cunt to react to her fingers again and when it did she f***ed her hand to start hammering away through the contractions and the pain for another mind blowing orgasm. It worked as she screamed out in fright at how powerful it had hit her. She was slapping the floor tiles so hard with her hand that it must have hurt. Tanya quickly turned to Kevin and with a grunting voice said, “Suck my fucking tits hard.” He grabbed hold of one tit and sucked her other tit as she wanted. “Pull my tit harder, oh fuck meeeeeeee.” She screamed so loud but he didn’t stop sucking and pulling her tits as hard as he could. He wanted to rip them off her chest as she jerked all over the place. She was screaming “harder, harder please, while her legs were flaying about. Kevin was totally amazed at how powerful her orgasm was and he kept his brutal attack on her tits. She was blabbering and jerking around on the floor with her fist imbedded in her cunt. He kissed her salty mouth and she tried to kiss him back while panting and breathing the words, oh my god. She held her tongue out for him to suck as she rode through the orgasm of her life. Their faces were wet with sweat and cum and when her body flinched she would grunt in his mouth every time. When her body finally started to calm down she started tongue fucking his mouth and licking his face and she loved him for doing the same. When they slowed down their kissing Tanya very slowly let her hand slid out of her wet cunt and it made her shiver. There was a wet patch on the tiled floor where her cunt juice’s overflowed from the pumping action she gave herself. She rubbed her pussy with her wet hand and Kevin wanted to taste it. He didn’t want her pussy juice wasted like that and grabbed her hand and sucked her fingers. When she saw how much he enjoyed her juice’s she said, “So you like the taste of my cunt.” When he smiled she knew the answer and said. “Why don’t you just suck my horny cunt and get a mouthful.” He didn’t say a word. He moved over her body and into a 69 position and she moaned at the wickedness of his idea. She spread her still trembling legs apart and let out a load moan as he drove his tongue straight into her wet cunt. She started whimpering and telling him not to stop while she had hold of his soft cock. When she pulled his penis he flinched because it was sore from the hard treatment he gave it to make it cum at the same time as her orgasm. He asked her to lick it and when she did it would twitch more even though it was still soft.
Kevin buried his face into her cunt and wanted to bring her to another climax. He flicked her swollen clit and pulled it with his mouth and then stabbed his tongue as deep as he could while trying to keep her legs apart. He knew that she was enjoying it but felt that her cunt had had enough but decided to be a bit more f***eful by shoving his fingers deep inside her. This had the response he wanted and was amazed at how easy his four fingers had slipped into her wet cunt while she tried lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. She was crying out for more as he sucked harder on her clit and pushed deeper into her sloppy cunt to the point where his whole hand had slipped inside her. She grunted at the intrusion and tried to close her legs tight but he didn’t ease off the pace and gave it to her until she orgasmed out of control. It didn’t take her long as her body tried desperately to move away from his hammering fist as another shattering orgasm hit her so hard that it made her scream so loud that Kevin thought he had caused her some damage. When he started to pull his hand out she screamed out, don’t move please don’t fucking move. He didn’t move his hand but kept sucking her clit as hard as he could which made her body twitch like mad. Her cunt juices were running down the crack of her ass and onto the floor as he pushed his hand in and out of her in a slow grinding motion. She was yelling stop, stop, I can’t take it anymore. He didn’t give a fuck what she said and knew that she would be past the pain and into the pleasure soon enough to enjoy it. She was strong enough to push his hips away so she could grab him by the arm and pull it down into her cunt and keep it there. As she leaned against his hip she saw how deep his hand was in buried and was amazed at how good it felt to be roughly filled to the limit. All she could do was grunt in time to her twitching body while he slowly licked her clit.
Kevin was proud of himself for the job he was doing and knew that when she was ready, he was going to fuck the living day lights out of her.
It was at this time that Ann walked in and saw them.
Kevin looked at her and saw that lustful smile of hers. He didn’t stop but wondered if his mum was proud of him or disgusted. With that smile she said, “When you two are finished I want you both in the lounge room, ok.” “You can count on it mum.”
She started to leave and said, “I’ll see you soon,” then walked out with a bottle of water.
Kevin continued his brutal sucking on her clit and loved the way her cum was covering his fist. The squishing sounds coming from her cunt where driving him crazing and his cock started to grow again. He knew that when she had finished another orgasm that fucking her cunt would be too sloppy and loose to fuck and he wondered if she would take it up the ass. As he sucked her clit harder Tanya started humping her hips to his mouth. She couldn’t believe that she had another orgasm in her waiting to come out and was worried that she might have pushed herself too far.
When Kevin felt her cunt pushing into his face he started pumping into her with some f***e. She tried so hard to relax and let her orgasm take control but it felt that it had had enough. She decided to change it up a bit by getting him to applying a bit more pressure into the game. She said, “Kevin, ease off with the sucking and put a finger in my ass.” With her ass nice and wet he rubbed his middle finger around her hole and slowly pushed her juices in until his finger was sliding in and out to the first knuckle.
As she opened herself up for it she moaned and knew that when she was ready to blow she would tell him to give it to her. She felt his finger going deeper and told him to wait but keep rubbing her hole. Any thought Kevin had of fucking her ass went out the window and it will be his cock up there soon enough. He did as she asked. Tanya felt she could enjoy this all night long when she suddenly felt Kevin using two fingers. The thought of how perverted he wanted to be with her drove her insane and she begged him to shove a finger into her ass slow and deep. Kevin’s cock was erect and ready to fuck and asked if he could use his cock instead. That sent a shiver down her spine at the thought of this young man wanting to do such a thing and she was ready to let him. “I don’t give a fuck how you wet your cock but make sure you start off nice and easy before I ask you to go for it, is that ok with you.” He told her that when she’s ready he’ll fuck her however she wants. He slowly pulled his hand out of her cunt and got up to move to her ass. Tanya wanted to do it in the doggy position and got herself ready as Kevin wiped up her cunt juice off the tiled floor and used it on her ass. “This is going to hurt so good Kevin but just start nice and slow,” she said.
She inserted three fingers up her cunt and then rubbed them on her ass. She looked at him and said, “Watch this.” She pushed one finger in her own ass and rolled it around for a while and then another and was amazed at good it felt that she inserted all three in easily without feeling any pain. When she pulled then out and pushed her ass up higher he knew it was time to fuck. He slowly rubbed her ass hole with his cock head and tried to push inside a bit at a time. She was so slippery that the head would flick out and away from her hole so Tanya grabbed his shaft and aimed it to the entrance while slowly pushing back on it. Kevin watched when suddenly the head popped in and she let out a moan without moving a muscle. When she relaxed a bit she told him to start pushing into her and as his cock slid all the way in she moaned until he stopped. He pulled back half his length and then back to the hilt and she loved it. Tanya was rubbing her pussy and enjoyed the feel fullness of it all. When she decided to fill herself up more she inserted three fingers into her wet cunt and felt his penis on the other side of her wall. This set her off and she lost her mind at how much of a slut became when she started pushing back and forth into Kevin at a faster pace.
Kevin could feel her fingers against his cock and grabbed her hips and said, “I’m ready to fuck you harder Tanya, if that’s alright.” She started humping into him hard and fast to let him know it was and he got the message.
He pumped into her ass harder and faster and with every inward thrust she moaned.
Kevin was grunting while slamming into her as deep as he could and her thighs and ass checks were trembling as she cried out, “give it to me you filthy bastard.” They fucked like this for at least five minutes and Kevin knew he didn’t have a load in him yet so he wondered how long she could take this. The sweat was running down his face and she felt it drop on her back as she fucked her cunt with four fingers now. She wanted him to cum in her ass and have an orgasm at the same time but she knew she wouldn’t last too long before it hit her. “What are you fucking doing, give it to me harder you fucking cunt,” she told him. “Fuck you slut,” he said and got angry. He pulled his cock out and grabbed her hair and told her to suck his filthy cock and she had no time to protest as he f***ed it down her throat. She gagged on it and loved the way he was treating her so rough. When he let her hair go she pulled away and told him to get on the floor for the ride of his life. He did and she quickly jumped on his cock and slammed her ass straight down to the limit while facing him. She bounced hard while her cunt juice ran out of her. She had a lustful grin on her face that said she was loving this pounding and didn’t want it to stop. When she told him to finger fuck her and he did she shoved her four fingers in with his two. “Pull my cunt open as hard as you can, I want it to hurt me so bad.” When he pulled hard she said, “Oh yah, harder baby, pull harder.” She pulled her fingers out and rubbed her clit hard and fast and pushed her ass down hard as her climax built up for a massive orgasm she had to have. When it hit she shoved her fingers back into her cunt and grabbed the inside walls while grinding her ass on Kevin’s cock. She was jerking and trembling all over and told him not to move. He felt her ass muscles contracting around his cock and was amazed to feel that he was about to cum. He wiggled his fingers in her cunt against his cock and yelled at her that he was about to cum. She wanted to feel it so bad that she f***ed her fingers to push against his hard cock and feel it pulse as it unloaded. She pushed to the back of her cunt walls and past his fingers as spit was running out of her opened mouth. He knew she had lost total control of herself and pulled his fingers out of her cunt and into her mouth. “Here I cum baby, here I cum.” As he blasted into her ass she pushed harder with her fingers and felt everything. His cum shooting in deep in her ass, and his shaft pulsating with every load he was giving her and her uncontrollable contraction in her cunt and ass all at the same time. She grabbed his hand and put it on her tit while she froze and felt the sensations her body was enjoying. She never wanted this moment to stop and thought that it might not. Kevin grabbed her by the head and pulled her close to kiss her while they rode the ride of ecstasy together. They stayed like that for quite a while when Tanya said, “Kevin, that was the dirtiest fucking I have ever had in my life and I can’t believe that you and me just did this. At the moment I love the feeling of being treated like a slut and my mind is thinking of other thing that I would like to try but I know it’s not right.” Kevin told her that he felt the same way and was amazed at some of the things he let happen to him tonight. He told her that the word slut should not be used if you want to try something new and different that makes you feel great. She smiled and said, “who would have thought that you and me would ever fuck our brains out in our life, not me and here we are and loving it.” he told her that he loved her letting him do what they did and asked what else did think of doing. “When I had my hand in my cunt and your cock in my ass I wondered how it would feel if I had two cocks in me at the same time.” With that Kevin looked her in the eye and said, “Well lets go join the rest of them and find out, but can I have the honour of fucking you in your cunt while someone else is in your ass.” “Oh Kevin, I’m going to do one better for you, you’re going to fuck me in the ass at the same time as your dad fucks my ass.” She felt his cock twitch in her ass and he said lets go then.

Darren had just pulled his cock out of Karen’s ass as she was jerking around as her orgasm had taking over her entire body. She felt her ass contracting and filled the void with two of her fingers and continued grunting as her body spasmed to her orgasm.
Trevor had Ann on the floor and was pouring the water around her cunt while she rubbed it over her pussy lips. He told her to move her hand away and when she did he inserted the end of the bottle into her cunt and filled her with the remaining water. She loved the feeling and told him to pump her cunt with it which he did. Ann roughly rubbed her clit to bring on another orgasm and was amazed at how quick it came. As she started tensing up her body Trevor started pumping faster into her and when she yelled out that she was cuming he pulled the bottle out and received a blast of water from her contracting cunt. He was showered in it and was amazed at how powerful it sprayed out. He inserted the bottle in and started pumping it faster to see if she could do it again and when she screamed out, “oh yes,” he quickly pulled it out and she sprayed all over her hand. With her trembling body all she could say was, “oh my god, oh my fucking god,” as her orgasm hit her hard. He watched her twisting from side to side as she clamped her legs shut and he decided to let her ride it through.
Trevor looked around and saw Jenny humping her hips into Trish’s face as Trish was driving her three fingers into Jen’s cunt. Jen was trying so hard to keep eating Trish’s cunt to give her an orgasm as her own cunt was roughly getting finger fucked towards another orgasm. They both knew that they were ready to cum and they both went into overdrive on each other. Trish lifted her head and started banging Jen’s face hard as she yelled out, “eat my fucking cunt bitch, eat it me, eat me, yes, yes,” while slamming her fingers so brutally into Jen’s cunt. Jen was bucking into her hand to bring herself off as she could only moan under Trish’s pounding. Trish finally pushed her fingers down deep into her as her orgasm hit her so fucking hard that she couldn’t even scream. Jen didn’t want her to stop banging her cunt and kept driving her hips as hard as she could into her fingers as her thighs were shaking with the start of her own orgasm. Jen was sucking her cunt to get a mouth full of cum and Trish knew she had to keep banging her cunt while riding through her orgasm. She was screaming and trembling while trying to concentrate on Jen’s humping cunt and to shut herself up she pulled her fingers out and replaced them with her opened mouth to suck it instead. She was moaning in her cunt as Jen was doing the same. Suddenly Trish rolled them both on their side but they didn’t separate. They stayed locked to each other’s cunts and they both knew the harder they were sucking the other the harder they got sucked in return. Their bodies were shaking and jerking to their orgasm and they didn’t let up on their assault. Trevor was amazed at how brutal they were using going at it wondered who would be the first to stop.
Karen still had her fingers in her ass as she was coming down from her orgasm when she heard the two girls grunting and groaning on the floor. The sight got her turned on so much that she inserted two fingers in her cunt at the same time and roughly banged both her holes. She wanted to cum so hard again as she watched them and decided to push herself further by inserting four fingers in her cunt and the same in her ass. It hurt when she put three fingers in her ass hole but was determined to get the fourth one in and ride the pain. She pulled her finger out and spat on them rubbed the ring to her ass and then inserted four fingers in to the limit. Trevor looked at Karen when she screamed out from the pain she gave. He could not believe what he was seeing. She was raking her fingers on the walls of her cunt and moving each finger in her ass. She had a painful look on her face but loved the fullness of what she was doing.
Sally could not get over the sight in front of her. Two women were going at it with such power and lust that it drove her insane. She was going to have some of that before the night was out and was rubbing her clit so fast that her hand was a blur. When she heard Karen scream and saw her watching the same thing and doing herself the way she was she decided to join her. Sally went to Karen and when they meet eyes she asked her, “would you like to join me on the floor?” Karen quickly pulled her fingers out of her holes and smiled and grabbed her by the hand. They both got on their sides in a 69 position and locked their mouths to each other’s cunts. Sally could smell Karen shitty ass hole and went for it with her tongue darting straight in as far as she could. When she did, Karen did the same and they both moaned. Karen told her that she was going to suck the living daylights out of her and Sally said, “Bring it on baby, bring it on.”
Ann was recovering from her squirting orgasm and was watching the whole show.
She was proud of her daughter for wanting to do the same as her aunt and was amazed that Jen and Trish were still at it. She had a wicked thought come to her and wondered if she could make it happen.
She told Trevor and Darren to come sit by her on the couch because she had something to ask to them. Trevor told her what an amazing night this is and she told him that it can only get better. They sat next to her and Darren asked, “What’s up babe?”
“Are you both having a good time so far?” They both said yes and Trevor told her that he was going to use the fat side of the bottle on her and she called him a sick bastard but maybe latter.
“Darren, you know that I love you and you also know that I would do anything for you, don’t you.” He knew that she had something going on in her mind and replied with a long drawn out, “yes.” “Do you see how horny they all are and how they can’t get enough. Well I was wondering, if us ladies can do each other to point of bringing out the lust in us, then can you two do the same.” “What do you mean by that?” said Darren.
Trevor said, I know what she means and I think it’s a great idea.”
Darren still didn’t understand. Ann said, “If you two boy’s get it on like they are then I promise you Darren that I will fuck any man you want ant any time or place and never say no. And I mean it. If you wanted me to get fucked by a group of black men in the ass all night long then I will. I will even fuck a dog if you wanted me to as long as you do this one thing for me tonight.” “What the fuck do you want me to do for you?” “I don’t want you to do anything to me right now; I want you and Trevor to fuck each other.”
Trevor looked at his frightened mate and told him that he’ll love it.
Trevor always wondered how it would feel to have a real cock up his ass instead of a fake one that he gets sometimes from Karen. Darren looked at his wife and said, “and you will do whatever I ask when the time comes, is that right?” Ann said, “however perverted your mind comes up with I promise that I will not say no, ever.”
With that Kevin and Tanya came in from the kitchen hand in hand. Ann was so happy to finally see them because she wanted to fuck Tanya on the floor in the same way as the other women were, and she couldn’t wait.
Ann told the two that they were just in time to see the boy’s fuck.........each other.
Kevin said you got to be joking and Trevor told min there not.
Trevor asked Ann if she could wet his ass and she turned him down as she grabbed Tanya by the hand and told her she was going to fuck her senseless. Tanya saw the bodies on the floor going at it and said, “oh my god, yes, let’s do it.”
Darren looked at Trevor who was smiling and said, “Let’s do it because my wife is going to wish she never made me a promise.”
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2 years ago
This series gets better and better.... bring on the cock!
3 years ago
wondering when the guys would do each other. nice way to bribe
4 years ago
Absolutely! Keep on going!
4 years ago
Thanks for reading them all. Do you think I should keep going with it. Cheers.
4 years ago
just resd 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, & reread 4. the raw unadulted lust in this series is beyond intense