Fuck with Police, Part 2

Fuck with Police, Part 2.
f****y fuck Cops, Part 2
Tony lowered the mirror and was totally amazed at the site before him. He was not aware of what was going on all this time but he knew that he was in for a treat when he saw Ruth throw her knickers to the front. He knew that his girls were going to fuck each other and he was allowed to watch. His cock had started growing and he undid his belt and fly and pulled it out. Under the street lights he saw Sally put her wet shiny fingers into his wife’s mouth and he knew that this show was going to be great.
Ruth sucked as much of Jenny’s cunt juice as she could and the taste drove her insane. She could feel her cunt leaking juice out and spreading her legs she rubbed her cunt. Jenny was in her own world as her orgasm started to ease but she did get to see her mum playing with herself. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that this could happen and now she was determined to let her mind do the dirtiest things she could think of. She was going to fuck her mum and be fucked by her as well. She just wanted to watch for a moment and then she wanted to finger her mother’s cunt to orgasm.
Sally had pulled two fingers from her mum’s mouth and joined her in sucking them while Ruth sucked on the other two at the same. Every now and then their tongues would meet but they didn’t stop. Ruth finally pulled Sally’s hand away and kissed her deeply. As she did she felt her tongue being sucked as a wet hand touched her cunt. She looked into Sally’s eyes and said, “Show your dad how you fucked your s****r.” Sally looked up to see her dad had the mirror tilted down and it turned her on knowing he was watching. She whispered in Ruth’s ear, “Do you want one at a time mum or do you think dad would like to see you take all four in one go?”
Ruth got so turned on that she didn’t give a fuck as she was ready for anything. “Why don’t you just shove all four in at once babe,” she said as she spread her legs wider and moved her hips forward. Sally smiled and said, “God I fucking love you mum,” and started smearing her fingers over her wet cunt. When she felt they were wet enough she said, “Get ready for this dad,” and slowly burrowed all four fingers into her mother’s cunt until they were buried deep. Ruth yelled out, “Oh fuck. Fuck my horny cunt hard, do it.” Sally teased her for her father to see by slowly pulling her fingers out to show him her wetness and then enter her again. She did this a few more times and when her fingers were soaked in cunt juice and her mother started begging for more she decided to give it to her.
Sally’s cunt was leaking with excitement for what she was about to do and she wondered what her father would think of her. She pulled out and spread her wet fingers over her mum’s pussy and then at the same time as she shoved all four fingers deep into her cunt she placed her mouth over her mother’s as Ruth started yelling. Sally fucked into her so hard and fast that you could hear the wetness from her cunt. Ruth rubbed her clit just as fast as Sally fucked her cunt. Sally broke their kiss and Ruth started grunting as she f***ed herself to orgasm. “Harder, give it to me harder, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Ruth demanded. Sally had never fucked a cunt so roughly in her life and was so turned on watching her mum taking it. The lurid noises from her mum’s cunt was driving her crazy. “Come on mum, cum on my hand, go for it,” Sally said as her father also urged Ruth on.
Jenny now wanted to help out and started to undo her mum’s top and when Ruth noticed this she just ripped her top apart and pulled her bra down and ordered her to suck her tits. Jenny was shocked at the way she tore her dress apart and realised the urgency in her mum. She grabbed her left breast and squeezed it into her mouth. She sucked on it as hard until her mum ordered her to bit hard on her nipple. She did and Ruth’s body froze and she screamed as her orgasm ripped through her entire body. Sally didn’t let up on her pounding into her cunt and Jenny squeezed her breast as hard as she could while bitting on her nipple. Ruth’s body went into a jerking spasm as wave after wave of her nerve shattering orgasm made her hold her breath. She tried to tighten every muscle she had but it was no use. Blabbering out in a trembling voice she could only say, “Don’t stop, pleeeease don’t stop.”

... Dan and Julie were smart. They both knew what was going on and Dan said, “You know what’s going on in there don’t you.” “Oh yeah Dan, I know exactly what’s going on but are they hurting anyone?” “It looks like there having fun so what do you think if we just stay behind them and watch until they leave,” Dan said. Julie was wondering what the driver was doing all this time and when they would turn off the main road. She hoped they continued driving as she found herself thinking some horny thoughts as to how the three women in the back seat were doing it. She looked at Dan with a smile and said, “I suppose whatever rocks your boat.” He laughed and said, “Or car.” They drove on and kept watching and when they saw someone move they would ask each other what they thought they were going...
Ruth’s orgasmic juices were running down Sally’s wrist as she continued fucking her with her four fingers. When she felt her mum grab her wrist and start pulling it into herself and holding it in deep she could feel her contractions around her fingers. Her mum was now panting and moaned with every spasm. Jenny stayed connected to her mum’s breast the whole time and watched her juices covering Sally’s hand. Jenny looked up towards her dad and noticed that he was pulling himself off and broke free from her mum and said, “Hey Sally,” and nodded towards their father. Sally looked up and noticed the same thing but couldn’t see his cock. She felt sorry for him for being left out but then a filthy idea come to her that she knew would make him happy.
She looked at her mum and slowly pulled her fingers from her cunt and saw her body tremble from the void. Ruth opened her eyes and thanked her. They kissed and Sally whispered in her ear, “Watch this mum. If this doesn’t turn you on again I don’t know what will. You ready?”
Ruth gave her a quizzical look and just nodded as Sally raised her wet fingers from behind the seat and said to her farther, “Dad, open your mouth for me please.”
Tony turned his head to his right and saw Sally’s hand and knew what was coming. He opened his mouth and let her enter it with her fingers. The smell on her fingers was intoxicating and once they were in his mouth he sucked all of them at the same time. As he tasted his wife’s cunt he looked into the mirror and saw Ruth was gently stroking her cunt lips and Jenny was looking back at him. He didn’t notice the hand coming from his left that grabbed his erect cock. It was Sally’s hand and when she had hold of it she moaned in his ear. “God dad you have a big cock. Can I please play with it?” He felt a bit strange having his daughter touching his cock but he knew she wanted to so he let her know it was alright by sucking harder on her fingers.
Sally pushed his foreskin down with a hard grip and then back up and felt the head was covered in precum. She didn’t ask his permission but she quickly removed her hand and licked the precum from her hand. Ruth and Jenny watched her do it and Ruth said in a lustful voice, “I can’t believe you just did that. Are you dirty enough to suck him off or do you just want to play with it?” Sally looked at Ruth and said, Will you be angry if I show you how dirty I can be mum?” Ruth smiled back at her and said, “Oh, I can only imagine. If you’re anything like me then I recon I’m in for quite a show.

... “Looks like the driver’s getting some action now,” said a very horny Julie. Without looking at her Dan said, “Yeah and I hope that they can concentrate on the road.”
Sally leaned forward and before she kissed her she said, “Mum, I going to fuck dad so hard when we get home and I want you and Jenny to watch the whole thing.” When they parted their kiss Ruth smiled back at Sally and said, “How about we all fuck him at the same time baby.” Sally with her lustful grin said that she couldn’t wait and Ruth said, “Tony, you heard that? Find somewhere private to park so that my dirty daughter can show us how she’s going to fuck you, is that ok with you honey?”
“You want a motel or is that going to take too long for you girls?”
“A lonely road asap will do just right, won’t it girls,” Ruth said as she inserted a finger in her cunt.
Sally went back to her dad’s cock and smeared his precum over the head and he told her to ease up as it will make him cum too soon. “Sorry daddy, she said and pulled her hand away and bought it towards her mum. But when her mum went to taste it she was surprised when Jenny grabbed Sally’s hand and started licking it. “Ruth was thrilled and inserted another finger into her cunt and asked if she liked the taste. Jenny smiled and said between licks, “I bet it tastes just like Sally’s cunt with Jakes cum in it.”

...Julie felt her cunt starting to weep when she this and wondered if her cunt would start to smell. She looked over to Dan and then down at his crutch and noticed a very large bulge in the front of his jeans. “Did you see that Dan.” “Oh fuck yes,” he relied and realised where he was. “I’m sorry for that Julie, I didn’t mean to say that, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be sorry Dan. Where else do you get to see a live sex show in front of you while you’re driving home?” “I guess you’re right and I have to hand it to the driver, he hasn’t swerved one bit through all of this. I hope they don’t leave now Julie.”...

Ruth looked at Sally with shock and asked, “What did Jenny mean.” When she told her about Jake Ruth smiled and said, “So you little slut, I think you better sit on my face so that I can suck his cum out before your dad really gives it to you.” Sally leaned forward and kissed her dad and said, “Sorry dad but you heard what mum said and I would readjust the mirror for this one. I’m going to suck mum’s cunt at the same time.”
Ruth has never had a female suck her cunt and she always wondered how it would feel. Now for the first time in her life she was going to find out and the thrill was even more erotic with it being her daughter.
Sally removed her soaked knickers and pulled her mini skirt off as her mum laid down on the back seat. Tony adjusted the mirror to see Sally’s face heading towards his wife’s cunt and he thought that this would surly make him cum before he found a quiet place to park.
Jenny moved closer to the door as her mum placed her legs on either side of her. With Sally’s head and her mum’s cunt in front of her she decided to watch the whole show.

... Julie was in such a state of arousal that she didn’t care how her words came out and said, “I think I’m on the fucking money with a 69er now.” Dan liked what he heard and looked at her and said, “You got that fucking right Jules. What you say if we follow them all the way?” “Fuck yes, you don’t mind?” “Not if you don’t.” Julie was now horny as hell and wanted to touch her cunt so badly. She looked at Dan’s crutch and felt like pulling out his cock and sucking it but thought better of it. She said, “This is better than a porno.” “Fuck Julie, I don’t know about you but it’s got me going.” Julie knew what he meant but wanted him to explain it himself and said, “What do you mean Dan?” he looked embarrassed from what he said and then thought to himself, [what the fuck.] “What I really meant is that I know that this is turning you on and I can even smell how horny you are. I’m a cop for fucks sake, I know these things and I know you’ve been looking at my bulge for quite awhile so tell me if I’m wrong?” She smiled and said, “You see, I am so lucky to be working with a smart cop like you or should I say a smart horny cop Dan.” He laughed and said that if she felt the need to help herself then to go for it otherwise just keep looking. Julie told him to call the station and tell them where’re not coming in as she undid her tight jeans and slipped her hand under her knickers. He did what she said as he watched her sliding her hand towards her cunt. He knew that he was going to fuck her tonight but he didn’t know if it was going to be before they got home....
Ruth looked up to see her daughter’s wet cunt and was aroused by the sight and the smell that she opened her mouth to engulf her entire cunt. She lusted for the taste and drove her tongue into her as far as she could. Her daughter was riding her face and she knew she was enjoying it. Ruth felt Sally rubbing her clit but wanted her mouth on her cunt so badly as the lust in her was driving her insane. She raised her hips to meet her mouth and was pushed back down with Sally’s wet mouth. Sally ran her tongue up and down the folds of her cunt and stopped to suck on the erect clit and then parted her hole with it. She used her fingers to pry her open as she darted her tongue in deep. Ruth raised her hips and let out a long moan into Sally’s cunt. Sally had dreams of fucking her mother for a long time and now in the back seat of the f****y car her dreams had arrived. She sucked her lips, her clit and buried her face into it. The harder she sucked the more Ruth’s hips raised off the seat for more. Ruth was taking it as good as she was giving it. Sally was moaning and grinding her cunt harder on her mother’s mouth towards an orgasm.
Jenny was so turned on that while she fingered herself she looked up to see her dad was busy masturbating. Without any notice she blurted out the words, “God dad, I wish you could fuck me right now.”
When Ruth and Sally heard this it happened. Sally buried her entire face into her mum’s cunt with her tongue licking the walls as her orgasm kicked in. Ruth came up for air just long enough to scream out, “Fuck me I’m cuming I’m fucking cuming,” and went back to sucking a cunt going through an orgasm. They were like two b**sts possessed by the devil as they devoured each other’s cunt’s. Ruth could feel Sally screaming in her cunt and it made her go harder on her. When she sucked on Sally’s clit she tried to drive her nose into her cunt. Her orgasmic fluids were covering her face and running past her cheeks. She lapped at the juices and swallowed all she could get. Ruth moaned when she had the chance but went back to attacking her daughter’s trembling cunt. She was amazed at the amount of fluids escaping her daughter and wondered how much of it were Jake’s. She wanted it all as she fucked her hips up into Sally’s face. Sally had her tongue and a finger in her mum’s cunt trying to open her further. She used her tongue like a straw to draw out her mum’s juices as her nose was now rubbing against her wet ass hole. Her mum’s cheeks clapped against it in spasms as she continued devouring her cunt. Finally her legs started clamping against her mother’s head in uncontrollable spasms. She tried to raise her hips from her mouth but her mum held her down. It was now brutal. Sally wanted her to stop as it was too much for her body to take. But she didn’t. She raised her face away and begged her, “Stop, stop, no more, please mum fucking stop.” When she lifted her head she saw Jenny dive down and take over. Jenny slipped to the floor and planted her mouth on her mum’s trembling cunt while she fucked herself with three fingers. Sally was screaming and begging Ruth to stop but she held firm. Ruth was use to massive orgasm and she wanted this for her daughter. As hard as it was to continue face fucking her she was feeling the pain within herself. She also knew that Jenny must be sucking her cunt while Sally was screaming and she loved it. Her legs wanted to close but she f***ed them apart for her daughter to get a taste of her juices. Ruth was amazed at how good she was at sucking her and was even more surprised when Jenny poked her tongue in her ass hole. Now it was Ruth who was doing the begging. Not only was Jenny trying to shove her tongue in her ass she also had three fingers pushed in deep to feel her mum’s contractions. Now Jenny’s cunt exploded into orgasm and she removed her face from her mum as she slumped back against the car door and jabbed her cunt hard. “Oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuck,” was all she could say as her body bucked around. Ruth nearly passed out from it all and found it hard to breath with Sally slumped on top of her. Sally rested her head on the car seat as she let her trembling body try and relax. She could hear her heart beat in her ears as she controlled her breathing.
When Ruth found it too hard to breath she had to ask Sally to get up. Sally didn’t want to move but she knew she had to. In a slow motion she rolled to one side as her mum got up and then collapsed back down in the seat. Ruth managed to slide her legs towards the edge of the seat and welcomed the release of their body heat. She needed more relief so with both hands she grabbed each side of her dress and finished ripping it open. She undid her bra and freed her breasts and settled back in her seat.
Jenny was heard having her orgasm as she pushed her fingers to the full depth of her cunt and squeezed her left breast through her top. Her head was heard banging against the door in spasms as her breathing was laboured.

...Julie couldn’t see much action from where they were but had worked her cunt into lather and was poking a finger in to soak it with her wetness. She rubbed her clit in little circles as she imagined what the women were going in that back seat. Every now and then she looked at Dan and saw him squeezing his bulge through his jeans. He felt sorry for him and asked him, “Why don’t you pull that big cock out Dan and make it easier for yourself.” He looked at her and said that if he did then he wouldn’t last. With her lustful grin she said, “I don’t think you’re going to like this then.” Knowing that he was this horny turned her on even more and she decided to give herself a quick orgasm. Shoving two fingers deep into her hot cunt and using the other hand to rub her clit she f***ed herself to an orgasm. Breathing quickly she started bucking in her seat and started crying out, “Oh yes, oh yes, here it comes Dan, here.......it..........fucking.............cuuuuuuuummmsssss.” His squeezed his cock harder as he tried to keep watching her and the road ahead. It was too much for him to control as his cock erupted with spasms of cum shooting into his jeans. As she squealed and her head thrashed about her yelled out, “Ohhhh, fuuuuuuuck, meeeeeeeee.”.....
To be continued.

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1 month ago
One hot fucking story. You have to add more chapters.
1 year ago
awesome & yes more
2 years ago
Fuck that was soooo horny
2 years ago
Very Hott! Cant wait fot part 3.
2 years ago
HOT, hot!

love lesbian policewomen lacto erotica fun stories.