The Public Toilet Orgy Part 4

The Public Toilet Orgy Part 4.
Kat quickly moved forward when she heard the trickle of pee leaving Sue’s cunt and f***ed her hand down between Sue’s legs.
“Fuck off Kat you filthy bitch.”
Kat put her hand to her throat and pinned Sue back and said in a serious voice, “You fucking piss on my hand or I’ll rip that fucking top of yours to shreds and then bite you’re fucking nipples off. So start piss girl.”
Sue had hold of her hand and looked her in the eye and said, “I’m not a lesbian and don’t you fucking threaten me bitch. Who the fuck do you think you are? Now fuck off and get out of here.”
“Your not a lesbian now, but you will be.”
“Oh, so you think you can just come in here and turn me into a lesbian. I’m sorry to displease you but not in a fucking chance.”
“Oh no. Listen to the others fucking each other and tell me you didn’t get a fucking twitch between your legs. Go on, tell me the truth,” Kat yelled at her.
“No I didn’t. Now leave me alone, I’ve got to pee.”
“Piss on my hand and then I’ll leave you alone, ok.”
“Piss on my fucking hand and I’ll leave and not until then.”
“Ok, ok you sick bitch. You promise to fuck off once I pee on your hand ok. I mean it Kat, you fucking leave me alone, ok.”
“I promise Sue, now go on and start pissing.”
Her hand felt warm against her cunt lips as she tried to pee with it there.
“Do it Sue, come on, start pissing on me.”
Finally she released her bladder and felt relieved of the pressure inside. It come out with f***e and when Kat heard her sigh she pushed two fingers closer to open her lips apart.
“No Kat, don’t,” she said as she gripped her arm harder.
“I want to feel it all come out so relax, I’m not going to do anything, alright?”
Part of Sue felt good but when she felt her own piss splashing back at her she wanted to stop but couldn’t.
Kat was so turned on by this that she started rubbing herself. “Oh fuck Sue, your piss is so fucking hot to touch.”
Sue looked at her playing with herself and wondered if she was really turning her on or was she just pretending. She has never seen a woman do this and wondered how far she would go. Either way she knew that she would leave once she finished peeing.
Kat inserted a finger into her cunt and let out a little moan and said. “This is so fucking hot Sue. I’ve never had anyone piss on me before. You have no idea how fucking horny this is. Don’t stop Sue, please don’t stop.” With her two fingers spreading Sue apart she knew she wanted more of her. She wanted to finger fuck her so bad but didn’t do it in case she stopped pissing.
Sue felt that it would all come to an end soon but found herself watching Kat fingering herself. For some unknown reason she parted her legs and felt Kat shove a finger into her.
“No Kat, don’t. Stop it Kat.”
Kat pushed back against her gripping hand and pushed further into her as she shoved three fingers into herself and groaned.
Sue looked down to see what she did and knew that her cunt must be so wet to take three fingers in so easily. It was the most erotic thing she has ever seen. Feeling a finger in her cunt while watching a woman doing herself was too much for her to take. She needed that finger to give her an orgasm. She didn’t how she got it but she knew a way. She spread her legs wider and Kat looked up and said, “I’m sorry Sue but I just had to.”
“Then use two fingers and fuck me to orgasm.”
“So I turned you into a lesbian after all, ah?”
“No you didn’t. If you don’t do it then I’ll do it myself.”
“I’ll give you an orgasm but only if you give me one, ok.”
“And how do I do that Kat, I’m not a lesbian.”
“You just do whatever you want to and I’ll just take it no matter what.”
Sue started thinking of how to give her an orgasm until she felt another finger enter her wet cunt.
“I thought you said the other women didn’t turn you on Sue? Your cunt is so slippery so it’s not pee.”
“No Kat, it’s you that’s turned me on now give it to me quickly.”
“You know that you’re going to scream so loud that the others will hear you.”
“Not as loud as they’ll hear you scream when it’s my turn Kat. Now shut up and fuck me.”
Kat went to give her a kiss but Sue turned away. “Come here and kiss me or I’ll stop.”
Sue had no choice and returned to kiss her. She was met with a tongue trying to enter her mouth and knew that Kat wouldn’t stop until she surrendered. When she opened her mouth she felt the fingers in her cunt push deeper. She moaned into her mouth and went for her tongue as the lust ran through her. She needed to cum so bad that she would do whatever was needed. She grabbed Kat by the hair and pulling her back she said, “You fucking slut, give it to me harder,” and went back to her mouth.
Kat pumped her fingers into Sue’s cunt with quick thrusts as she fucked herself just as hard. They were both panting and moaning into each other’s mouths as they heard someone yelling from another orgasm. Sue pulled back and ordered Kat to use three fingers and she did. As soon as they entered her she yelled, “Harder Kat, fuck me harder. Kat fucked herself just as hard as she fucked Sue. Sue slipped her hand down to her clit and roughly rubbed it as her cunt exploded into orgasm.
“Arrrrrrrh, fuuuuuuuck, harder, fuck me harder, ohhhhhhhhhhh, goddddddd, yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhh,” she yelled as her hips bucked against Kat’s fucking finger.
“Oh my god, oh my god Sue I’m, I’m, ohhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuck, oh god yes, yes, fuuuuuuuck,” Kat screamed.
Kat was trying to stand as her thighs clamped around her hand. She dropped to the floor on her knees and continued fucking herself throughout her orgasm. Sue grabbed Kat’s arm and used it to fuck herself with it as she thrust her hips into it. Her head was thrashing about as she held her breath through the contractions. The lurid noises coming from her cunt was driving her insane. She didn’t want this to stop as she kept fucking the fingers harder and harder.
Kat was so amazed at how another powerful orgasm hit her. Her cunt juice’s were covering her hand and thighs as she slowed the pace of her fucking. The spasm’s in her cunt were felt around her three fingers as her orgasmic climax was starting to subside. Slowly she removed them and spread the juice’s over her clit that sent another spasm through her entire body. She was spent. Sue was stabbing her arm into herself in quick jerks as her body trembled. The harder she tried to prolong her orgasm the worst she felt as she knew there was no point. She let her body flop back as she held Kat’s arm with the fingers still buried inside her.
Kat was the first to move and slowly moved up to Sue’s face and said, “That was so amazing and thank you for giving in to me.”
Sue opened her eyes and smiled back at her saying, “That was the dirtiest thing I have ever been a part of but I liked it. And now I have to think of something dirty to do on you. Where not finished Kat, where just getting started. And you know what?”
“I think that I might even join the others tonight for some more dirty fun after I’m finished with you Kat. And guess what else Kat.”
“What Sue.”
“I think you turned me into a lesbian and I know that I will be doing it again after tonight. Would you like to fuck me again sometime soon?”
“The sooner the better Sue and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do to me.”
“Let me tell you and you tell me if it’s alright with you.”
“Go for it Sue.”
“I want to lay on the floor with my top off and have you squat above with me finger banging your horny cunt until you piss all over me. And then I want to rub our cunt together until we both piss on each other. But the best part, and you’ll love this Kat, I want to do it in front of all the others. So what do you think?”
“Are you sure that you’re not a lesbian Sue.”
“Well I must be now to think of that, heah.”
“My cunt’s a bit sore but I don’t give a fuck. Let’s get it on you filthy lesbian.”
With that said they gave each other a deep tongue kiss before leaving the cubical.

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1 year ago
awesome & yes lots more
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oooooyea hot
2 years ago
Oh fuck, whatever you do don't stop there, i want to read how they piss over each other, that makes me so horny, the thought of it just made me cum. Please post the sequel soon