The Public Toilet Orgy, Part 3

Carrie was on the floor and Pam was on top of her in a 69 position. They were sucking the shit out of each other and quietly moaning as they hurried to bring each other off. Wendy smiled and knew that they must have seen them fucking and got turned on with the show. Wendy yelled out, “Go go for it girls,” as she stood with Kat watching.
Pam looked up with her face covered in cunt juice and said in a begging voice, “Come here and lick my asshole,” and then went back to Carrie’s cunt.
Wendy looked at Kat and said, “She we help them,” and Kat smiled back and said, “I’m with you on that one. Let’s fuck them both and then make them fuck us later.”
Wendy got behind Pam and pulled her skirt all the way up to expose her ass. She saw Carrie’s face wet with cunt juice as she franticly sucked pussy. When Wendy started spreading Pam’s ass cheeks apart, Carrie opened her eyes and gave her a nice wink. She smiled back at her and watched her suck harder. Kat got on her knees behind Pam’s ass and buried her face in it. She licked her hole and then spat on it and spread it around with her tongue. She spat some more and then poked her tongue into her ass as deep as she could. Pam buried her face deeper into Carrie to muffle her moan. She started face fucking Carrie as the tongue darted in and out.
At twenty seven and carrying a slender body after having two k**s, Pam never thought that she would ever have the opportunity to have sex with another woman. Having seen the other four women fucking each other the way they were was the sexiest thing she has ever seen. The dirty finger fucking and moaning was too much for her to ignore as not being erotic. She wet herself from the site of it all and when she breathed in their sexual smells she had to finger herself to orgasm. Just as she started raising her skirt she was disturbed by Carrie entering the toilet and she quickly turned away and whispered to herself, “Fuck.” Now with her red hair covering her face and Carrie’s cunt from view and having someone tongue fucking her asshole, she was building up to have a massive orgasm.
When Carrie entered the toilet she first saw Pam turn away and lowering her skirt and wondered what she was doing until she heard other women in one of the cubicles. She knew what the sounds were but wondered who were making them. When she rushed forward and saw three of her work mates and her boss fucking each other she got so excited.
Carrie was a short little number with brown hair and large breasts. At only twenty seven and fucking any man she wanted she also had never fucked a woman but had seen plenty of porn to know she would like to try it someday. Now, right in front of her was the real thing with real women fucking each other with real passion. She couldn’t take her eyes off them and the intensity of their love making was driving her crazy. When she saw Beth getting both her holes finger fucked at the same time she remembered the first time she had a double penetration and how loved the f***efulness of it all. She imagined Wendy doing the same to her and she looked at Pam who was facing the mirror and watching the whole thing. She walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “I don’t know about you Pam but this is so horny that I’m prepared to give it a try. If you don’t want to then that’s ok because I’ll go into the other cubical and do myself.”
Pam turned and faced her and said with a shaky voice, “Do you want to do it together?” Carrie grabbed her hand and with lust in their eyes they kissed each other. Pam broke away and told her to get on the floor and take her pants off. She didn’t need to be told twice as she removed her knickers and lowered to the floor on her back with her legs spread. Pam removed hers as she watched the other four and then looked down to see Carrie rubbing her cunt. A little shiver ran through her as she knew that there was no turning back. She stood above her face and showed her wet cunt to her as she lowered herself onto her face. As soon as her cunt touched her mouth she moaned and lowered her mouth onto Carrie’s cunt and went wild on it. The more Pam heard the others screaming and moaning the hotter her cunt was getting towards giving her an orgasm. She was lapping Carrie’s cunt trying to get in to her as deep as she could. The taste and the smell were driving her insane. When she felt Carrie’s tongue in her cunt she started moaning and pushed herself harder onto her face. The noise coming from the cubical was getting louder which made both women on the floor eat each other harder.
Carrie had to pull away from Pam’s cunt every now and then to breath but she didn’t she took the advantage of enjoying the cunt lapping she was getting and would lick Pam’s asshole instead. She was amazed at how much she loved this and she didn’t what it to stop. When Pam inserted a finger in her cunt she moaned and went back to sucking her clit. Pam wanted that warm tongue back at her asshole and wanted it to penetrate it. After seeing Beth’s ass getting finger fucked she knew she had to try it. She never knew she had it in her to have her ass fucked like that but the lust in her now was begging for it.
When she heard Wendy talking she knew they were being watched and took the chance that she would like to do her ass the same way she did Beth’s.
After telling Wendy to lick her asshole she knew she was ready for anything they wanted to do to her.
She felt four hands on her ass and a tongue rimming her hole and felt that she was about to cum. When a finger entered her hole she screamed into Carrie’s cunt pushed down on her face. The finger eased in and out and someone was spitting on her asshole making it easier for her to take each time.
Kat looked at Wendy and said, “You think she’s ready to be fucked like Beth?” Pam lifted her head and begged them to fuck her ass then returned to sucking Carrie’s steaming cunt. She knew it would hurt but something inside her wanted it so badly.
Kat pulled out and rested the tip of her finger at her hole and looked up to Wendy and said, “Yeah, she’s ready alright.” They kissed each other and Wendy said, “Show me how you’re going to fuck my ass later,” and kissed her hard again.
Kat shoved her finger as deep as she could go and Pam screamed into Carrie’s cunt. Carrie opened her eyes to see Kat’s finger buried in her ass and thought she was going to cum then and there. She lifted her cunt up into Pams face for more penetration as she watched Kat start fucking her finger into Pam’s asshole. The view was driving her crazy as her tongue fuck her cunt at the same time. Pam was now crying for both of them not to stop as her orgasm was about to hit her. Grinding herself harder against Carrie’s face and getting a harder and harder pounding in her ass was too much for her to control. With one continuous scream her orgasm hit her as her ass and cunt muscles spasmed in contractions. Wendy held her trembling ass cheeks and told Kat to fuck her faster and harder. She did and Carrie felt her cunt juice filling her mouth. She swallowed it and sucked for more as she watched Pam’s ass taking the fucking of her life. She wanted Pam’s mouth back on her cunt but knew she was busy at the moment and pulled away and yelled out, “Wendy finger my cunt, hurry, hurry.”
Wendy jumped around to her cunt as she wet her fingers with saliva and then shoved two fingers into her. She knew she was desperate and started fingering deep and fast. Carrie was lifting her hips to meet every thrust as she moaned. She attacked Pam’s clit with her tongue as hard as she could as her orgasm was about to hit her. She never took her eyes off Kat fucking the asshole above her until her orgasm grabbed hold of her. Carrie pushed her cunt up onto Wendy’s fingers and stayed there as her thighs started to tremble uncontrollably. Wendy kept up the pace and followed her as she started to buck up and down. As she pumped her cunt deeper and deeper Carrie’s juices were spraying out past her fingers and onto her face. Wendy had to get some more of this and placed her mouth on her clit and sucked it hard. Her face was getting covered with it more and more and it turned her on that she was about to have an orgasm herself. She shoved three fingers into herself easily and curled them inside searching for her g-spot and found it. She closed her legs tight and raked her fingernails harder in herself and it triggered her orgasm. Grunting through her nose she kept her mouth on Carrie’s clit the whole time as she continued banging her fingers into her cunt.
Pam had to remove her cunt from Carrie’s mouth as her spasm’s were too much for her to control. When Kat saw her raise herself off Carrie she decided that she had enough and pulled her fingers from her ass. Pam turned to one side and hit the tiled floor as her body shook. She had cum running out of her like never before and she was spent. She enjoyed the coldness of the floor tiles on her face as her body slowly came down from its high.
Wendy was still pounding her own cunt through her orgasm and started screaming out loud. She removed her fingers from Pam and roughly pulled on her left breast as hard as she could. “Oh fuck, oh god yes, ohhhhh,” she yelled as she fucked herself harder and harder.
Kat stood up and looked down to see Carrie rubbing her clit with two hands with her hips rising to meet them. Carrie was trying to prolong her intense orgasm for all she was worth as this was the hardest one she ever had.
As Kat look around the toilet she said, “I’m so fucking horny, I’m ready for more ladies.”
Just then the door opened and in walked Sue. She stopped in her tracks and the shock was shown on her face. “Oh my god. Um, I’m sorry ladies but I have to pee,” she said as she walked past them to the end cubical. Kat watched her hurry in and had the biggest grin on her face as she knew that Sue was going to be her next play thing.
Sue is thirty years old and quite tall with sandy coloured long hair and a fine figure. Her breasts are large and her ass is firm and in her short skirt and high heels her legs looked quite sexy.
When she entered the cubical she didn’t have time to lock the door as she quickly removed her knickers and sat down to pee. Just as she was about to let go the door opened and there stood Kat smiling.
“Want to have some fun Sue?” she asked.
“Fuck off Kat. I need to pee badly so get out.”

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