The Public Toilet Orgy, Part 1

The Public Toilet Orgy. Part 1.
The year was coming to an end and the office Christmas party was all arranged by Sharon. She decided to really splash out this year as the company had a good turnover.
Being the boss of a dress designing company and now owning three stores gave her a staff of mainly women. She only had two men on her books that were in charge of deliveries. They went to last year’s party and decided never to go again because some of the women got a bit too flirty with them once they started drinking and making fools of themselves. The men laughed it off but were none too happy having to arrange for some of the ladies to get home.
So this year she picked a small function room that catered for her twenty women with a meal and drinks and two stretched limo’s to get them there and home again.
The day had come and Sharon gave everyone half the day off to be ready and waiting for their limo to arrive. The party started at 7.30pm and was to finish at around midnight so a good night was to be had.
One by one they got picked in style and greeted with a glass of Champaign as they all wondered where the function was going to be held.
When they arrived they were greeted by Sharon with a kiss and a hug. She showed them to the bar and said that they can drink whatever they liked and to enjoy themselves.
The night was going great and Sharon went from table to table mingling with them all and also giving each woman an envelope with strict orders that it was not to be opened until later that night. Everyone thought that it was a Christmas card and left it at that.
After the main meal Sharon went to a small stage and grabbed a microphone and thanked them all for coming. She told them that they had a great year and for all their hard work she decided to share the rewards with them. “So if you ladies would like to open your envelopes you will see how thankful I am in the work you have all given me, she said.”
They were more than surprised to see a ticket to Hawaii for one week with all expenses paid for by Sharon. They all took turns in thanking her and it made her very happy.
The very last person to thank her was Kat. Kat made it a point to be the last because as she hugged Sharon she whispered in her ear, “I love you so much that I can eat you for this.” With the shock on her face she didn’t see the kiss on her lips coming. Kat thanked her again with a smiling face and then walked away.
Sharon’s thoughts went back to her younger years were she had sex with other girls her age and liked it. But at thirty years of age with a loving husband and two c***dren, the thought of sex with another woman had passed her by. The last time she had a woman was with another couple in a foursome with her husband but they don’t see them anymore.
As the night went on the ladies started to let their hair down by dancing and talking about men and sex. Most of it was funny especially when some of the younger girls spoke about what their boyfriends what to do with them. Wendy, who admitted to being a real slut is the youngest of them all at only twenty two. Not a natural blond but has a sexy body to die for. She had stories about being tied up and used as a sex toy by her boyfriend and his mates on the same night. Pam who is a real red head and twenty seven asked Wendy if they fucked her in both her holes at the same time and she said yes and that she loved it a lot.
The other woman around her asked for more details and they got it and a lot more.
Some of them were getting turned on and Trish said that she couldn’t wait to get in bed with her husband tonight and try something new. They all laughed but they were thinking the same thing. Trish is one of the managers to a store and at five foot eight with long brown hair and large breasts could have any man she wanted. She was also the only one married to a black man and was asked if it’s true what they say about their cocks. “Oh yeah ladies, it’s true alright. Wendy asked if she took it up the ass and she said she did. Sharon said that they were all horny little bitches and half of them would die if they saw a real black cock.
Kat came over to the group and said, “Who would die if they saw a black cock.” Trish said, “There talking about my husband being black and the size of his cock.” “You’re married to a black man and you never told me. I have to come round some time for coffee Trish.” They all laughed knowing that it’s not the coffee she wants’. Trish smiled at her and said, “I like to see you take him on Kat.”
Sharon started thinking about black cock and was getting a bit of a twitch between her legs and decided to go to the ladies room. Kat watched her leave and wondered if she was getting horny by all of this sexy talk.
The toilets were empty and Sharon made her way to a cubical. She closed the door and lowered her knickers then sat down. She didn’t need to pee but she wanted to make sure that she wasn’t too wet. With a piece of toilet paper she gave her cunt a slow wipe that made her legs tremble. She knew then that her cunt needed more attention and she would need to be quick about it.
Sitting back she spread her legs and ran a finger under her pussy lips and spread her moisture around. She avoided her clit until the last minute but first she wanted to caress herself for more wetness. She slipped her middle finger in her cunt and drew her juices out onto her lips. She was growing hotter and hotter to the point where she used two hands to spread herself open. Now two fingers from each hand entered her cunt and she let out a little moan. She hoped that no one would come in as she got up and lowered the seat down and sat right on the edge it. With her cunt spread out she inserted two fingers from each hand into her wet cunt. Her juices were coating her fingers and her mind was thinks of fucking a big black cock. She spread her finger apart and stretched her cunt open as her muscles tried to clamp close. She moaned again and with her two thumbs she rubbed her clit. She started breathing harder as she stabbed her four fingers deeper into her wet cunt with a bit more speed. She was in her own world and didn’t hear that someone was in there with her.
It was Kat. She quietly entered the toilet to hear if Sharon was doing herself from all that horny talk and she was right. She could hear her moaning and fucking her wet cunt. Kat lifted her skirt and inserted her hand down her knickers to her already horny wet cunt. She tried to imagine Sharon masturbating and wanted to watch her doing it. While standing there rubbing her cunt she noticed that the door was about a foot shorter than the floor. She quietly removed her high heels and then her knickers and lowered herself to the floor. Slowly sliding her legs under the door she managed to get her hips under as well. Sharon didn’t notice a thing as she finger fucked her cunt harder and faster. Kat could hear her desperate state and started to finger fuck her own cunt with two fingers to get off at the same time.
It was only when Kat let out a loud moan that Sharon froze on the spot saw a pair of knees in her cubical. When she leaned forward she was amazed to see someone was fingering themself at a very fast pace. It was part of Kat’s skirt that gave her away. Sharon was amazed at the length that she took to do this and it turned her on even more. Leaning forward she decided to surprise Kat and let her know she knew she was there. She grabbed Kat’s hand and pulled it away and quickly replaced her own wet fingers into Kat’s wet shaven cunt.
“Oh fuck. I hope that’s you Sharon?” said Kat. Sharon removed her fingers and got up and opened the door and said, “Get up and come join me. She helped her off the floor and they both entered the cubical. With the door shut they meet with a hot kiss as Sharon returned her fingers back into Kat’s cunt. Kat did the same and they both finger fucked one another while moaning into each other’s mouth.
The harder one f***ed her fingers deeper into a hot cunt the harder the other did the same. Sharon broke their kiss and whispered in her ear, “I’m cuming Kat, give it to me, yes, yes, ohhhhhh fuckkkkk, yessssssss.” Kat was close to cuming but kept fucking her fingers into Sharon as hard as she could. Sharon eased her pressure on Kat as her orgasm took hold of her as she tried to muffle her screams. Now Kat was giving her cunt a thrashing and wanting to prolong Sharon’s orgasm. Sharon’s hips were bucking against her fingers as she begged for it harder. “You want more baby? How’s this then,” Kat said as she lowered herself down to Sharon’s cunt and licked her clit hard as her fingers pumped up into her trembling cunt. Sharon was now holding the top of the door for support as her cunt was contracting against the f***e of the pounding fingers. Her cunt juices were leaking down her thighs and her clit was sending electric bolts through her entire body. She hasn’t had a hard hitting orgasm like this in a long time. She grabbed Kat by the back of her head and fucked her face with her cunt as hard as her body would let her. Kat sucked that little clit hard into her mouth as she pushed her two fingers deeper into Sharon. Kat had hold of Sharon’s leg and could feel it trembling trying to hold her uncontrollable body upright.
“Stop, stop Kat. No more, no more,” Sharon said with a trembling voice.
Kat pulled her fingers out and sucked them clean of all her juices as Sharon slowly lowered herself to the toilet seat. Gasping and still trembling she looked at Kat sucking her fingers and said with a smile, “Give me a second Kat and I’ll do you just as fucking strong.”
Kat got up and wiped Sharon’s cunt juice from her mouth and said, “That was just the start Sharon, I haven’t thanked you for my present yet. You just sit there and watch me fuck myself because I need it now.”
She leaned against the door and inserted three fingers into her wet cunt and rubbed her clit with her other hand. First she started fucking her cunt slowly until she heard her cunt making squishing noises and then she picked up the pace.
This was too much for Sharon and she wanted to attack Kat’s cunt no matter how worn out she felt.
“Move your hand and give me that horny cunt,” she said. Kat kept rubbing her clit as her breathing grew harder and waited to be fucked to orgasm. Sharon got on her knees and planted her mouth over her cunt and sucked it. Kat moaned and Sharon stabbed her tongue into her hot cunt. She forgot how good a cunt could taste and this one was great. She buried her face into it. She spread her nose into her wet cunt and even her chin to cover herself in her hot juices. The smell and taste of her wetness was intoxicating and making her own juices run out. Kat was smearing her cunt all over her face by pushing the back of Sharon’s harder into her.
“Fuck me Sharon, fuck me hard,” she gasped. Sharon quickly pulled her face away and inserted two fingers into her. Kat f***ed her hips down onto the fingers for a deeper penetration. Sharon knew she wanted more and was wet enough to be fucked with more fingers. She watched herself inserting three fingers easily into Kat and then added one more. Pushing her fingers deep into Kat’s cunt made her juices flow down around her hand. When she returned her mouth to Kat’s clit she sucked and flicked the clit with the f***e. Kat wanted her clit sucked harder and grabbed Sharon’s head with both hands and pulled her closer. The harder Kat fucked her face the harder she got fingered. Kat’s legs started to tremble as she kept grinding herself against she face. She was moaning louder and louder as she fucked Sharon’s fingers and could feel Sharon moaning against her cunt at the same time. Harder and faster she ground her cunt against Sharon face as her orgasm started. Kat squealed with the fullness and f***e she was getting and then her orgasm hit her hard. She couldn’t help but scream out loud as her body bucked up and down in spasms., “Ahhhhhhh, fuck meeeeeeeee, yessssssss, yesssssss, oh fuck, yes, don’t stop, fuck meeeeeeee.”
Sharon started punching her hand as deep and as fast as she could while trying to suck the shit out of her clit. Kat was grunting with every thrust as she tried to fuck back against her fingers. All her weight was against the door and with her spare hand she freed it from behind Sharon’s head and pushed against the wall for support. Sharon f***ed her hand behind Kat’s ass and pulled her in tightly to apply more f***e on her spasming body.
“Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuuuck, yesssssssss, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck meeeeeeee, yesssssss,” she screamed out as her hips fucked into Sharon’s face. Sharon didn’t let up on her as she fucked her faster and sucked her clit harder. She felt her cunt muscles trying to squeeze her fingers out but she fought back against them. Her own cunt was leaking juices as she fingered into Kat. She had never fucked a woman’s cunt with so much f***e like this in her life and had only known the gentler side of lesbianism. To be f***efully fucking a hot sexy wet cunt and giving her friend a massive orgasm was driving her insane. Kat was fighting to stay up as her body continued to buck and tremble above Sharon. Her body was banging the door hard with every f***eful thrust Sharon gave her. Kat could even feel her contraction through her ass and felt she was about to shit herself. She didn’t care if that happened as her body trembled uncontrollably. She was fighting hard to hold on to the door and keep from falling as she surrendered herself to Sharon’s onslaught. Sharon was obsessed with what she was doing and didn’t want to stop. Feeling how hard it was getting to f***e her fingers against the contracting muscles in Kat’s cunt made her more determined to push harder and deeper.
Kat couldn’t stand anymore and started sliding down the door as her cunt was being fingered. When her ass hit the floor Sharon saw her face smiling with tears running down her face. “No more, No more,” Kat said in a trembling quiet voice. Her head collapsed to the side as she slowly grabbed Sharon by the arm to stop her onslaught.
Sharon stopped and slowly pulled her fingers out then moved in closer to kiss her. Kat didn’t move.
Sharon whispered in her ear, “You are so fucking hot Kat. That was amazing.” She looked down at her hand and saw how wet it is and placed it to her own mouth and started sucking Kat’s cum off her fingers. Kat could hear her and opened her eyes and turned to see what she was doing. “You taste so good Kat that I can eat all day.” Kat smiled and said, “Do I?” With that, Sharon placed two fingers into Kat’s mouth and added her tongue in their as well. Kat sucked her juices and her tongue at the same time and it gave her a little tremble.
Just as Kat was about to thank her they both heard someone moaning. They both froze and knew that they were done and in trouble until they heard the words, “Oh my god you’re making me fucking cum, go on give it to harder, come on harder.”

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