Taboo Orgy 5

Taboo Orgy 5

The smell of sex was very noticeable and so were all the noises coming from the women.
Karen first looked at Jenny who was on the floor pumping her hips up into Ann’s hands and was shocked and amazed at what they were doing that her own cunt started to respond.
She had one hand to the side of her opened mouthed face and had the other pressing against her cunt for fear that she may have wet herself through her dress and someone might see. Her eyes then turned to Kevin who looked totally shocked and speechless. And then she heard and saw Trish spasming and screaming over Sally’s body with Darren’s cock up her ass and all three of them covered in sweat. Karen squeezed her cunt harder as she felt the first of her juices starting to build up deep inside her. She leaned against the wall and started sliding down it, making her dress rise and expose her sexy slim legs and part of her nickers.

Karen had a body of a twenty year old yet she was forty four with tit’s that were large enough for you to fuck your cock between. With brown shoulder length hair and a height of five foot four she stood straight and slim that made Darren tell Ann one time that he wouldn’t mind fucking her for real and not just in his dreams. Ann told him that Trevor reminded her of Bruce Willis but with a head full of black hair. She also told him that he would be a good fuck to have but knew that it would never happen. He had large arms with muscles that would flex even when lifting up a drink. His body was tapered and he had long legs that made him tower over Karen at six foot two.

Trevor didn’t know where to stop looking as his eyes were jumping from one scene to another. His cock grew harder and harder as his mind was working out what everyone was doing. He wondered if they had all taken something to be in this state. Ann with two hands fist fucking her s****r Jenny and Kevin finger fucking Ann in the ass while his best mate, Darren, was ass fucking Kevin’s girlfriend. What nearly made him burst his fly was seeing sexy Sally totally wet and finger fucking Trish. He didn’t know if they should leave or say something when suddenly Ann said while trying to control her breathing.

‘H, hi Trev. Can you, oh fuck, can you do me a favour.’ He knew that she must be close to an orgasm and asked what. ‘Close the fucking door and get that rock hard cock of your’s over here. I want to finally fuck you if that’s alright with your wife.’ Trevor looked at his wife who was sitting on the floor and rubbing herself while watching Trish having an orgasm not more than six feet away from her. Trevor now knew he didn’t have to ask her and started ripping his clothes off. Karen watched him undress and knew that this was it, they were staying. She heard what Ann had said to her husband and told him, ‘Baby, make sure you fuck her good and hard because I can see she desperately needs it. And I hope you don’t get mad at me if I let Darren fuck me and use me like a dirty little slut.’ ‘Are you sure you want to play this game Karen?, asked Trev. ‘I know we shouldn’t but my pussy is so hot that it’s going to need a work out tonight so shut up and fuck her so that I can cream myself even more while watching.’
Ann slowly pulled one hand out of Jen’s wet cunt and then the other and her s****r went crazy so she put her own hand inside herself to replace the void her s****r left behind.

Jen was still having her orgasm and felt she had control if it to make it last.
Ann told Kevin to be a sweet dear and would he mind removing his fingers cause mums on a mission.
He knew what she meant by mission and slowly pulled his fingers from her cunt and ass and decided it was time to get something to drink for all of them.

Trevor approached her and with his strong arms lifted Ann to the couch and told her to spread her legs. The size of his penis was long and thick and she hoped the her holes have been stretched enough by now to take it. She used her s****r’s cunt juiced hands on Trev’s cock and saw his precum at the tip start to flow out and she engulfed it with her mouth in one quick action. He moaned and asked her which hole she wanted to be fucked in. ‘You pick, I don’t give a fuck any more just do me as fucking hard as you can and I mean as fucking hard as you can, alright.’
Hearing this, Karen piped up and said, ‘Fuck her filthy ass baby cause I want to watch my slut of a neighbour screaming and begging for mercy. Ann wondered how her tiny friend could take her husbands huge cock in that cunt of hers but knew that she was going to find out by the end of the night.

Trevor grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up to her tits and saw that both her holes and thighs were saturated with cunt juice. Her pussy smell drove him wild and he told her that he’ll take it easy on her. She said, ‘like fuck you will, you do me like your wife said or else fuck off.’ ‘Ok then, here we go.’ He aimed the head to her entrance and pressed lightly and then stopped. He looked into her lustful eyes and knew that she was ready for it. ‘Give me that fucking cock of your’s now Trevor, please for fucks sake I’m ready to cum so go for it, come on.’ With one straight shove to the hilt he buried his massive cock into her deep and then stayed there as she dug her finger nails hard in his arms as she in hailed with an a****listic grunt. When he felt her nails release a bit and she didn’t ask him to stop he knew there was no turning back even if she resisted. Karen called out, ‘fuck her hard and fast, what are you waiting for.’

Knowing his wife was watching turned him on even more and he did as he was told and pulled his cock out of her ass then stabbed it back into her only this time he didn’t let up. He fucked that hole with long deep strokes fast and hard and felt her ass muscles trying to surrender to his invasion.
He didn’t give a fuck if he was hurting her or not but knew that this is what she really wanted no matter what. Her breasts where bouncing up and down on her chest in time with his pounding and the view made him give her even more. She had tears coming from her eyes as she was taking his brutal attack in her ass but she was still smiling at him which made him fuck harder.
Ann moved her hand to her cunt and started rubbing her clit while nodding at Trevor her approval as her body was building up to another orgasm. He fucked her harder, faster and deeper in a way that he never thought of fucking his wife and yet every now and then he could hear his wife telling him to give it to her harder. Ann’s head pushed slowly back against the couch as her body tensed up for the massive orgasm that was coming to take over her body. She rubbed faster and with gritted teeth she begged him not to stop. Trevor’s cock was burning and he wanted to cum at the same time as Ann and unload in her ass with everything he had.
Her body was tensing up as her orgasm neared and she shoved three fingers into her wet cunt and screamed out so loud that Trev could felt her scream threw her body and on his cock. This sent him off like a rocket when he felt her fingers jabbing into her cunt and he fucked her as hard as he could. He was breathing hard and didn’t stop his pounding as his balls let go a bucket load of cum deep down into her ass. She felt the hot blasts hit inside her one after the other and started spasming uncontrollably under his body while pushing her fingers in as deep as she could into her contracting cunt. In a silent but high pitch squeal she cried out, ‘don’t stop, don’t stop, pleeeeease.’

Trish had slipped away from Darren’s cock and was shaking on the floor in front of Karen and Sally had hold of her dad’s cock while rubbing her clit and listening to her mum having an orgasm.

Karen was amazed at how hard Ann was taking a pounding and that she didn’t want it to stop.
She was using two fingers in her cunt and then pulling out her wetness to rub on her ass hole over and over again.

Sally needed to be fucked so bad that she looked up at Darren and said. ‘Dad, I want you to fuck me so badly, please.’
Ann lost total control when she heard what her daughter said and when Darren told her to get on her knees Ann’s body went into overdrive and bucked and jerked hard against Trevor pounding cock. Her breathing was so rapid that her saliva was spraying out of her mouth and down her chin as her climax hit her harder than she could ever remember. Her sweaty body started trembling uncontrollably when she pulled her fingers out of her spasming cunt. Even her voice was trembling as her whole body orgasm ripped through her hard. Grabbing her breasts real hard she f***efully pulled them away from her chest and felt the pain she was giving herself and loved it.

Sally quickly got on her knees and her cunt juice was running out with the excitement of what she was about to do. She turned and saw her mum’s orgasm taking over her whole body and wanted her dad to give her the same. Darren aimed his smelly cock to her cunt entrance and when he pushed into her was amazed at how tight she was. He knew that this was all wrong but some how it seem alright. He fucked her gently while Sally was pushing back to make it go in deeper. She turned and looked at him and said. ‘Dad, you wont hurt me by fucking me this way, so fuck me like you want to hurt me cause that’s what I want you to do, ok.’ With that he hammered into to her wet cunt so hard that all he heard from her was a moan. He felt that it wasn’t enough for her and he wanted her to scream and have an orgasm like her mother was. Now didn’t care who she was and decided to fuck her like he’s never fucked before. He pulled his cock out of her cunt and straight into her ass as deep as he could and she tried to pull away as she screamed. He pulled her back and pounded away deeper into her ass and then changed holes and did the same to her cunt. Sally was going crazy and loving every deep penetration she was getting from her dad. When Darren changed from her ass back to her cunt Sally decided to shove two fingers in her ass at the same time. Darren knew he could do better than that and shoved two more fingers in there as well and really start hammering that cunt of hers. She was screaming as the pain took hold but she didn’t remove her own fingers instead she shoved them in deeper.
Karen was watching and decided to join them so she got up and stepped over Trish who was still trembling on the floor.

‘Hello Darren. Mind if I join in?. Darren said sure and made her sit on Sally’s back facing him. Sally had to remove her fingers as Karen sat down on her back. Karen smiled and wondered what he had in mind by placing her there but it didn’t take long to find out. He pulled his wet cock from Sally’s cunt and shoved it into hers. She pulled in closer to him to get him in deeper and kissed him with her opened mouth. She felt as horny as hell being in this situation with everyone wanting to fuck each others brains out. She wanted his cock all to herself and told him that he should finish fucking Sally first to an orgasm and then he can do what every he want’s to her.

Darren put his cock back into Sally’s cunt and quickened his thrusting as hard as he could. Sally moaned and told her dad to fuck her harder cause she’s ready to cum. Karen knew that if she shoved her finger into Sally’s ass while Darren fucked her it would speed things along. Sally gasped as Karen pumped her ass but she wanted another finger and told her so. Karen left her finger in while wetting her other fingers with her own cunt juice to use as a lubricate. When she thought they were wet enough she slowly rubbed around the ring of her ass and then inserted two extra fingers straight in. Sally grunted the words ‘oh yes that’s fucking good.’ Karen started jabbing hard into her ass and told Darren to hurry up and give it to her. ‘Fuck her harder and I’ll do the same to her ass, come on give it to her, I want her climax to blow her brains out.’ She kissed him and licked his face and even told him that she’ll let him rest before he gets to fuck her and to get him hard again she’ll even lick his ass.
She started talking dirty to drive him crazy and make him fuck like a wild man into his daughters cunt hard and fast just to get it over with so she could have him to herself.
It worked. Darren yelled as his orgasm hit him hard. He stabbed into Sally with each blast of cum squirting deep in her cunt and Sally felt every shot which sent her off.
Her voice was trembling as she cried out, ‘ohhhh…… myyyyy……… godddd’ and her body was thrashing all over the place while trying to fight her own orgasm and still stay connected to her dads cock.

Karen wondered if it were her fingers that had pushed her over the edge as she has never been with another woman before. Knowing what she was doing to Sally as she felt her sweaty body spasming under her was all wrong but still it turned her on like nothing before. She was amazed at how much her mind was turning her into a dirty slut that she never knew was in her. She didn’t care what was going to happen tonight because she wanted it all. The dirties, rudest and sickest thoughts were running through her mind at what she wanted to do and she couldn’t wait.

Sally was panting really hard and Karen decided to get off and let her enjoy the ride of her life. When she pulled her three fingers out from Sally’s ass Darren fell out of her cunt and leaned back against the couch trying to catch his breath as sweat was dripping down his face. Karen was rubbing Sally’s back as her orgasm was still making her tremble and jerk about the place. Sally’s hair was wet and clung to her back and her body was very hot to the touch as her face was buried in the seat of the arm chair and moaning. Her full body orgasm looked like it was going to last for a long time and Karen was wondering if her body would get the same reaction when it was her turn.
Darren was still breathing hard and wondered if he had anything left in him to be able to fuck Karen in the way he wanted. He could feel his cock going soft and his body relaxing as he watched his wife coming down from her own powerful orgasm while Trevor was looking around for the next person to fuck.
Trevor told Darren that he can’t believe that Ann let him fuck her like this. He told Trev that that was nothing. ‘Wait until you and me both get to fuck her at the same time.’

Kevin got to the kitchen to get everyone a cold drink and when he turned on the light was surprised at what he saw.
There on the tiled floor leaning against the kitchen cupboard was Tanya the house maid.
She froze on the spot when the lights come on and her mouth opened in surprise.
Her nightie was pulled up around her waist and her legs were spread wide with her whole fist buried in her cunt and her other hand pinching her left nipple.

Tanya was quite young for a maid at forty and moved in with the f****y when her mother died. She has lived with them for the past two years and has never been married. It’s not that she’s ugly by any means it’s just that her sick mother took most of her time to care for. She was six foot tall and quite well built. Her arms and shoulders are big with muscles not fat and she has large breasts that are the biggest that Kevin has ever seen in real life. Her body is well tapered and her legs are long. With dark curly hair that sits on her shoulders and a face that always smiled at you she always made everyone feel happy.

Now Kevin was looking at a face that was determent to do the job her hand was made for. She wanted to fuck herself to orgasm no matter what.
When she saw Kevin standing there and waiting for her to explain what she was doing, she thought that she would just leave her hand in her cunt while she explained.

‘I could hear noises from my room and thought that you and your s****r had friends here and as I couldn’t sl**p I came to get a drink and see that every one was alright. When I looked through the servery I couldn’t believe my eyes. The more I watched the worse it got. When your aunty showed up I thought that she saw me but I knew she didn’t when she took part in the sex games your mum and dad are having. I’m not going to bullshit to you Kevin, it got me so hot that when your s****r wanted your dad to fuck her that I just lost control. I was past being horny by then that I needed to get myself off.’ She knew that the gig was up and that Kevin would tell everyone what he saw her doing and she would have to deal with it latter on. She said to him. ‘So you can stand there and watch me or you can get what you came for and leave, it’s up to you.’

It was now Kevin who was in shock and he really didn’t know what to do until his brain told him, ‘Fuck her, you know you want to.’
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