Tabbo Orgy 4

Taboo Orgy Part 4.

Jen needed a good rest after the fucking she got from Kevin and her s****r. Her body was covered in sweat and she could feel the mixture of her cum and Kevin’s running down her thighs from her contracting cunt. She curled up on the floor and decided to let her body have a little rest before she joined the others for more kinky sick sex.
She knew that she was going fuck Kevin and his dad at the same time and was wondering which one would take which hole. She watched Ann and Kevin leave towards the couch and join the others and saw Trish on top of Sally in a hot 69er on the floor while Darren was fucking Trish’s ass. This night was the sickest fucking orgy that she could ever have imagined being a part of where anything goes and she just couldn’t wait for her body to relax enough and get back into it.

Trish was busy with three fingers in Sally’s wet cunt and was madly licking her engorged clit while Darren was slowly sliding his cock in and out of her tight ass. Sally tried hard to push her tongue deep in Trish’s cunt at the same time and could feel Darren’s penis pushing against the side walls of her cunt.
They were all moving together in a slow steady motion that looked as though they would never need to stop.

Kevin and Ann sat on the couch and decided to watch for a while and to give their body’s a bit of a break. Kevin’s penis was semi hard and wet from his aunties cunt juice. He grabbed his cock at the base and pulled his hand to the tip so that he could use Jenny’s juice’s to rub on his sore balls from all that hard slapping against Jen’s ass. Seeing this, Ann took his hand and liked it. She said. ‘My s****r always tasted so fucking good.’ Kevin asked if she would mind spitting on his hand so that he can rub his balls. Ann asked why your balls. He told her that they were a bit sore from slapping so hard against Jen?. ‘I’ll do better than that.’ She moved to the floor on her knees in front of his cock and started salivating as much as she could around his balls while holding his cock up and out of the way. Kevin felt her hot tongue licking in all directions and decided to relax and closed his eyes to enjoy Ann’s work.

Ann licked his ball bag for quite a while and decided that it was time to start getting down and dirty again and ran her tongue lower to his anus. She was only holding his cock and not squeezing it for she wanted to feel it respond to her licking and wondered how much will it respond when she does something that she has never done to any man. Slowly she lowered her tongue to his anus and applied an ample amount of spit that was running off his ass and onto the edge of the couch. Kevin’s cock was growing in her hand and she knew that he was liking it and when she looked up at him and their eyes met she was happy to see him smiling.
Kevin said, ‘your such a sick and perverted bitch Ann that I was just wondering what would you think if I started calling you mum’. She stopped licking and while looking at his wet ass hole said. ‘If you call me mum from now on , then that means you have do as I say. And as a sick perverted bitch that I am, then when I need a good fucking and your dad’s not around will you do it or is this just for tonight?’ Kevin thought for a moment and asked her if that goes for him when he want’s to fuck her. With that lustful smile on her wet face she told him that it’s a deal. Just as she was about to continue with her licking he said, wait. ‘What if I want to fuck you, and you have your period?’ She squeezed his cock hard and with gritted teeth she said, ‘and you call me the perverted one you sick fucking cunt’. Kevin thought he went a bit to far with that one but was surprised when she smiled and told him. ‘What we don’t finish tonight you can bet that you and me will have plenty of time to do what ever our sick minds can come up with and you will have your turn to fuck me with my monthly and then I’ll get you to suck your cum out of my cunt. She felt a twitch in his cock and just went wild. Still smiling at him and with the thought at how he far he was willing to go with this she shoved a finger straight up his ass and told him that she couldn’t wait. He flinched at the sudden intrusion but didn’t resist. ‘Oh yeh mum, we are going to have some fucking fun with each other from now on and you can do what ever the fuck your sick mind can come up with.’ She pushed her hand up high and wriggled her finger inside his rectum but wanted to see how much he was prepared to take. She pulled her hand away and pushed the tip of her tongue in his ass and then back out to wet the inside of his anal passage because she wanted so badly to insert more fingers in to the limit. This was it. She spat on her hand and then spat on the entrance to his ass and told him to get ready because mum’s going to fuck her son’s ass so deep. Kevin was watching her and lifted his legs to receive a deeper penetration as he felt his cock getting harder while waiting for the pain he was about to receive. He was amazed at how easily her fingers went in but couldn’t tell how many. He asked her how many is that and she told him to guess. She helped him work it out by wriggling one finger and then another and then her third finger last. All he said to her was to move all three at the same time and she did. Ann let go of his cock because she had the need to fill her own cunt with as many fingers as she could at the very same time. Four fingers slipped into her dripping cunt easily and she knew she needed more. Jen could see her s****r was having difficulty trying to get her thumb in and decided to help. She moved around the other side of the couch and behind her s****r and said ‘take your hand away s*s and let me fist fuck you the way you like.’ Oh yes, please and don’t be gentle on me.’ Jen spat a number of times on her hand and then rubbed it around Anns opened cunt lips to wet it even further. When she felt it was wet enough she started inserting a finger at a time until she only had her thumb to go. When her thumb passed Ann’s stretched out cunt she pushed up and deep which made Ann push her fingers deeper into Kevin’s ass. Jen started twisting her fist from left to right and her s****r was asking for more and Jen knew what to do. She started twisting faster and at the same time pulling and pushing her fist deep and hard. Ann’s ass cheeks were trembling uncontrollably as her cunt juice was running down Jen’s arm. Kevin asked Jen if she could suck him off at the same and she buried his cock down her throat. Kevin felt Ann’s hand shacking with her body and knew her orgasm was coming and yelled at Jen to suck harder cause he’s going to come. Jen grabbed his balls and sucked as hard as she could while fisting her s****r as hard as well. Ann was crying out, yes, yes Jen deeper, deeper and then she lost control as her orgasm hit her hard.
She stopped pushing into Kevin and he quickly grabbed her wrist and fucked himself with it. Jen felt her contraction squeezing tightly around her hand and wanted Kevin to cum at the same time as well. She sucked harder and faster while trying to move her hand in and out of her s****r’s gripping cunt. Ann’s body was pushing hard towards Jen’s fist and with one final push her sweat covered body was jerking and shacking about like a woman possessed. ‘Don’t move s*s, don’t move’ was all her shaky voice could say. Kevin finally felt his load cuming and grabbed his aunty by the hair and faced fucked her hard that she was fighting back the gagging in her throat. He fucked hard and shot a spasm after spasm of cum deep down Jen’s throat that she had to fight his hand away so as to get away to breath. When she came off his squirting cock his cum was spewing out of her mouth and when she got her breath back after swallowing what cum was in her mouth she said to Kevin, ‘oh my god, I can’t believe how fucking horny all this shit is and how fucking horny I am for more. s*s, I need you to relax your cunt muscles around my hand cause I need it to fist fuck myself, now.’ Ann told her to give her a second while enjoying to fight her body was having against her orgasm. Trish continued sucking and cleaning Kevin’s cock when she saw Ann remove her fingers from his ass and grab his leg for balance. Ann’s contractions weren’t letting up on Jen’s hand so she let go of Kevin’s cock and rubbed her own cunt as fact as she could. She dipped three finger in her cunt to pull out her juices and then rub her whole pussy and clit over and over again until her body built up an orgasm that she was hungry for. Faster and faster she rubbed and then it hit her so hard that her hand in her s****r cunt was stabbing her so deep with every blast of her orgasm.
She started stabbing her own cunt with three fingers at the same tempo as her hand in her s****r wet cunt. Ann was screaming and begging her to stop because her orgasm was so out of control that it frightened her. Jen didn’t give a fuck about her s****r’s pain as her own cunt muscles were clamping so hard around her fingers that she decided to push her cunt to the limit by fucking herself so hard and fast. She knew she was going too far but she didn’t give a fuck. She wanted her orgasm hard and brutal and she didn’t care if it killed her. She thought she was in control of her madness until her body was jerking about uncontrollably that made her hit the floor hard while her hand was still in her s****r’s cunt. Ann screamed out and grabbed Jen’s hand and pulled it out with all her might. It was so painful having that void in her cunt that she was now angry. Seeing Jen bucking around on the floor trying to close her legs tight against her orgasm she decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. She roughly pulled Jen’s leg apart and shoved her fist straight into s****rs wet sloppy cunt that mad Jen’s eyes nearly pop out of her head. With a guttural voice Jen said, ‘give it to me you bitch.’ With that Ann hammered her fist into her cunt hard and fast and said. ‘I’m going to fuck your filthy cunt with my other hand, at the same time. Jen yelled no but it was too late as Ann slipped her fingers in and then slowly her fist. She trembled on the floor and could not speak as two fists were being pumped in and out of her cunt. Kevin was amazed that this could be done and at how much his aunty was taking it. If the girls wanted to play hard then so could he. He sat up and with Ann facing away and her ass facing him he decided to shove a couple of fingers into her ass. He spat on them and then without her knowing shoved them into her and she let out a yell, then turned around and said, ‘Is that the best you can do my son? I thought your cock would be better.’ ‘My cocks not ready so I thought my fingers would do the trick. ‘Then fuck my ass with four fingers and as many as you can get into your mums cunt. He did as she wanted and had four fingers in each hole sawing away while she continued double fist fucking her s****r who was raising her hips of the floor to her s****rs hands.
Kevin turned to his side to see that his dad was driving hard into Trish’s ass while his s****r was finger fucking her at the same time.
Trish was crying out, ‘please don’t stop, please, please don’t stop, I’m going to cum so fucking hard.’ Darren was thrusting into her ass so hard and deep that he was amazed Trish was able to take it without passing out. Sweat was running down his dad’s body and he saw him pumped harder and harder and pull her hips closer as her body was nearing an orgasm. Fuck me harder, deeper, please, more, faster, faster and then Trish screamed out in one long loud voice as her orgasm hit her harder than she ever had.
Her whole body was trembling while his dad continued to fuck her deep and fast. Trish was screaming and snaking all over the place while trying to free herself from Darren’s rampaging cock. And then stage two of her uncontrollable orgasm hit her when her cunt let loose with a powerful spray of juice all over Sally’s face. Trish was yelling and screaming at Darren not to stop and he didn’t. Sally had her mouth opened to savour her spray while forcing her fingers harder into Trish’s wet cunt. Jen was still on the floor being fisted when she heard Trish and tried hard to see them. What she saw was three a****ls fucking their brains out as if their lives depended on it. Ann was watching as soon as Trish started screaming and could feel her own cunt and ass hole getting more and more excited.
Trish’s orgasm hit hard and she continued screaming and bucking while Darren tried hard to hold on to her. Jen was taken over the edge at the same time as Trish and was bucking around like a wild a****l. And Ann knew she was next to join the rest at near the same time to another mind blowing orgasm.


Trevor had just returned from dropping his parents home after a late dinner and was helping his wife Karen clean up when suddenly he heard screaming from next door.
‘Karen’ he called out. ‘Quick, I just heard someone scream next door. She told him to hurry as they raced out their back door and through the side gate that the two families sheared.
The two families have known each other for ten years and they have a policy that the back door to their house is always open. Trevor’s house has an in ground pool and Darren’s house has a well equipped gym for anyone to use at any time. Darren got Trevor a job at his office so they see each other all the time. Karen and Ann play tennis and they organise the f****y holidays. The only thing that they have never sheared is each other in a sexual way but they still love each other as close f****y

Trevor ran across the lawn with Karen following behind and he was first to pull open the sliding door to the rear of the house.
He stopped dead in the doorway as Karen ran straight into his back. She couldn’t see what was wrong and asked, ‘what is it.’ All he could say was, ‘um’. Karen pushed past him and saw the same view and her jaw dropped open in shock.
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Awesome story.
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the more thebetter bing it all on
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Damn this is so erotically perverted. I love it!
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Welcome Karen and Trevor. WOW. Thanks
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Wow! I'm drained. This was fun. Now whether to go forward or backward...
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fucking great
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What an amazing story, thought it was reaching it climax then the 'close family' come, WOW!!
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very interesting thoughts like these
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