Taboo Orgy Part 2

Taboo Orgy. Part Two.

Thanks for the votes and yes Taboo Orgy was my first attempt at writing as sex story.
Some of you are waiting for me to continue writing the rest of the story and I am happy to do so. I can turn this story into at least another three or four chapters but only if I get good comments as my stories are not that short to write. Anyway, here we go with part two of this very horny f****y. Cheers everyone.

Sally froze on the spot and knew that every one could see her on her hands and knees and totally naked. She was still panting and feeling her contraction running through her cunt and desperately trying to breath quietly when she was startled by Darren’s loud and booming voice yelling out “what the fuck are you two doing.” She didn’t know if she was going to shit herself or pee. The only comfort she had was knowing that Kevin had been seen as well.
Get down here now the both of you said Darren who was wondering how the hell was he going to explain all this to the k**s. He cock was starting to go soft as he watched Sally and Kevin trying to cover themselves while slowly making there way down the stairs. Ann didn’t realize that her fingers were still buried deep in Trish’s ass and even though Trish heard a noise she was still breathing hard while her anal muscles where contracting around Ann’s fingers.
When the two finally came to the couch Kevin looked at Trish’s body that was covered in sweat and pussy juices from her orgasm he had seen her have from up stairs and was starting to grow hard because he knew that this night was not going to finish so soon. He could see that Ann’s hand was under Trish’s ass but could not see her fingers were buried which didn’t matter cause when he looked at Ann face and tits he just smiled at her.
Darren said ‘ what the fuck do you think is funny, and how long have you two been watching us’. Kevin looked at his dad with that smile and said ‘I think it’s funny that your yelling and angry at us when really we should be angry with the two of you for fucking with my girlfriend and loving it. But I’m not at all angry because I think it’s really great that your both getting into it”. And before you both start to work out what you should say to me and Sally I just want you to know that the reason why Sally lost her balance and fell out the door was because she was fucking my finger up her ass while we were watching you two going for it.
Darren didn’t know what to say and when he looked at Ann for support he was surprised to see her smiling at Kevin with that lust full grin of hers.
So you both saw me doing this to your girlfriend. And she pushed her fingers hard up into Trish who flinched while she was listening and trying to calm down from her orgasm. Yes k**s, I have three fingers up her ass and she loved it going in hard and deep. So what do think of that? Kevin saw she had three fingers in Trish’s ass when all along he thought she was fucking her cunt.
Kevin pulled his hands away from his erect cock and moved around to the front of Trish’s legs and said to Ann, ‘you don’t mind if I fuck her while you keep doing that do you.
Ann grabbed Kevin by his head with her spare hand and pulled him in close to land a kiss on his mouth. Kevin responded by opening his mouth to suck her pussy tasting tongue. He could smell Trish’s pussy on Ann’s face and knew that he would be fucking her by the end of the night. Ann let out a little moan and she knew that this was going to be a long and dirty kinky night which made her cunt juice run down her thighs.
What the fuck are you doing? Darren said as he watched the two of then kissing.
Ann turned to him and said. My cunt’s so fucking horny knowing that our k**s where watching us all along and got turned on enough to fuck with each other. Darren asked Kevin, did you fuck your s****r? He said, well that depends if sticking a finger up her ass and having her piss on me at the same time means fucking her, well then yes. But I didn’t stick my cock in any of her holes.
Sally could only look down at the floor when he said that. But Ann saw that Darren was still lost for words.
Ann looked at Darren and said, you look unsure of all of this but may I remind you that they are stepb*****r and steps****r and I can tell you now that I’m going to fuck your son before the night is out and your going to fuck my daughter. ‘What’
Said Sally. I don’t think so mum. Oh really, well I know that before the night is out, you are going to fuck Kevin because your cunt is like mine and just as horny as hell at the moment.
Sally looked at her mum and said that she couldn’t believe she got so turned on watching and that she had to play with herself. ‘I got so hot when I saw Kevin’s cock grow while I fingered myself that I couldn’t stop. I wanted more than just fingers in me that when Kevin pushed his finger in my bum it started to drive me crazy. And when he started I wanted more in me so I pushed myself harder on his hand. And that drove you over the edge didn’t it Sally said Ann. Yes it did.
And I bet that your as horny as hell right now telling everyone. Sally pulled her hands away from her dripping cunt and Darren was amazed to see how wet she was.
Ann told Sally to come over here and sit down on the couch to watch her b*****r fuck Trish’s wet cunt while she continued to finger fuck Trish’s ass. Sally came around the couch but to everyone’s amazement squatted straight down on Trish’s face and said, I hope you don’t mind Trish but tonight mum’s right cause I’m going to let you all do what ever the fuck you want to me and that includes you as well, mum. Ann had the biggest lust full grin on her face and said to Darren, like mother like daughter.
Darren had a raging hard on and his brain pictured fucking all three women before the night was done. He moved behind Ann’s ass to shove his dick into her cunt and whispered in her ear, you and your daughter are both sick horny bitches to which she replied, the sicker the better, now fuck my juicy cunt with all you’ve got to give me.
With that he plunged his cock straight in to the hilt and she was f***ed to push her three fingers deeper into Trish’s cunt. Ann held back her scream and just looked at him with gritted teeth.
Kevin tried to work out how to get his cock into Trish’s cunt while Ann was in the way but knew that Ann was busy finger fucking his girlfriend so he did what any other son at the time would do.
He pushed his cock towards Ann’s face and was surprised when she moved in for the kill and opened her mouth and swallowed his cock so deep down her throat that he thought his balls would follow. Seeing this, Kevin pulled his cock out of her cunt and moved towards her mouth and said, suck us both at the same time. She pulled her fingers out of Trish’s ass and turned around to grab a cock in each hand.
This left Trish with a void that needed filling and when Sally saw this she moved in to eat her pussy. Trish moaned into Sally’s cunt which was flowing with juices by the bucket full down her throat and face. Sally could also see her mum sucking two nearly identical cocks and trying to fit both in at the same time. She could see her mum while sucking Trish’s cunt and felt her own cunt building and ready to explode.
Ann herd Sally moaning next to her while sucking two cocks at the same time.
She took Kevin’s cock out of her mouth and aimed it at Sally’s mouth to suck. Sally had her eyes closed and mouth opened and was trying to concentrate on placing her own cunt in the right spot on Trish’s moving mouth. Suddenly she felt a cock in her mouth and saw her mum holding Kevin’s huge penis to it. Ann had Darren’s cock deep in her own mouth and Sally just lost control at the sight before her. She tried hard to suck him deep but with her moaning and grinding action all happening at the same time she said to herself, fuck everyone at the moment, I need this orgasm and I need it bad.
She quickly sat up straight on Trish’s mouth and pushed down as hard as she could. She didn’t care if Trish couldn’t breath all she wanted was to cum hard and long. Kevin could see the look on her face that said it all and decided to watch the whole show with his finger in Trish’s wet cunt.
Sally was now grunting and her body was trembling all over as her orgasm was starting and everyone was now watching and waiting to see her explode. Kevin went to tough her tits but Ann smiled and said, just watch. Sally was grinding away and ordering Trish to stick her tongue in deeper and breathing out the words, yes baby, and don’t stop now, fuck me harder. I thought I would blow my load when she tensed up her body and cried out with a silent but high pitched voice from the back of her throat, I’m fucking cummmmming, oh god, I’m, I’m cummmmming, yeeeessss, fuck meeeee. She squeezed her legs tight around Trish’s head and her whole body was trembling uncontrollable. Her head thrashed from side to side and Trish was humping my finger fucking action as hard as she could while Sally filled her mouth full of her cunt juice. I could now hear Trish’s moans coming from under Sally’s cunt and wondered how the hell can she be breathing and still have all of her weight on her face. I pushed Trish’s cunt down with my finger to the couch and felt her contraction building around it. Ann was watching the whole time while sucking dad’s cock and then Sally lifted herself off of Trish’s face and squirted everywhere in bucket loads. She tried to keep steady on her bent legs while her spray was covering Trish and the couch. Trish was trying to follow her with her mouth to swallow as much as she could but then surrendered to her own mind blowing orgasm. She squirted past my finger and Ann took aim at her cunt with her mouth wide open. Trish was screaming and yelling, no more no more oh fuck me I can’t stop cumming oh yes suck me Ann suck me hard you bitch, d o n ‘ t s t o pppp.
Dad started loosing control at the sight before him and started pulling his cock and was aiming for Trish’s cunt.
I was ready to cum and decided to spray it on Sally’s face and hopefully she may even swallow it. I moved up to her face as she was still trembling and she opened her eyes when she heard dad cry out ‘it’s cumming. When she saw me get closer she opened her mouth and knew by the look on my face that I was ready to cum and she wanted it. She wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked hard as I let my tight grip of my cock go to open the gates of my cum filled balls. She tried hard to swallow as much as she could but some spilled out and onto Trish’s chest while I fucked her face hard. Ann was eating dad’s cum off Trish’s cunt and saw me cumming in her daughters mouth. She also saw the come running out of her daughters mouth and moved in to help finish sucking the cum from out of me.
Trish had hold of dad’s cock and was rubbing it around her wet cunt and trying to get her breath back while watching everyone above her.
When Ann was licking the cum from Trish’s chest she said to everyone that this is just the beginning of more to come, and looked up with that lust full smile of hers.
She asked Kevin if he would mind sucking her cunt as she was busting to cum. Kevin told her to sit on his face while he laid on the floor because he wanted to finger fuck her ass, if that was ok with her. She shivered at the thought and said that she didn’t wont anyone to ask her permission to do anything to her but to use her any way they wanted to. Can I try and fist fuck you mum, said Sally. Ann asked her. How about fist fucking me while Kevin had his cock in my ass. Sally smiled at her and said, how about I suck you cunt later while dad and Kevin double penetrate me. Ann told Kevin to get on the floor quick cause she was close to cumming after hearing that. Darren’s cock shot up like a rocket when heard this and told Ann that Sally is kinkier than her. Don’t bet on that yet said Ann.
She got over Kevin’s face and before she lowered herself she looked at him and asked if he was ready to suck her cunt. Always ready was his reply, and don’t hold back.
She sat straight down on his opened mouth and moaned out loud while squeezing her left tit. She started digging her nails into her breast and grinding her cunt hard onto his mouth while feeling his tongue burying itself deeper inside her. He lifted her up a little so that his tongue could wet her ass hole to lubricate it for his finger. She tried to resist but when his tongue found the spot she relaxed and enjoyed the feeling and started to finger herself while she waited for his return to her cunt. Kevin was doing a good job on her ass and got his tongue sliding in her tight crack which made Ann throw her head back and moan. When Kevin heard her tell him to suck her cunt again he knew that she wasn’t far from cumming. As soon as his mouth hit her cunt she screamed out loud and tensed her thighs tight around head and he thought that this was it.
She wasn’t about to cum that made her scream, it was when she said, you fucking cunt, now your in my ass you beeter fuck it good while I cum in your sons mouth.
Dad had moved in from behind after I wet her ass and shoved his cock in all the way up her ass with a vengeance. Ann started to relax and was trying to grind herself on my mouth when I heard Sally tell her mum to suck her cunt and to moan in there when she cums. I wanted to tell Sally to sit on my cock at the same but my mouth was full of wet steamy cunt.
We were in this position when suddenly someone was unlocking the front door.

As she entered she was totally shocked by the sight in front of her.
Ann call out. Jen, what the fuck are you doing here.
Jenny just shook her head and thought for a second. Um, I wanted to stay here for a while because me and Rick had a bit of a fight after you left. And by the look of things I think I’ve come to the right place to forget about Rick.
And I think that I should be asking what the fuck are you all doing, but I think you don’t need to explain it as I get the jist of it. And hi Darren, how are you. Um good Jen.
Well, well, well. Sally. Are you having a good night. Ye, yes aunty Jen I think so. I think you are having a wonderful night having your mum suck your little pussy, don’t you think so. I think your right aunty Jen. And who is this lovely lady. I’m Trish, Kevin’s girlfriend. Please to meet you Trish. And I take it that that’s Kevin under you s*s. Kevin couldn’t move let alone speak but made a sound anyway.
As Darren was looking at Jen with his cock deep up his wife’s ass he could see that look and smile on her face that he’s seen before. That look that his wife and stepdaughter have when their brains cry out for lust.
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2 years ago
some really good shit!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
when they invent punctuation in australia please try and use it, with the best will in the world i just couldn't continue reading this, try writing as a disconnected third party, this chopping and changing between trying to tell the story in the first person by two different people was bad enough but when you try doing it with five ? too confusing, reads like its been written by a horny 12yr old who's using all those big dirty words he just learned, or try watching another porn clip, that one you keep watching where the woman likes getting fingered hard in the ass seems to have influenced every single thing you write, either that or you are playing out a secret fantasy of your own ? oone that involves your own arse being fingered. of course you'll have an audience for your repetative drivel, if you add all their IQ up, you'd still have a spare finger to stick in your own arsehole. sorry if i'm not more constructive but you'll never improve if you pander to the easily aroused, thats 20mins of my life i won't get back reading part one and the beginning of part two
3 years ago
Hot story keep it cumming
3 years ago
lets have more sis mum dad
3 years ago
Fantastic story, just a shame the kids were step brother and sister.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Another good one. Thanks
4 years ago
this is a great series
4 years ago
even before i read it i know its going to to very horny and a great story please keep writing more x