I hooked up my office mate

On this site, I used to be frank & open minded when some one chats with me. anyone can pass any type of comment to me, I like when they call me Indian whore, or sissy slut or sometimes they ask all types of thing to me like if I mind doing ass to mouth , yellow shower, toilet licking, humiliation acts, sex on live can , or making naughty pov. I enjoy all as per my mood. probably that's why I get lots of responses & many hook ups.
I was chatting with a guy, he said he is a guy from middle east , on his profile he didn't have much details or snaps.he asked he would love to do a role play with me of rap##$t. his demand really turned me on , which I never though of.he insisted to me to meet him in his condo right away.Honestly I was so eager to get rap##d. I agreed to meet him.
I dressed up like a nice girl, in red tight t-shirt and a long skirt & red heels with curly wig.I like to wear make up ,red lipstick, mascara & blue eye shadow.
He came to pick me up near my home,he gave me his cellphone number to locate me.I could hear his lust during our phone talks , which made me mad about him. I was all dressed waiting for him in a tim hortons. he continued to talk till he arrive and I got shocked when I saw him , he was my office mate Aralu,not middle eastern guy but a black guy. I thought to runaway before he sees me.I escaped to the womens restroom. I was worried if he identified me....but my lust was pushing to him.finally after few moments I decided to go for a upcoming **** night by Aralu. I went out to him. Hi I am savita bhabhi. he looked at me & told, u r so hot,lets go lady. I relaxed a bit thinking he didn't recognize me.I was still nervous , hold his hand & walked.
He was smelled like a bear d***k. his eyes turned reddish. I set in his van, suddenly he grabbed me from my hair & pulled me to his face & gave me a tight lip-lock.I put my hand on his cock. he was already hard. he unzipped & pushed my head to his zip, I pulled his erection out & started licking slowly but he wanted to push his hole length to my throat.he was so desperate to mess me up. Savita u bitch .....take it ..take it in u whore...I couldn't stop my self but was hard to take in a car. I got load of saliva from my throat & eyes in few moments. he told me to keep playing till we reach his home , it was 2 am when we reached there.I asked him to go to washroom, since I was expecting a rough night ahead, I opted to insert a but plug.
when I came out he was all naked, jerking himself....
I saw a half glass of whisky on his table.I moved to a mirror to take a final look at my get up he rushed to me and said it is not your honeymoon sweety its rap##e night. he grabbed my hand & pulled me to his couch , made me lay down with my head slightly hanging on arm of couch my hair touching the floor I looked at his throbbing cock , rushing to my mouth, he was rough just pushed his thick one straight to my throat, & started fast movement deep into my throat, my face started getting covered with my own saliva & making loud gagging noise, couldn't control it. he tied up my hands with my scarf & moved to my waist & lifted my skirt , slided my g string & pulled out my butt plug & rushed into my mouth and tried to do me a bareback........, I screamed NO...PLEASE..NOT like that, have condom please. couldn't be audible enough with buttplug in mouth ,shut up u bitch , remember u r being rap##ed. I felt the real thrill of rap##e.I never wanted to get a bareback.but I was not being able to move from there, he had a total control of my body with his position on me.he pushed his cock in me, I screamed in pain , no ..no.. please ..stop...my screams were making him more wild, he was around one inch in me.with the next push I dropped my self on floor, the intensity of pain was at pick, I just wanted to stop him, he spanked on my butt chick tightly , u slut cant escape this. he spread my legs & took his position & tried to push his penis again, he was so thick for me, it was not getting through for him. he yelled fuck u Indian whore, & lifted me to his bed.
he dumped me on his bed & pulled out a condom from his closet & told me to put it on his dick.
I got some relief , & followed his instructions. he bent me over & started again this time he was not rushing , he focused more on penetration to my ass. for me now was less pain.in ch after inch he slided his lenght.my mouth was wide open as I felt his thick one in me.he started his motion , getting faster with each of his thurst.he was keep spanking on my butts tightly. I started enjoying it by the feeling of being rap##d.he was firm in his motion, he started motion fuck yeah, take my dick baby ahhh...u little bitch ....mmmmuuh..his balls were spanking my balls and he blasted his load in my ass.he was breathing heavy & rested on bed & fell in sl**p. I was tired too. but opted to escape from there as I was still in pain , didn't want to take it again.
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1 year ago
Well.. It Is What it Is.. nice story
1 year ago
It is a CD's diary infact
1 year ago
nice story