a foxtail in como

so... a friend & i wrote this for another friend's b-day. she wrote the clean stuff & i wrote the smut & yes, a date w/Costner is like that.

A Foxtail in Como


George Clooney is the biggest dick in hollywood, and he proved it in Taylor's ass.

by Mrs. Face
roxxanna valencya

It was a glorious spring day in lake country. The light breeze cast ripples over the bright blue water making it sparkle in the sunlight. Taylor and “Giorgio” (as the locals called him) were enjoying an afternoon bike ride through the village of Bellagio after spending a lazy morning at Clooney’s sprawling villa on the lakeshore.

it was all reminding Taylor of another celebrity date in her dirty, nasty past. her nipples started to get erect, rubbing first lazily, then hard and urgently against her tight bike riding top.

They rode along the picturesque marina, stopping at several of the local produce stands. They found ripe strawberries and giant carrots to have with their picnic lunch.

the date had been w/Kevin Costner. he loved to dress his girls in tight bike outfits, insisting they ride commando; no panties to protect you. he'd make you ride for hours, always behind you... looking... really looking. and when he finally got you back home, he'd rip the ripe shorts off your trembling legs, throw you face down on the bed and toss your salad like it was his last musky meal on earth.

all this remembering was making Taylor sweat more than the Tuscan sun. her nipples were now rock hard and showing. the sweat ran down her spine and into her ass, her big strong ass. Taylor loved ass. some times she wondered how she ever got out of the house. if you had an ass like Taylor's you'd never go out. you'd just stay in and play with it all day and night and get super horny; super horny like Taylor.

suddenly, Taylor remembered the the giant carrots George had bought at the market. her coochy twitched. it didn't matter how long she'd been in the saddle, she still felt it and yes, ever since Kevin, she'd always ridden commando. no protection for her perfect pussy. that's right... Taylor's pussy is perfect. just like her tits.

They found the perfect place for their picnic under a stone pine overlooking the marina. As Giorgio pulled out a bottle of wine and a corkscrew he fixed Taylor with a penetrating gaze.

then it happened. Taylor just blurted it out:

"kiss me," she said, "kiss me like you mean it, you lumpy faced bastard!"

Taylor clasped her hands to her pouty lips. her big brown eyes went wide w/horror. why had she said that?

Clooney's face went dark, like a perfect storm. he lept wolf-like from where he sat and before Taylor knew it, he'd mounted her, pinning her to the grass with all his weight. his hands were around her neck, choking, chocking, chocking all the air from her world. she couldn't speak, let alone apologize. now she'd never get to do it w/George Clooney.

Taylor was in complete despair as her consciousness shrunk to a pinpoint... then all went black.

then all was orange.

Taylor lurched massively back to consciousness. her entire inner life had exploded into an excruciating penetration of ice, land-sliding her spine like an enormous frozen orange juice concentrate enema and shocking her all the way up to the center of her skull.

she sat up crazily. like a sex-doll inflated too fast and forcing itself from a shallow grave. Taylor was sweating, panting so hard. blowing the running sweat from her face with every heaving breath. blowing her sweet sexy sweat. blowing it right into George's face.

George was right in her face. he was no longer mad. he was worried. Taylor was so horny. she couldn't believe she was so close. she looked at him. he looked at her.

Taylor shoved her tongue heavily into George's mouth. all the way in. all the way down. all the way in and down his eager throat.

but something was wrong... or right...

Taylor pulled her tongue from George's throat. once again looked him in the eyes. he smiled, slowly he broke his gaze and started to look down. she followed his gaze; past her perfect tits, down her sexy stomach and beyond her perfect pussy to where George held his hand.

he held her so firmly, with so much strength, pushing so tight. he was pushing his strong hand firmly into her ass.

"omg!" Taylor whispered through her panting breath, "my ass feels so good!!"

then slowly, he released the pressure from her horny, happy ass and it was then that Taylor saw it, emerging from her strong, tight hole. it was huge. it was orange.

"omg!" she panted, "did you shove a bag of oranges up my ass?"

but it wasn't an orange. it was a carrot. the biggest fukin' carrot either of them had ever seen. they'd giggled together in the market when George bought it from Luigi Coniglio's carrot cart and now they watched together in awe as it emerged from Taylor's ass like the primordial dawn of lust's arrival on earth.

"George..." Taylor moaned, "I love you..."

and with that, the enormous carrot shot out of her ass and flew into the bushes. it was then Taylor knew she hadn't wasted her time nor money on the high colonic she'd enjoyed earlier that day.

"Taylor..." it was the first time George had actually spoken that day. everything else had been sounds and gestures.

"baby?" Taylor replied.

"take it like you mean it..." and with that she looked down to see the ginormous head of his humungus shaft poised upon the verge of her tight, nasty hole as he said:

"who's my pouty little pucker bitch?"

"I AM!!!" Taylor screamed.

George plunged all 10+ inches to the hilt up her sexy hole, his balls slapping with authority right on the same beauty mark Kevin Costner couldn't resist.

and they fuk'd like that beneath the stone pine for hours till they passed out, George's hugeness still filling the entirety of Taylor's super sexy and now very slippery ass.

Their reverie was broken by a sudden rustling in the bushes behind them. A moment later, a giant fluffy tail emerged from a large gap in the hedge. The rest of the body emerged soon after and a red fox stared curiously back at them. It remained still and watched Taylor and Giorgio meaningfully as they enjoyed their picnic. The fox watched and flicked its tail excitedly as they fed each other strawberries with cream. After they enjoyed their picnic, Taylor and Giorgio lay stretched out on their blanket enjoying the afternoon sun reflect on the lake. Still the fox hadn’t moved. Only as they prepared to leave and retreat back to the lakeshore villa did the fox stir. It gave them one last deep look and with a swish of its tail, was gone.

until they were gone, when the fox finally emerged from the bush to retrieve the sweet enormous carrot that Taylor had so sexily ejected from her clean, athletic hole.

Taylor and Giorgio rode their bikes back through the village as the sun was beginning to set over the mountains. Giorgio glanced back at Taylor with a knowing smile.

when they arrived back at George's place, he gently lead Taylor to the bedroom. he opened the safe, pulled out an enormous red & gold Cartier jewelry box and with dashing aplomb, presented it to her.

Taylor gasped as she opened the box. inside was a platinum and jewel encrusted butt plug. it glistened with Burmese rubies and attached to its end was a winter-white fox tail.

Taylor looked up at George, wondering...

"For me?"


Taylor flung herself into George's arms, wrapped her arms about his neck and lifted herself to his ears to ask"

"Where the fuck did you get that thing?"

"I stole it from Portia... just couldn't bear the thought of something so beautiful in such an inferior ass."

George smiled and Taylor smiled even wider. she took the fox tail from its Cartier case, and slid it in as George lifted her into his strong arms and carried her to bed.

It would be another sl**pless night at Clooney’s villa.

'cause George Clooney is the biggest dick in hollywood, and he proved it in Taylor's ass.

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8 months ago
I'm thinking about O Brother Where Art Thou.....
George in the barn saying "We're in a tight spot!"
Asking Joel Coen before the scene... "what's my motivation?"

And, for the record, I shall never sit up quickly again without the sex-doll image! Hilarious!