(blush...) i downloaded porn:(

so, in my last message, i implied that i'd explain a particular sadness...

& it's not like me to not follow up on such a statement within a 24hr time period.

i sincerely apologize...

but you see... i download some porn.

i mean, don't get me wrong. i have no judgement about downloading porn. it's just...

fuk! i MAKE porn! i AM porn!! people fukin' download ME!!!

sure... i watch a lot of porn, but i watch FREE porn, and people STEAL my porn & re-post it as THEIR favorite porn. (indeed, the latest bootleg roxxanna just went up yesterday. & what was i doing while yet another fan claimed me as their own?


it's so embarrassing:(... btw... i love how "embarrass" implies "bare" & "ass" :)

but i'd been scouring xhamster for new sht i'd not seen when i ran into stuff posted by this german boi (german's are SO kinky, makes me want to be in berlin post WWI...) he was entitling it: "Best Girlfriend" (1, 2, 3, etc...) & when i saw this sht (only seconds on each clip) i got SO hard SO fast i was totally afraid my cock would hurt itself w/the pressure...

so i went online, found the originating source, confirmed that i could NOT LIVE w/out that sht & then to the eternal shame of my porn-leader staus... FUKIN' PAID!!!

then downloaded, initiated, confirmed that it suks on mac, requested (begged for) the fix, got that downloded, initiated, combined w/the original sht and... VOILA!!!


it's called Girlfriends 4 Ever & it's animated & personally... it's improved the quality of my life!

in it there's this futa shemale and she's amazing! she bangs this fish-girl (yuk!) but it's ok 'cause they drew her fish-girl face just like this one fish-girl i once-upon-a-time wanted to do up the ass but it's the futa...

omg... she's so fukin' hott & BOI! can that futa FUK!!

she's an a****l!!!

she fuks like me...

not that you'd know...

our time together was so short & i was nervous & i liked you & i didn't want to presume & that said...

if i'd gotten my paws on you again i was gonna fuk your lights out.


though i wouldn't have pulled some of those futa moves on you... wouldn't grab your hair like that (though i'd fuk you like that) & wouldn't have put you in a hand-stand (though i'd do that angle & pump your gurlcum gland...)

but i knew i wasn't ever gonna get to see you again so i got out the progesterone cream, slathered my tits w/it & used it to glue on my 5X nipple sukrs, got out the pregnenolone cream, worked a ton of it deep into my cock (like i would've before going to you) & used it to lube up my fav glass bottle that i use to get traction on my cock then i put on my headphones, queued Girlfriends 4 Ever, began the run on my Feminine Hormone Induction Hypnosis trac & spent the next hour in porn bliss w/my nipples swollen to all hell & big & on fire & my cock throbbing & bouncing & pumping enough therms to reheat cold coffee then i got out my 1oz measuring cup...

& fukin' overflowed it w/cum.

it showed blue swirls in the moonlight & was stingy & sweet & that's the stuff i was gonna lick off your left areola...

a half hour later i blew the other .6oz that i was gonna shoot into the soft spot at the base of the front of your neck... all pure & pearly white & salty..


what kind of a gyrl do you think i am?


then i took off the nipple sukr's & ran my Breast Enhancement Induction Hypnosis trac & enjoyed the prolactin response as my tits swelled into B cups... the final results?

39 B, 27" waist, (corset training for a month) 38" hip & 8.25" of spent cock (never seen my cock-head that big...)

so... ok... it's no 15" futa cock, but it IS more than half the way there:)

but you see... i'd been getting ready for you.

& that's what particularly saddens me. & it's not about you not seeing me... & it's that we didn't see each other.

i mean... it's the window of opportunity closed upon your free time... for now... but...

by the time it reopens... i'll in all likelihood have moved the fuk out of town.

& this saddens me, personally, very much, 'cause you've been the one clean, sweet breath of air i've had amidst months spent gasping the hard, thin, sulfur stink only found upon the high, barren mountain paths of hell...

still... thank you for that:)

& now, before i start to cry, i'm gonna get back to my futa.

xxx... o!

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1 year ago
you write so fucking well hot and sensual
1 year ago
Said it before and I'll prolly say it again..... you're a scary gyrl!
See now, MY stories are all rainbows and unicorns.