Dear Daphne


of course, i have no idea whether i'm being a bother and i pray things are going well in your life & i know you must be busy what with many other things...

and i KNOW i must be boring w/these petty details of my life... i'm sure you've surmised my loneliness...

certainly, i don't want to presume and go on & on & on writing my dirty thoughts about exactly what i would do if i got my paws on your hottness again...

thus, this will be my last message to you until i hear from you...

i meant what i said... can't remember the last time i've been happy and/or smiled that much... THANK YOU!!!

& now, maybe for your amusement, i'll tell you about last night:

as you saw, i got dressed up... then decided to do some good old fashion street walking.

every once & a while, some good citizen decides it's their duty to call the police on their friendly neighborhood hooker... at that point, the police reveal how they've earned the nickname: "the heat".

i mean, usually, they patrol & drive slow, maybe get out of their cars to sneak up on you... you know... the usual stuff bypassed by sharp eyes, ears and basic concealment...

but in "heat" mode, it's game on. drive in hard, slow down fast, hit the lights, one side of the street to the other, swerve that spotlight, in corners, under cars, even to the fukin' trees... up the alleys, stop in front of the known hiding spots, more lights, click into reverse, back up smooth & fast, back up the street, then hit it down the street, turn down another block... accelerate, use that spotlight aggressively...

luckily, my hiding place is almost right out in the open... not what one would expect... and my b*****r was in the 101st... he taught me what can only be described as "ninja mind" concealment tricks (yep, they fukin' work!) but it was difficult... my thigh highs were kind of shimmery, and i was wearing my shiny black pvc moto jacket... jeeze... but i am still feeling a bit shiny:) ... with much ducking, slinking, shuffling and hard mind lock concentrating, i got the fuk away after a block-long strategic sprint (silently, in the same boots I wore to you the other night... try that one!)

but i wasn't ready to call it a night yet so i went to the book store.

must have been something in the air... it was bat-sht there too. the poor young clerk had his hands full w/some freaks (& if i'm calling them freaks, considering I'M there in an adult book store by a freshly closed strip club... you KNOW they're freaky!!) but i had the place calm in no time at all... you see... i kinda got a rep... people don't fuk w/me:)

soon it was down to the clerk (who can never take his eyes off my ass when i'm not looking) a wanna be gangster, a crack whore making a night of it and some homeless guy in the stalls just wanting some shelter.

the crack whore (linda) never remembers me, though we've met more than once on the street & i'm always kind to her (i give out the smokes & we talk about sobriety & God & the Jesus). she was shopping for a new vibrator to try out in one of the bigger rooms to really get it on w/herself & make a night of it till the sun came up when she could go sl**p somewhere warm. i helped her pick out a nice pink one.

the wanna be gangster was talking about how it was best to buy gold off down & outers and melt it down yourself to pawn for cash... believe it or not, he's quite the lady's man w/meth smokin' fat chicks... seriously! and while i was sending you that pic last night, he was snapping a pic himself... of my ass w/his phone... i guess to use as a spank bank deposit for later?

but it was kinda coolish last night so i bought a token ($5) & left the clerk a tip ($5) {the only entertainment money i allow myself to spend these days} & made my way back to the booths, where it's warmer... where i could hear crack whore linda doing herself in a locked room w/that pink vibrator i'd helped her pick out... and there i ran into the homeless guy.

he was clean & short & not stinky & obsessively closing all the doors to the booths. i had my token but i really wasn't in the mood for porn. i had just wanted to pay my "rent" there and to warm my self up. it was kinda warm back there but the homeless guy was fukin' pouring the sweat. still, he didn't smell. sure, it was dark, and he was on the other end of the corridor from me, but i can see shockingly well in the dark & i've got a VERY sensitive nose...

eventually, he stopped his door closing and stood staring at me. i smiled all pretty & said hi (all sweet & high, like i do in the vids) and he rather politely said hi & asked if there was any water available in the building... i told him where... he thanked me... he was uncomfortable... i went outside for a smoke...

it was still fukin' chilly... a city truck started slowly driving by me... those city bois can be curious... i went back in...

in the back of the booth area, the homeless guy was still sweating. but he had a booth door open and kept staring from it to me... he didn't seem interested in "me" as a "sexx thang..." he was just... well... fukin' lonely. believe me, i can tell...

so i softly stomped over to him (fukin' towering over him a at least a foot) and sweetly asked what he was up to.

"just trying to stop sweating!" he was truly indeed pouring the sweat.

"it can be fukin' steamy back here..." my double entendre was TOTALLY wasted... he kept looking in his booth. so i leaned in and looked in too. there it was: a "keg" cup shoved into the glory hole; the sure sign of sex encounter disinterest.

"oh," i backed away, slowly, "just gonna catch some private time?"

"yeah," he arched his head up to get some non-blowing air on his glistening, rather strong, throat, "but i've just got a couple of dollars," he almost imperceptibly gestured his right cheek muscle to the street, "trying to stretch it out." his right eye widened just a so little bit and barely moved up to indicate his waiting for the sun.

"well i'm done for the night," i reached into my bag, pulled out my coupon & offered it to him. "please, take it, there's no fukin' way i'm gonna use it." he hesitated. "i totally mean it." his hand slowly started for the coupon. i smiled. he gently took it. "have a great night!" i turned & commenced my slow ass wagging saunter out of there. i heard him say:


i stopped & turned & posed on one hip as he asked:

"do... do... you want to watch... together."

i slowly walked back to him. no stomp or saunter, just a walk. there was something... nice about to happen.

"i don't want to be rude or selfish..." it was difficult for him to talk. not because he was stupid or shy. he was looking at me clearly, unblinkingly. "it just doesn't seem right..."

i knew why it was difficult for him to talk to me or anyone else...

"it's just not right for me to not offer."

it was difficult for him to talk to people 'cause he just doesn't trust them... but he was being trustingly polite w/me.

"do you..." i tilted my head so that my wig covered the more "boi" half of my face, "but you don't want company..."

"no, i'm not into that..." he stepped closer to me, relaxed, the sweat started to slow its pour down his face. "i mean no offense... i mean... you are transexual?" my God... he really wasn't sure!

"of course i am!" i smiled. "i don't want to be rude either. i just want to show you a good time." i nodded my head to the sun, started to turn, then stopped. he'd held out his hand.

"what's your name?"

"roxxanna." i gave him my hand.

"jason." we shook. man style.

"thanks for accepting." i let go, turned and started my ass wag down the hall. "have a great time on me!"

"thank you, Roxxanna."

people always seem to say my name w/a capital R. i never do...

soooo... there's my little story, that's how i usually spend my gyrl nights... though sometimes there's sexx and/or money... it's really about meeting people...

and of all the people i've met, you're the only one who's ever made my knees go weak. thank you for that.

xxx... o!


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1 year ago
I really liked this
1 year ago
sometime you get nightrs like that