Dirty Dirty Dogging Slut........Pt 2

I slipped into my burberry full length mac and gave myself the once over in the mirror - god i looked a slut but i was loving this.........

Leaving the house on our busy street the thought of one of the neighbours seeing me dressed up in the gear going out to get my face glazed really turned us both on, i was fucking drenched.....i knew if we didnt get in the car and get going i would of bent ova, hitched up the mac, exposing what i had on underneath and practically begged my master to take me and my wet cunt there and then....FOR ALL TO SEE.......I didnt care i loved being heard and i definatly loved being watched........

As i pulled away and started our journey i was very impressed that my kinky husband had bought my favorite black dildo along to fuck my pussy with whilst i was driving.....i must admit i was buzzing and i really wanted to cum......

Grabbing his hand i f***efully pushed it into my cunt, showing how quick, how desperate i was to feel him, feel the dildo, feel anything......i could tell he was impressed as he told me to keep focused on driving while he made my slutty pussy cum with this huge dildo....and let me tell you he wasnt gentle.......
(im sure at traffic lights other motorists knew what was happening and it was a big big rush)

Pulling into our destination i saw just how busy i was going to be there were cars and lorries everywhre all with their lights on.......this idea and the fact i was being fucked hard by the dildo made me cum really fucking loud there and then.....................


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2 years ago
Up to now I think it's only a story, but soon maybe, reality.
Great story, got my cock so hard in my hand imagining I was one of those guys you were sucking off and cumming on your face or your bare tits. Could I lick it off and share it with you after................mmmmmmm.
Tim xx
2 years ago
very exciting...I'm in the midlands....plz let me know if and when your having outdoor fun again !!!
2 years ago
Very exciting and sexy xx
2 years ago
Love this - Awesome!
3 years ago
thanx phil x
3 years ago