Adventures Of A Kinky Tgirl Whore

It was a cold winter's morning when Roxy and Phil awoke to the soft twitter of the birds outside and the early morning sunlight shining through the window of their large detached home on the outskirts of London.

Although close to the town it was still a rural location and a place in which they had made their home. It was always quiet there which made it the perfect place for the things they liked to do together. Although Phil was now retired he still had the perfect job for him, which was to be Roxy's pimp. Roxy was still young being only in her mid 20's but she enjoyed being the wife to Phil very much and loved her job as a slutty whore, what is not so obvious from her appearance on a daily basis is that she was in fact a TGirl, another thing she enjoyed as well.

Now with introductions out of the way it is time for us to return to the daily life of Phil and Roxy James as they begin there day.

It was frosty outside as Phil opened the curtains of their bedroom. He then came back to the side of the bed and gave his wife a loving kiss on the cheek and playfully tickled her all over as he took the cover off her. He giggled softly when he saw that her short nighty had moved up her body exposing her rock hard cock. He gave it a little suck too as he left to start the shower that they always shared every morning and evening. Roxy followed a few moments later and stripped out of her nighty and joined her loving husband in the shower. They both played for a little bit, gently rubbing, licking and kissing each other as the warm water poured down on them. After they had both washed Phil went downstairs to start breakfast.

A few moments later Roxy came downstairs wrapped in her bath robe.

They sat down at the table together for breakfast. Phil asked if she had enjoyed her shower, Roxy giggled and said that it was perfect. They sat down for breakfast together every day, partly as a get together since they would not be spending a lot of time together during the day but also so that they could discuss Roxy's client list for the day.

Roxy never liked to know in advance of the day what her client list would be like, but she always liked to know on the day. Today's client list was not as busy as usual with only 2 clients on the list. Her first client of the day was a middle aged gentleman who always liked to see Roxy in the morning, normally as early as possible. Roxy knew what he liked her to wear and had already got it laid out on the bed upstairs ready to change into. It was a under bust corset with old fashioned stockings, it was very pretty in a very deep purple with a pink lace trim. The stockings were specially made for her to match the corset but still done in the old fashion techniques. She always enjoyed wearing this outfit; it gave her an excellent cleavage and also gave her a very shapely figure. Just as she finished dressing she heard the doorbell go and the familiar voice of her 1st client. He dealt with the money side of things with Phil. Roxy finished dressing and descended the stairs to meet him.

He always liked to look her up and down as she came down the stairs; he gave her a light kiss on the cheek as they made their way back upstairs. The house had numerous bedrooms, 1 was the bedroom of Phil and Roxy, and the others were set aside for various things for the client's pleasure. In this case Roxy took the bedroom that had been converted into a dungeon as she knew full well it was what the client liked every morning before he went off to work was to dominate Roxy and make her cum as many times as he could in their one and a half hour slot.

Roxy always looked forward to this client; she enjoyed bondage but also enjoyed being made to cum over and over again for her client. This client in particular was very good at making her cum, he had been with her quite a few times now and knew exactly what she liked, mainly because Phil had been secretly coaching him in what she liked, and although he was there most mornings the routine was always different as he tried new things to make her cum even quicker.

Today was no exception as he quickly had her tied up on the bed, arms above her head fixed to a hook on the roof and her legs also pulled back to the same hook on the roof but they were spread wide apart by a very long spreader bar. Roxy moaned softly as he lubed up her cock and arsehole. He left her there for a few moments but with Roxy being so horny it must have seemed like a life time for her. He picked a large selection of items from those hanging around the room and came back to the large bed in the centre of the room. First he attached nipple clamps to her huge breasts, then he attached these too via a rope to the hook in the ceiling making sure her nipples and breasts were pulled on very harshly. Next he slowly slid off one of her stockings and tied it very tightly round Roxy's cock and balls making her look even harder. She moaned gently as he slowly started to wank her off. She didn't last long and cum all over herself. He took one of the medium sized dildos he had found and pushed it deep inside her in one big stoke making her moan out with pleasure. He patted her head softly as he went back between her legs and slowly start to inflate the dildo he had just put inside her. As he inflated it he wanked her off again and made her cum twice more as the dildo reached its maximum stretch. He slid it out and looked at how big and wide Roxy's gaping arsehole was. He went quickly over to the wall and came back with one of the biggest dildos in the house, it too was inflatable and that made it the biggest one when it was fully inflated. Roxy although a little nervous had taken this dildo before a few times and knew what to expect. She moaned as it was slid in and slowly expanded to its largest size. She was never sure how big it got inside her but it always felt like he had pushed a melon inside her but it still always felt good. He slid it and out slowly as he has wanked her off again. She cum over and over again in quick succession, first once, then twice, once she had cum for the 5th time from that dildo he slid it out of her and couldn't believe how big and wide her gaping arsehole was now. He knew that after she had been stretched so wide she liked to be fucked by the two big horse cock dildos that hung on the walls but today was going to be different. Today he had a new toy to use on her that he had specially made in conjunction with Phil.

This new toy was a very big dildo; it was inflatable too and could be inflated so it was about 15 inches long and about 15 inches wide. Roxy felt the dildo slide in and wondered what it was, she had never felt it before and she knew all the toys in the house and how they felt inside her. The previous dildo he had used on her only went up to 10 inches long and 7 inches wide so he wasn't sure how she would react to such a big intrusion from this new toy.

He inflated it very very slowly not wanting to hurt her as he reached the 10 inches wide point he heard moan very deeply and knew she must be enjoying it. He started to pump it quicker and very soon reached its fullest size. All that could be heard in the room was the very deep moans of Roxy from her exquisite pleasure. He left it deep inside her for a few moments and then come back to the bed. He gently run his finger up her cock and she cum, and that was when he knew he would enjoy this even more than usual. He ran his fingers up and down her hard cock making her cum with every movement. After a few minutes Roxy had lost count of how many times she had cum and just never wanted it to end.

Eventually he slid the dildo out of her and as a treat for her got the two big horse dildos off the wall and slid them deep inside her and made her cum one last time all over herself. He always left her in the last position he had her in and with the same toys inside her when he left.

Phil came up to untie her and saw how much she had cum and asked how it went. Roxy moaned that it was perfect and she had never felt anything like it before and wished they had a toy like that. Phil replied they did now as he had left it here for her to use and for him to use every time he came to see her. Phil slid the two dildos out of her arse and took them with the others to be cleaned. Then he came back and untied her and helped her to the shower so she could clean up ready for lunch and her next client.

She dressed in a knee-length strapless dress and went downstairs for lunch.

At lunch Phil said he had a surprise planned for Roxy after their evening meal. Roxy was curious with them living in such a rural area and only a stone's throw away from numerous farms and Phil knew how much she fantasized about being a dirty slut for a group of a****ls at a farm. They sat and ate their lunch as Roxy got very very turned on from thinking what the surprise could be. It was also over lunch that they discussed any clients Roxy had that afternoon. Today there was just one client this afternoon, a new client who wanted to dominate Roxy and be her Mistress. Roxy was always nervous about that to wear with new clients, luckily she had lots to choose from but since she was to be dominated she decided to go with a special outfit they had made for when clients wanted to dominate her.

It was a dress in design but it held her legs wide apart and had a cutout front and back over her cock and arse and also had another cutout for her breasts. She could hardly walk in it so she was normally already in the room ready and waiting and Phil would show them up to the room. Since Roxy was still a little shaky on her feet after this morning's client they decided that would be best today.

They finished lunch and Roxy went upstairs to change and to prepare the room and put things back in the place they were in before the last client. Just as she was finishing putting the dress on and kneeling at the foot of the bed she heard the doorbell go and the voice of a youngish woman. After a few moments she heard them both climbing the stairs towards the room.

Roxy was a little nervous as the door was opened and a tall, late 20's woman walked in, dressed in a long floor length PVC dress with a whip attached to her leg via a garter belt. She had not had a woman dominate her before, most of her woman clients just wanted to see what it was like to go with another woman but a lot of them also wanted to be fucked whilst Roxy was dressed, Roxy knew this would be different and hoped that she could please her client. She thanked Phil as he left closing the door behind them.

She walked round to Roxy at the foot of the bed and looked her up and down. She ordered to stand up which Roxy did, she was already rock hard and hoped her client wouldn't be too mad with her for this. Her client grabbed it in her gloved hand and slowly started to wank Roxy off. She stopped and pushed Roxy back on to the bed. She moved quickly and Roxy was very soon tied spread eagled on the bed, her hard cock standing to attention. Her client who she learned was called Mistress Loriza then took the nipple clamps from the wall and attached them tightly to Roxy and then looped a length of thin rope through the rings on them and up to roof pulling it tightly and attaching the other end round her cock. This meant that her nipples were pulled upwards towards the roof quite painfully and so was her cock.

Mistress Loriza went back to the walls and took a Rimba powerbox from the wall and brought it back to the bed with its matching dildo accessory. She wired it up and pushed the dildo deep inside Roxy. She attached the other set of pads to the inside of Roxy's thighs very close to her cock. As she turned on the pads she felt the current running up and down her cock as it moved across to the other pad on her other thigh. She turned the dildo on and Roxy screamed lightly as it shocked the inside of her quite painfully before returning to a lower level. Roxy knew that Mistress Loriza had turned it up straight up to full power to prove a point of what would happen if Roxy did not do as she was told.

She took a whip from the wall and began to whip Roxy quite painfully on her legs, chest and breasts. After about 20 minutes of constant whipping she untied Roxy and flipped her over. She tied her up again spread eagled on the bed, the dildo attached to the powerbox still deep inside her as well as the pads on her thighs. She pulled Roxy's cock back so it was laid on the bed pointing towards the bottom of the bed and visible for Mistress Loriza to use. Mistress Loriza then whipped Roxy all over her back, bottom and legs until she was covered in red whip marks. She went to the wall and unhooked a large strap on dildo from the wall and quickly put it on, she removed the rimba dildo from Roxy but it was quickly replaced by the large strap on dildo stretching Roxy wide open. Roxy moaned and screamed as she was fucked very hard whilst the power to the pads was turned from low to high and back again constantly. Roxy caught a glimpse of the clock and knew there wasn't long to go. Mistress Loriza finished pounding Roxy's arse and then put the rimba dildo back in and began to the same with that turning the power from low to high and back again constantly as she wanked Roxy off until she cum all over the bed.

Mistress Loriza took off the strap on and untied Roxy to allow her to rest as she disappeared to freshen up in the en-suite bathroom. She then gave Roxy a quick kiss on the cheek and said she looked forward to seeing her again and with that she was gone and heading downstairs.

Roxy tidied up and then headed for the shower. She dressed back in the same strapless knee-length dress and walked downstairs to meet Phil who was making the evening meal.

Phil was just laying the table as she walked in. She sat down as he served up their dinner. Today was pasta bake, a favorite of Roxy's. It was over dinner that Phil discussed her surprise. He explained that they were due to go up to a farm later this evening to produce a new video for Roxy's website. He had discussed it with the farmer whilst she was in with her first client and had arranged a whole host of things for her to be filmed doing.

After they had finished dinner and tidied away the dishes they went upstairs to prepare. Phil had picked out an outfit for them both to wear. Roxy's was a corset with matching stockings and over that was a knee-length black strapless dress. She wasn't allowed to wear any panties tonight as Phil disappeared into the bondage bedroom and came back with her collar and lead and also her cock collar and lead.

Once they were both dressed and ready Phil led Roxy downstairs on the lead and out into the car. They headed out towards the farm on the very edge of town. Roxy was rock hard as they left the car and walked towards the farm. She knew that from now she was being filmed and that was why the collars and leads had been attached before they left. She was led to a small barn towards the back of the farm, in it she saw a milking machine.

Phil ordered her to strip down to the corset and she did so, she was made to kneel down on the floor of the barn and the milking machine was hooked up to her breasts and her cock. She moaned loudly as it was switched on and began sucking on her breasts and rock hard cock. It wasn't long until she cum but that was not enough as the machine was on a timer and wouldn't switch off until she had filled it up enough. The farmer had altered it and reduced it down to 200ml but Roxy knew it would still take a lot of cum to get it that full. It sucked away at her constantly as she cum over and over again gradually filling it up.

She was cumming rapidly at this point and she soon felt the machine switch off. The farmed unhooked her from the machine. He came back in shortly after and mounted Roxy himself and fucked her hard and fast until he cum deep inside her.

Phil led Roxy over to a wall of the barn which was covered with hay bales in a step shape. He climbed up them and removed the top one and it was then when Roxy noticed the chains and shackles on the wall. He helped her up to them and tied her up before climbing down and moving some more of the bales so Roxy was suspended there. As he climbed down he nodded to the farmer who climbed up some ladders that led up to the beams in the roof. He crawled along the beams until he was just above Roxy and next to a machine that she had not spotted at first. It was a milking machine the same as the one that had just been used on her on the floor of the barn but this one hadn't been altered, it was still set to only turn off after it had received 10 liters. He attached Roxy to it as he jumped down onto the bales. He pushed the large dildo up her that the client had made with Phil and inflated it quickly to its maximum as Roxy let out a huge moan of pleasure he switched the machine on before positioning the camera pointing up at her on a tripod and leaving the barn with Phil. The door shut behind them and Roxy was left suspended on the wall being milked by this machine in the darkness as the camera rolled on below her.

They came back in the morning and found Roxy still attached to the wall but the machine had switched off after it was full. They replaced the bales and helped her down and brought the contained from the milking machine down too. As the camera still rolled on Phil ordered her to drink up all her cum from last night which she did but it took her a while.

Then he slid the large dildo out of her and put her dress back on as he stopped the camera and took her home in the car ready for their weekend together where Roxy would be whored out at the gay clubs and bars in the area but not as Roxy as gay clubs rarely liked TGirls in their midst.

That concludes our insight into a day in the life of Roxy, a TGirl slut from London.
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