Saturday Night Sex

It was my twenty first birthday and my friends decided to treat me to a night in New York City. I knew we would definitely be doing some drinking and a little clubbing but I knew that my friends would sneak some kind of surprise past me.
We had hit a bar near Time Square but after only a couple drinks my best friend Jasmine started pulling on my arm.
"Come on we have to leave."
"Why we haven't been here more than half an hour."
"Yeah but we have to get dinner before we have to wait behind a huge line of people."
"Let's have one more drink."
Jasmine looked at the time on her phone and continued to tug on my arm like an annoying four year old. I quickly downed the drink I had in my hand and walked out with the group of three women. I couldn't help but feel like I didn't have enough alcohol in me to feel secure among my friends. They were all tall and gorgeous with slender perfect bodies and long flowing hair. I however barely came up to their chins being only five foot four. I had thick shoulder length dark brown hair, C cup breasts and weighed about 115 pounds.
My friends had made me put on a skin tight black dress with a slit up the side that reached all the way to the hip. There was a v cut in it that gave my breasts a pretty good bit of cleavage. However I still couldn't compare to my friends who were all wearing short skirts and tight shirts that show off their stomachs.
"So are you guys ready for the big night?" Jasmine asked as we rode in the taxi.
"What is this big night?" I couldn't have felt any more in the dark.
"Don't worry about it and promise that you'll have a good time."
We rode in the taxi for about five more minutes until we were dropped at a street in Time Square. Just as we stepped out my eyes were covered by another one of my friends Audrey. We walked through a couple doors and by the time my eyes were uncovered I had gotten the biggest shock of my life.
I was standing two rows away from the Saturday Night Live stage. I almost didn't believe it until I looked around and saw everyone else sitting in their seats waiting for the show to begin.
"Surprise." the girls said in unison. My third friend Heather began pulling me down into my seat which wasn't hard seeing as how I was so weak in the knees.
"I thought we agreed to drinks and dinner." I said half in anger and half in shock.
"You know we couldn't just give you that. Plus when all three of us pitched in it really wasn't that much." Jasmine reached over and patted my leg.
"In other words," Heather smiled. "Just shut up and enjoy yourself."
"And speaking of enjoying ourselves." Audrey reached into her purse and pulled out four small laminated pieces of paper. She handed one down until it reached me and then handed the other two out and kept one for herself.
When I looked down at what I held in my hand I couldn't help but again almost pass out. "These are not b..b..back s..s," The words were hard to say in the state of shock I was in. "Backstage passes are they?"
"Happy birthday."
"Oh I am so going to kill you for spending all this money on me." We heard the music start and I snapped my attention forward. I quickly looked over at Jasmine and whispered,"Tomorrow."
Jasmine gave me a small smile and whispered "Okay so I have even more reason to enjoy tonight."
The show was amazing and hilarious to the point where I had to make an emergency stop to the bathroom before heading back stage. There was numerous girls in there with me talking about how great of a show it was. One of them mentioned the name Andy Samberg and I tried to listen in.
"He is so cute." she awed.
"What are you talking about he's so dorky looking." her other friend snickered.
"Yeah but he's cute in that dorky sort of way."
"Whatever." The two girls walked out of the bathroom and I stepped out of the stall. As I washed my hands I tried to pin point exactly who they were talking about. The name sounded familiar but still in a small state of shock and intense excitement about getting to go back stage I couldn't put a face to it.
After I got out of the bathroom I met up with my girls and we started on our way back stage. The bouncer we had to deal with was quick to check us four girls out. But I was pretty sure his attention was mostly on Audrey Jasmine and Heather. I stayed out of the way until my friends were finished flirting. He waved us on but I noticed that I hadn't been completely ignored by the beefed up flirt. He looked at the cleavage sticking from my dress. As we walked away I made a quick glimpse over my shoulder to see him checking us out from the back.
"Guys I think he was flirting with us." I said.
"Of course he was." Heather laughed. "He gets paid to stand there, turn people away and flirt with all the horny ad excited girls that might just give him some head if he lets them through. Flirting comes with the territory."
"Anyway forget him." Jasmine said. "You are now in the territory of comedy legends and geniuses. Now it's time for all of us to fly solo."
Once all my friends had abandon me I walked around like a chicken with its head cut off. I looked down at my pass and as I was doing that I ran smack dab into who the girls had been talking about. I was dumbfounded as I tried to find the words to talk to him. "Andy Samberg."
"Hi nice to meet you."
"No it's nice to meet you." I held out my hand and he shook it. I was shaking nervously and I'm pretty sure he could sense it.
"Hey I don't mean to sound rude but I am really worn out."
"Oh I get it you want to be left alone." I turned to walk away.
"No I was just gonna ask if you want to go someplace where we can have a seat, you know like my dressing room or something."
"Yeah of course. Let me just text my friends and tell them where I'm going."
"Don't worry I'm not gonna k**nap you."
"No I just want to rub it in." I smiled up at him and was able to catch him talking a glimpse at my body. He smiled back and led me to his dressing room. He pulled up a seat and put it in front of me while he threw himself down on a small love seat like couch.
"So did you enjoy the show?"
"Yeah it was hilarious. I especially enjoyed the sketch you were in." I felt stupid once I heard the words come out of my mouth.
Andy just smiled and shook his head. "I liked that one too."
"Sorry I don't know how to talk to a celebrity. You're just amazing at what you do."
"I appreciate my fans. So you said you were here with your friends?"
"Yeah it's my birthday and they decided to spoil me."
"Oh wow how old are you?"
"Twenty one."
"Nice it makes me feel old."
"Why how old are you?"
"I'm in my thirties. Thirty three to be exact."
"You're pretty hot for thirty three." The words slipped out of my mouth before I had time to stop them. I could feel my face get warmer and a large smile was forming on Andy Samberg's face. He stood up and walked over to door. He quickly looked out then closed the door. He walked over and stood in front of me.
With how short I was and the short stature of the chair I was face to face with his dick. I tried to look from side to side but after doing this about four times I noticed he wasn't going anywhere. I looked up at him and through black rimmed glasses I could see his dark brown eyes. When I stood up I was able to make better eye contact with him. He had sort of messy curly hair and I noticed a small chin dimple. I could definitely agree with the girl from the bathroom. He was cute in a dorky geek sort of way.
I let my hand drop and it skimmed across the front of his pants. I pulled away shyly and my face again resorted to a rosy red. Before I could turn away my stare was reverted down to where I could see a tent forming in Andy's pants. I cleared my throat but was speechless.
"What." Andy asked me bringing my face back up to meet his gaze.
"Boner alert." I couldn't believe I had been that cheesy to use a line from one of his songs to point out an obvious hard on. Stupidly I continued with the lyric to try and cover up my sheer embarrassment. "He really pictured them naked."
"Shy Ronnie...nice."
"Shy Ronnie two actually... but you already knew that. Okay I'm gonna get going before I break out into singing Jack Sparrow or something."
"Hey wait before you go let's talk. Obviously you like the Lonely Island songs."
"Yeah you're really talented. I like how in the song Jack Sparrow you say I'm not your mister nice guy more like the meet ya take you home and fuck you twice guy. I get wet just listening to that li- okay I really have embarrassed myself enough tonight."
"No do enlighten me more about what happens when you hear that line."
I looked down to see the tent had become more visible and Andy's eyes had become wildly excited. He sat down on the couch again and I was about to sit back in the chair. Andy quickly stopped me and patted the seat next to him.
"Come sit over here. I don't bite."
"What if I asked you to." I said flirtingly. I had officially become another person who was beginning to not care what they said. I figured the person in this room would be just the events that were to happen in that room, alive for the night but once that door closed behind me on my way out it would be as if they never existed. I sat down and put my hand on Andy's leg and gave him a grin. I pushed my hair behind my ear with one hand while I slid the other up his leg.
"So," Andy leaned back and pushed his pelvis up in the air before letting his butt fall back onto the couch. He looked at me then glanced down at his erection. I ran my hand even further up and he leaned his head back against the couch. I slowly moved my hand over and undid the zipper of his pants. I could only see a small grin forming as I reached my hand in and grabbed the hard eight and a half inch shaft. He lifted his head at the touch and his eyes were wild with excitement. I wrapped my hand around the hard cock and slowly ran it up and down. I could feel the member growing to full intensity with every stroke.
Andy reached his hand out and placed it on the back of my head. He started coaxing my head down and I didn't need no more instruction. I pushed his hand away and put my mouth on the tip of the cock. I flicked my tongue on the head and placed my whole mouth around it. I slowly sucked it and ran my tongue across it. I could hear a small sigh from Andy and he put his hand back on my head. He lightly pushed me down and I went for the full deep throat.
As soon as his dick touched the back of my throat I heard another sigh and Andy moved his hips up off the couch. I pulled my head up and placed my hand around the shaft again. I kept my attention on the task at hand before Andy lifted my face up to his and lightly pressed his lips to mine. I gave him a harder more passionate kiss before returning to sucking his cock.
I moved my mouth down the shaft slowly making sure that no area was being ignored by my tongue.
Andy pushed me back after I had gotten back up to the head of his dick. He stood up and undid his pants completely and let them fall to his ankles.
This was great for it gave me access to everything.
I went back to sucking the cock and as I did this I slowly began running my hand up Andy's bare leg and across his thigh. With every inch I got closer to Andy's balls I could feel his thighs tensing up. Finally I reached my hand in between his legs and while still keeping my mouth busy at work, I grasped the balls. I gently began massaging them before pulling my mouth away from the rock hard dick. I got on the floor in front of him.
Andy's eyes were wide as he watched me kneeling before him. I massaged the balls a little more before sticking them in my mouth. I sucked them and ran my tongue over them before putting my entire mouth around them.
With one hand on Andy's thigh and the other stroking his cock I was able to feel every inch of his excitement. He finally pushed me away and held out his hand.
"Come here." Andy said. He pulled me back up on to the couch and gave me another quick kiss. He kissed down my neck and pushed the straps of my dress down. He looked at my bare breasts and gave me a smile. "You have the most amazing tits."
"Thanks you have the most amazing dick."
"Why thank you." He smiled and kissed down my neck some more until he came across my very erect nipples. He put the one in his mouth and played with the other one.
As Andy sucked and pinched my nipples I grabbed at his curly black hair. He pulled away and we began another passionate kiss. I was too distracted by the kiss that I didn't even realize when he stuck his hand up my dress. He stroked my pussy through my thin fabric thongs. I was growing wetter with every touch. I knew Andy must have felt it for he moved the side of my panties over and stuck his fingers deep into me. His long thick fingers and his rugged yet gentle hands worked perfectly as they caressed and fingered my pussy.
The feeling of his fingers didn't last long for he pulled away after only a couple minutes. He gripped the sides of my panties and pulled them down before grabbing my waist and pulling me down on the couch. He got on top of me and threw my panties across the room. I slowly jerked his cock before he got on his knees in front of me. He grabbed his dick and lined it up with the small opening of my pussy before with one swift motion pushed it deep inside me.
I reached up and grabbed his back and grasped at his shirt as he thrust in and out of me. He looked down at me and started going slower as he gave me a light kiss. He then sped up and with a few good thrusts he pushed deep inside me. Our pelvises were in perfect contact before he pulled out quickly and unloaded all over my pussy and the couch. He fell forward and I wrapped my arms around him the best I could as we both caught our breath.
Andy pulled away and looked at me. He walked over and grabbed my panties.
"Here you might need these."
"Thanks." I slipped them back on and fixed my dress. Andy fixed his pants and glasses and e****ted me to the door. "Thanks for the birthday present."
"No problem." Andy shot me one last smile and disappeared behind the door.
I found my friends and they looked at me curiously.
"And where did you go little miss?" Jasmine asked with a grin.
"Let's just say, what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room."
"So this can ultimately be classified as the best birthday present we could have given you?" Heather asked.
"You can say that. And guess what."
"What." the three girls asked excitedly.
"I'm not gonna kill any of you guys."
They all smiled and we walked out of the building.

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