sometimes i dream about you

its late at night and you are walking along the beach enjoying the soft gentle see breeze as it cresses your skin drinking from a bottle of wine you have with you you decide to lay down in the sand but first you look around to make sure you are alone and slowly as you do lay down resting you drink more of the wine and slowly you close your eyes and relax after a while you feel something soft caressing your legs without opening your eyes you try to brush it away and your hand touch’s mine your eyes fly open in shock and you say "what the fuck " and I just smile at you and say relax and enjoy and for some reason you do as I go back to caressing your legs and kissing my way up your thighs and slowly spread your legs apart until I’m kissing your sweet honey spot thru your bathing suit and slowly sliding a finger up inside of you gently rubbing your clit as your hips start to trust against my hand and face then without warning I tear your bathing suit bottom off of you and slide my tongue into you licking and caressing your pussy trying to savor your juices that have started to flow out of you then you can feel my hands on your hips trying to draw you closer to my face as I nibble on your clit with my teeth and tongue lapping your outer lips as I slowly build up the speed of my finger s going in and out of you you feel the start of your first wave of organism building inside of you and your hips move faster and faster as you hump against my face until you are at the very edge of release and you grab my head in your hands and you try to push it harder against you then suddenly I reach up and grab one of your nipples and pull and twist it between my fingers as your organism explodes thru your body and you are beating a tattoo on my back and head with your fists and you wrap your legs around my neck crossing them behind it forcing yourself hard against me as I lick and slurp up all of your juices that flood out of you like a wave of passion juice that I try to lick and suck from your pussy so not a drop is wasted on the sand of the beach then slowly as your organism subsides you feel me still sucking on your clit and flicking it back and forth with my tongue now sliding 2 then 3 fingers into you faster and faster and your moans first soft and quiet grow louder and louder as you feel another organism building deep inside of you you grab my ears and pull my face up off of you and say to me " why ? Who are you? and I just smile and say nothing at all and go back to licking and sucking on your pussy harder and faster I lick and finger fuck you until your organism is about to explode thru your body and your moans have become screams of passion and then suddenly I stop pull away from you and you look up as I take your tits in my hands and slide my cock between them fucking your tits with my rock hard cock until I blast a load of cum up on your breasts and your chin and the whole time I have been fingering your pussy not quit letting you achieve release then I move back down and go back to sucking on your clit until you explode with your second orgasm of the night then I kiss my way back up your body and you feel that I’m still hard as I slowly slower then you can imagine possible slide into you until you feel my balls slap against you and your eyes widen at how full it makes you feel with all of me inside of you then I take your legs and place them behind me so that you can cross them behind my back and I roll us over so that you are on top and I tell you ok now fuck my cock bounce that ass up and down hard babe use my fuck stick as your ride on toy and slowly lift you up and down on my cock as I trust up into you and your hips start their little dance again and I lean forward and lick your big hanging breast sucking on first one then the other nipple until they harden as I pull down on your hips harder and harder as you slide up and down on me faster and faster you ride my cock as I lick and suck on your nipples faster and faster your hips move as I thrust up into you harder and deeper each time I enter you as I try to grab your tits and suck them both into my mouth flicking mu tongue across both your nipples and bite them leaving little bite marks on your two awesome beautiful big tits and then without warning I slide a hand down and start playing with your clit as you ride my cocjk that send you over the edge and your organism blasts thru you exploding like the 4th of July in your pussy as well as thru out your body then you roll off of my lay beside me and stroke my still hard cock in your hand and you hear me growl a low guttural moan filled with lust and I crawl up beside your face and stroke it in front of you and you reach out with your tongue and lick just the head as I growl and explode upon your tongue and across your face what seems like gallons’ of my cum blast on to your tongue and across your face into your eye and into your hair and then as I start to relax from the pleasure of my release I lay beside you put my arms around you and we snuggle there in the late night sand and slowly holding each other close you feel safe and alive warm and protected and you drift off to sl**p purring softly like a kitten that content
in the morning you awake but do not see me and you are dressed again and none of your clothing is missing as you sit up you wonder wow was it all a dream or did it really happen and then you notice tiny bit marks upon your breasts then you notice the wine bottle you had with you the night before that now sits empty except something strange about it because stuck in the neck is a single rose and a note as you read the note is simply says WHAT an AMAZING NIGHT and then you notice that there is something on the stem of the rose and in the morning light it sparkles and you see that it is a necklace with a single large blue sapphire cut into the shape of a heart and you wonder who was he will I see him again and you wonder what is his name he never told you
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