First time fun with A

A is a 25 year old women who I had the pleasure of meeting and omg I love spending time with.

The 1st night we met we had a few drinks and a chat and I was undressing her with my eyes I suggested we went back to mine in the cab going back I couldn’t believe my luck. Once in mine we had a few drinks then I accidentally brushed passed her we grabbed each other kissing passionately I whispered lets go upstairs leading her to my room watching her every move we franticly strip each other laying her on my bed we kiss even more my tongue loving every part of her I whispered to her that I was going to have her she begged me to take her anyway I wanted I got back out of bed and went into my other room putting on a Basque stockings thigh length boots and a 7inch strapon.

Going back in a is playing with gorgeous tight shaven pussy someone couldn’t wait I see laughing as she turned round I caught her smiling getting back on the bed I pull her towards my cock as she starts to suck I play with her pussy hearing her moan out makes me more horny I grab my camera taking pics of this gorgeous women she begs me to fuck her as I lay down she squats over my cock letting it slide in slowly omg felt like heaven reaching up playing with her tits as she fucks me mmmmm realising I have to have more we got into 69 mmmmm enjoying that I kindly cum on her face as she done the same I lay her down and start fucking her again hard and fast hearing her moan and scream as I get her to the point of no return she cums again and squirts mmmmm we finish by lying in each others arms and I tell her what i've been thinking I was shocked at her answer but we agreed that she would join me and my b/f Ross.............

A few nights later we meet up again a few bottles of wine later we end up in bed Ross has his orders that he isn’t allowed to touch unless we ask him to we all strip and me and a end up on the bed as Ross films us we get into another 69 as we lick each other I look over seeing Ross wank himself which turns me on even more as I finger fuck a she returns the favour omg had to repay her with another wet cum over her face and she done the same she looks over at Ross who had just cum she looks at me and asks if he can join us I tell him to come here she starts sucking him I rub her pussy mmmmm she begs to have him fuck her so he lays down as I roll on a condom on his raging hard on she climbs on top riding him as I watch it turns me on that I have to go and sit on his face mmmmm he licks me deep as I hear them both moan out mmmmm I cum on his face mmmmm I go down watching my b/f fuck our new toy his cock slips out I give it a suck she begs for him to take her ass I lube her up with my tongue and slowly easing it in I go round sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy as Ross fucks her harder I hear them moan and scream that they r about to cum I tell a to join me on the bed as Ross stands rolling of the condom off he wanks into her mouth as we kiss and cum swap Ross sits back watching us I tell her she has to make me cum mmmmm laying down she goes down and makes me orgasm real hard that I squirt mmmmm needless to say we all enjoyed our 1st with a that we still see her.................

More adventures with A to follow

91% (10/1)
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1 year ago
1 year ago
I'll give that story an A, fucking horny
1 year ago
great story, next time hope your getting a good fucking from Ross and some horny guy
1 year ago
Love the story I would so love to be a fly on that bedroom wall