Room To Let

(All names are fictitious)

When Jim Roberts was unexpectedly made redundant at the age of 56 a serious question arose about how he and his wife Julia were going to manage financially and for this reason they decided to let one of the spare rooms in their detached house.

Julia was still only 40 years of age and had given up work ten years earlier when Jim was promoted to area manager. Their daughter Emma was away at university – another reason for needing to boost their income.

Slowly but surely Jim was beginning to show his age – overweight, hair thinning and a rapidly declining sex drive but despite this Julia was determined to hang onto her sexy head-turning looks for as long as she could. She had shoulder length thick dark brown hair, green eyes and a stunning figure with a spectacular waist of only 23 inches which emphasised all the more her fabulous 36C boobs, flat stomach and shapely bottom. She was one of those rare women who would look good in just about anything, or indeed nothing!

Julia and Jim had always been fiercely loyal to each other though Jim had often fantasised to himself about other men enjoying his wife; lately (and with more time on his hands) he had been looking at cuckold-type web sites on the internet but wasn’t planning to take these thoughts any further or indeed share them with Julia.

They received five serious replies to their ‘Room To Let’ advert and together spent most of one day interviewing the applicants. Three were female and were ruled out for one reason or another. One of the two males seemed a little weird and so really the choice came down to either re-advertising or offering the room to the final applicant, called Paul, and so it was that on the following Monday Paul moved in.

Paul was 36, not bad looking (though a bit rough at the edges) divorced and worked as a security officer for a large local firm, mostly in the evenings. He seemed honest, polite and straightforward and both Jim and Julia liked him.

A month went by and, on the face of it, all was going well. However, continuing the previous theme, Jim had started to fantasise about Paul with his wife; Julia was a little flattered by some of the looks she was getting from Paul; and almost every night Paul was stroking his 8-inch cock and dreaming up ways to get it inside his landlady’s knickers.

The chance came one fateful day when Jim had to attend an interview for a job some 60 miles away, leaving home at seven o’clock one Friday morning. Paul knew that this was his chance.

As Jim pulled out of the drive Paul watched from behind his curtain, took a deep breath and decided to go for it, come what may. He went downstairs and discovered that Julia had not yet got up. Perfect. He made her some tea and three minutes later was knocking at her bedroom door.

“Hello?” she called and Paul went in. They looked at each other and neither said a word for at least thirty seconds. Unfortunately that was all the encouragement he needed.

Paul ripped back the duvet and there lay Julia in a silky white baby-doll nightie. This was no time for good manners as far as Paul was concerned and he immediately grabbed Julia’s breasts and started to manipulate them.

By now Julia had come to her senses and started to shout and struggle. Her shouting alarmed Paul who put one hand over her mouth while he continued feeling her breasts with the other. By now his cock was rock hard and he knew there was no turning back. With his free hand he ripped open the night dress exposing Julia’s fabulous tits.

“Oh my God” he exclaimed as Julia continued to struggle, causing her tits to bounce even more enticingly before him.

Having thought about this occasion for some time beforehand, Paul was prepared for every possibility and now produced some lengths of cord which he used to tie Julia’s wrists to the railings of the bed, the bed he had sneaked a look at on more than one previous occasion. Julia was now lying on her back helpless with her hands tied above her head.

Paul told Julia to shut up or he’d stuff something nasty in her mouth. The remains of her nightie were then discarded, revealing the body he had been lusting after for so long. Julia wore no panties in bed and her trimmed bush was all that now protected her modesty.

Paul removed his belt and pulled his jeans down to release his bulging erection. He wore no underclothes and now had on only a black T-shirt.

“Now you little bitch” he said “I don’t care what happens I’m going to fuck you silly for the next few hours so you might as well enjoy it” and as he said these words he climbed onto the bed and started to finger her increasingly damp pussy.

Julie writhed underneath his touch but he was too strong for her and couldn’t wait any longer to get his aching and hungry prick inside her. Julia gasped at its size as it impaled her and slowly went all the way inside, stretching her pussy walls further than had ever been done before.

Her mouth was open but she said nothing as Paul started to thrust in and out, in and out of what was now a very wet cunt indeed. She bit her lip and knew that her body was betraying her and she started to mumble and breathe more heavily as she felt her first orgasm building inside her.

Then her mind was lost in a haze as she started to respond to the deep fucking – moving up and down to the rhythm underneath the weight of Paul and his enormous prick.

“Tell me you want it you bitch” said Paul but Julia shook her head. That was when he hit her across the face – something which no-one had ever done to her before. Now her eyes were on fire as well as her cunt which, by now, was getting desperate for the fulfilment it needed.

Paul however had slowed down and reached for his belt which he looped around Julia’s neck pulling it tight across her throat. Julia shook her head from side to side but this made it worse and now Paul was thrusting hard and deep again, freshly encouraged by the submissive hold he now had upon his victim.

Julia was in control of neither her mind nor body and was ashamed to hear herself screaming “Oh fuck I’m coming Paul, I’m coming! Please don’t stop! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” and then he exploded too – filling her dripping wet cunt with what seemed like a gallon of sperm deep inside her.

He had taken the chance and it had paid off because Julia’s secret fantasy to be tied up and ****d in the marital bed was no longer a secret.

Two hours later and life carried on as normal, almost as if nothing had happened, but both knew that this was the beginning and not the end. Julia had spent most of that time tied to the bed either face up or face down – her luscious bottom also having been thrashed with the belt and ravished for the very first time.

But would Jim get his new job and expose Julia to much more of the same treatment or would he stay at home and eventually be f***ed to witness what he had dreamt about?

What was not in doubt was that things for Julia would never be the same and, like all addictions, would be taken to new heights even beyond the scope of her present imagination.
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3 years ago
Great story. So risky that could've gone so wrong
4 years ago
nice story sweet. keep them comming darling
4 years ago
mmmm ive spoken to many women who have the same fantasy and you tell it sooooooo very very well xxx... damn that was hot x
4 years ago
very very good will there be more of this one?
4 years ago
very good story , looking forward to reading more from you
4 years ago
Excellent cuck story. Five stars.
4 years ago
Great story- all the better for being from a woman's perspective.