Special Delivery

I was home alone doing my usual chores, getting ready for a week long trip out of town. I had my music playing in my own little world when I heard a knock at the door. I was in no hurry to check it cause I was not excepting anyone. I
went to the door and there stood this man. I was not sure who he was, but he was very attractive. He had on a black baseball cap, sunglasses, a black shirt and blue jeans. I asked him how could I help him? He turned and looked at with this big ass grin on his face, I can think of many ways to help you, but right now I have a package for you... What kind of package? There is a package in my van that was suppose to be delivered three days ago and It has been in our office. So, I just remembered and I thought I would drop it off now. How do I now your not a killer just trying to get in my house? He gave me this shit eatting grin. Look lady, call my boss and she will tell you I'm telling you the truth. Against, my good judgement I told him to go it. He came back with this huge box. He put it on the counter and reached in his back pocket and pulled out his work badge. See, I told you I was telling you the truth, I looked at his tag. Jesse. Well, Jesse I thank you for delivery must I have things I need to do. Like what? he said. Cleaning my house, I replied. So, you always clean house dressed like that? he asked. I had totally forgot I was half naked. At that point I was embrassed and asked him to leave. Sure, but I need you sign this please. I dont have a pen.Do you have one? I turned my back to get a pen out of the drawer. When I turned around he was there in front of me. My I help you? I asked. Yes you can, what? What do you need Jesse, by the time I could get it out my mouth he kissed, I could not control it , I found myself getting aroused by this complete stranger...........

I could feel his hands starting to roam. There I was standing in the middle of my kitchen, tank top and shorts. No bra no panties kissing a stranger. But he was a good looking stranger, I took off my shirt and he started to suck my breast, his hands where smooth and soft. He sucked them hard, biting them a little. I back away from him, he gives me a confused look. Whats wrong? he asks nothing i replied. I just cant fuck you in my kitchen. Follow me, I lead him down the hall to a bedroom. He has half naked when we walked into the room. I finished undressing. And sat on the bed, he was standing in front of staring at me with these dark mysterious eyes. He never said a word but gave this smile and drop to his knees. He pushed me back on the bed and started to man handle me. He kissed my thighs with these sweet sensual kisses, barely touching me just enough to make me squirm. He part my legs and ran his tongue up on the inside of my thighs. I started to moan with delight, his tongue felt like silk running up my thighs. He push my thighs farther apart and i felt his finger enter my pussy. Damn, your so wet.......

He started to finger my pussy. He worked his fingers slowly as if he was teasing me. Everytime I would get to the point of organsm he would stop. He inserted another finger, mover faster but still teasing. He had his fingers so deep inside my pussy he was rubbing my G-spot. He went faster and faster. Into my pussy, I'm going to cum! I said to him. I can't hear you he said. I'm going to cum!, I cant hear you so I screamed I'm going to cum!. Yes, cum baby he said , cum for me. I could feel my body starting to shake, I was in heaven. I cam so hard, I couldnt even move. I opened my eyes to see him standing over me butt ass naked. Are you okay? Yes, that was awesome. Well, I'm glad cause I'm not finished. Neither am I replied. I stood up and pushed him onto the bed and dropped to my knees. Taking his dick into my mouth, slowly running my tongue across his thick head of his dick. He started to moan, I took all of him into my mouth. He said yes. The faster I went the more he begged, his breathing got faster. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head deeper onto his cock. He was thrusting his self into my mouth. I could taste his pre cum in my mouth. He was so excited I could feel his body starting to tense up. But I want him to cum in my pussy, so I stopped. He looked at me as if I was crazy. What are you doing? He said. I'll show you, I straddle that hard dick, taking him inside of me. Oh, my God......

Was all I could say. His dick felt so good inside of me. He laid there as if he was in heaven as I rode his dick. He stared to moan and telling me to go faster. He held my hips and started to thrust me from underenth. God, oh God was all I could say. You feel so good Jesse, I'm going to cum. I said between breathes. Cum then he said, cum all over my dick. Yes,yes, yes. And I collasped on top of him. Are you okay yes. Your shaking he said sweetly. Yes, I know. He was softly running his fingers across my face. Thats when it came to me that his dick is still hard as a rock in my pussy. By the look he was not finished with me. We start to kiss I could feel his hands go around my waist and he slowly starts to move his hips. I slowly start to move to meet his thurst. We both go faster to meet the others thrust. I feel his breath on my neck. I whispered to him you feel so good inside my pussy, baby. He answered with a moan. We rollover he is on top of me. His dick is deep inside my pussy, I feel as if I'm about to explode. He is laying flat on me pentrarting deep. His back is all sweaty. God baby you feel so good, he says. Do I baby? Yes. Well, fuck me like you mean then. I could feel his dick get even harder inside of me. He was pounding me so hard, I was starting to shake. Cum he said, cum all over my dick. He was pounding me so good I couldn't even speech. I could feel all my tention building up and I was about to cum. He looks at me with those dark eyes, cum with me baby. And he pounded me harder. He mumbles I'm going cum, me too. He pounds me harder. I feel all his warm sweet juices flowing inside me. He collaspese on me. There is nothing but silence.... and then he says this is the best delivery I have ever made......... ~VR
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1 year ago
Really hot story...i loved that you were half naked.....hot....more please:)
2 years ago
Ohhh my! What an accomplished writer you are... I love the way that you're able to paint such a vivid Picture, just using words! My Big Cock Grew Stiff & Erect and I began tingling as I read Your Erotic Story... envisioning each Naughty Detail!
Johnny in L.A... Still Stroking it Very Slowly...
2 years ago
what a story - so hot i nearly came!!
3 years ago
very hot & good
3 years ago
damn baby girl you know how to rock my world!!!
3 years ago
Thank you! It's was very exciting to read!
3 years ago
Oh wow!
3 years ago
Very Nice
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good story..thank you
3 years ago
MMmmmm that is an amazing story. I l*ve his name to, hopefully one day you can wright a true story about us..lol.xoxo
3 years ago
great story! you made me cum so good... aaah