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Cummings and Goings in 2012

In this blog I write about some of my fun sex times in 2012. Originally, I titled it Shannon's Blog. Here is a Table of Contents for what is below.

November 29, 2012 – Masturbating At My Little Park Hideaway.
December 8, 2012 – Grooming With My Girlfriend.
December 28, 2012- Sl*eeping at an Abandoned Brothel With Angela.
January 8, 2013 – Angela and I Take the Virginity of a Mormon Boy.

The 29th Day of November in the Year of 2012...Masturbating At My Little Park Hideaway.

I'm kind of sad to see winter coming on. That means the end of my lunchtime masturbation sessions in the park until spring arrives.

I work in downtown Ashland, Oregon. Just a few blocks away is Lithia Park. This park is so wonderful - about 90 acres of forested canyonland with a creek running through it. There's a main footpath and lots of dirt trails that branch off every which way.

When the weather is beautiful I take off for the park during my two hour lunch break. I bring a soft blanket and walk just a little bit down the main path until I come to a faint deer trail. Then I climb up that little spur for about 35 feet to a flat spot of ground. Nobody from down below can see me up here on my little plateau.

I spread out my blanket and lie on my back. Then I pull my dress and panties down to my ankles and I lift my top up to expose my breasts to the fresh air. Then I start to play with myself.

I hear people talking just below me as I cup and massage my breasts and make my nipples hard with my fingertips. Being naked like this out in nature and so close to others makes me quite horny. It's a little scary, but I know that if anyone starts to come up the deer trail then I can hear their footsteps making noise in the underbrush and I'll have time to cover myself.

Now I move one hand down to my pussy and start to rub. Sometimes I use the palm of my hand and sometimes I use my fingers. Occasionally I use a little pocket vibrator that I always carry with me. But whatever I use, it is all about stimulating my clit. That's what makes me cum.

I mostly try to get in touch with the physical sensations as I masturbate myself. But sometimes my mind wanders to that adorable girl who shopped in my store and I imagine her between my legs...or the good looking guy that I saw last night at the grocery store and he's doing me in the missionary with my legs wrapped around his back. My eyes are closed and sometimes I imagine someone has quietly walked up the trail and is watching me and masturbating too.

I let myself have several small orgasms and then a really big one to give me the relief that I need. Then, totally relaxed, I pull up my bottoms and cover my breasts and take a short nap before I walk back to work.

I go to the park and do this maybe 100 times a year during spring, summer and fall. So far, nobody has seen me. At least I don't think so. But I think it would be kind of hot if somebody saw me. I'm sort of a secret exhibitionist if that makes any sense.

The 8th Day of December in the Year of 2012...Grooming With My Girlfriend.

I've never been sure why grooming around my pussy is so erotic for me. I can only guess that it has something to do with the thoughts in my mind when I first started doing it.

Nobody ever saw my pussy in a sexual way until I was almost 19 years old. I started grooming a few years before that. During those very early years it was like I was preparing myself to be seen down there as I gently used my razor. It always ended with me doing a masturbation and thinking naughty thoughts.

Nowadays, I almost always team up with my girlfriend Angela for our grooming sessions. She has a really big bath tub and I go over to her place about once a week for this. Yesterday was one of those days.

We fill the tub with really warm water. Then we take off our clothes and hop in. I always do Angela first. Having raven-black hair, her pubes are easy to see. Angela likes to go completely bare and her week's growth isn't that much – hardly more than stubble.

So, Angela stands up in the water. She's a petite girl at only 5 feet tall and her pussy lines up perfectly for me as I sit up and go to work. This is sweet and I take my time to groom Angela as she tells about her carnal thoughts of me.

After I've shaved Angela so she's as bald and soft as a baby, I lick and suck her clit and we gently lie back in the tub with me on top. It's my time to get her off and I french-kiss her and finger her pussy because that's how she likes it. Slow at first and then I go in and out of her faster and faster. My fingers are very wet and it's not from the bath water. After about 10 minutes Angela is humping my fingers and she has a really big cum.

Now it is Angela's turn to groom me. I like the area right around my pussy lips and clit to be bare because that's what my lovers say they want. But I also want some hair because it makes me feel sexy and it's like a fashion accessory – something I can always change to fit my mood.

Usually, I go with the shape of a triangle with my growth starting about an half-inch above my clit and each of the 3 sides is maybe 2 inches long. My patch is very thick because my pubes are a very light blonde color and not that easy to see.

Sometimes, though, I change from the triangle and that's what is so good about Angela doing me. She's a picture painter and sculpter and from time to time she puts those artistic skills to work with me. Angela has shaped my patch to look like bunny ears during Easter and a heart for Valentine's Day. Once for laughs she even made my patch into the shape of an arrow that was pointing to my pussy. When Angela is in her creative mood, she always puts a blindfold on me so I'll be surprised with what she does.

So, I sit up on the top of the tub with my back resting on the tiles. Angela puts a blindfold on me and I spread my legs. Then she starts to do her thing while I tell her about my new account on xHamster and how all the videos and users on the site make me horny. Angela finishes up and guides me gently to the tub faucet and turns on the warm water and it splashes against my clit and lips and cleans me up. Of course this splashing water also makes me have my orgasm.

Angela removes my blindfold and I look down. My patch is shaped just like a Christmas tree! As they say in the UK, that's brillant! We hug, get out of the tub, dry off and get dressed. Then we go out for coffee.

At the Bloomsbury Coffee House (one of our favorite hang-outs), Angela and I talk about my Christmas tree. The thought occurs to us that maybe I can dye the trunk brown and the branches green. The only thing is that I don't know if that is healthy or exactly what to use. I mean, people dye the hair on the top of their heads all the time. But I've never seen it done with pubic hair – not even in porn videos. Anyway, we're thinking about it and Angela can always shave me bald after Christmas to lose the dye.

Today, Angela and I are starting a car trip to end in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve. We're not that big on Vegas, but the audacity of that place on New Year's Eve is something we both want to experience. The better part of our journey will be our drive through the Oregon and Nevada outback and down along the eastern slope of the High Sierra. And Angela will be by my side to trim my Christmas tree.

The 28th Day of December in the Year of**ping at an Abandoned Brothel With Angela.

The business of prostitution fascinates me. Especially, I wonder about the women who make their living that way – those “soiled doves” or “ladies of easy virtue” as they are sometimes called. It's been said that prostitution is the world's oldest profession. It also might be the world's most honest profession: it's straight-up sex for money without the complications and – in some cases – the smokescreen of dating and marriage.

My girlfriend, Angela, and I are touring Nevada this month on our way to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve. Nevada is the last bastion of legalized prostitution in America. Brothels are strewn throughout the rural parts of the state. Some of these bordellos sit on the edges of small towns while others are out in the middle of nowhere. We've driven by several brothels and business doesn't seem to be that good. I have a feeling that this type of prostitution might be gone in a few years as technology makes it easier for men and women to “hook up” for sex.

Driving along in the afternoon of Christmas Eve we come upon the Cottontail Ranch. It's an out-of-business brothel that sits in the middle of the desert and is maybe 30 miles from a town of any size. I dig into my history book on Nevada brothels and read where the Cottontail began business in 1967 and closed up shop several years ago because the owner couldn't entice enough “quality girls” to ply their trade out here in no-wheres-ville. But back in the day it was all the rage and it's said that zillionaire Howard Hughes regularly flew down from Vegas in his private plane for some entertainment here.

Angela and I pull into the Cottontail's large gravel parking lot to investigate. This brothel is made up of two separate double-wide trailers. Each trailer is fenced in to ward off trespassers and vandals. We walk to the back of one of the trailers and see the private air-strip that Howard Hughes, maybe some mobsters, and other men of wealth used to partake of the ladies. There's a hole in the wire fencing surrounding one of the trailers and we work our way through it. One of the side doors is off its' hinges so we enter the building.

There's something about being in this abandoned brothel that is so creepy. But we make our way up to the parlor which is where the men entered. On one side of the parlor is a small bar and the broken bar stools are still here. On the other side of the parlor is a shower room. The wallpaper is paintings of working girls. Past the parlor is a fair-sized jacuzzi on the right and a large bedroom on the left – perhaps for the high-rollers to use. Then there is a long hallway with twenty very small rooms. Though most of the furnishing are gone, the trailer is still in pretty good shape except for some parts of the ceiling that have blown away. Here's a video that I dug up of the Cottontail back in the day:

Angela and I go back outside and we park our car behind the trailer so nobody will know that we are here. Then we get our folding chairs, some marijuana (or ganja as we like to call it), our bong and our iPods. We go back inside the trailer and sit at the jacuzzi and we begin to muse about all the crazy stuff that must have gone on here. The jacuzzi has seen better days and now it has a puddle of muddy rainwater in it from the leaking ceiling. But that's okay – we can still imagine.

We are getting really buzzed and we start listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, which is some of our favorite music to get stoned with. Then it occurs to us that it's getting late and we better hit the road and find a motel. But I poke my head out the unhinged door (all the windows are boarded up) and see that it's almost completely dark and we're in no condition to drive anyway.

So we stumble back to our car and retrieve our inflatable mattress, two-girl sl*eeping bag and our flashlights and then we go back inside the trailer. We find one of the small rooms in the back where the boarding on the window is starting to come apart. Together we carefully break the window with one of the bar stools and then we manage to remove the boarding so that we can make a quick escape if some other trespasser should enter the trailer during the night.

Now we are kind of winded, so before we inflate our mattress we go outside to smoke some more ganja. It's cold outside but there isn't much wind and it's almost a full moon. Really, it's very beautiful and quiet too. Then we go back to our bedroom and manage to blow up our mattress and zipper our sl*eeping bag so the both of us can get into it.

Truthfully, we don't have a long sex session. We get in the bag naked because that makes for better warmth exchange and that's how we like to be anyway. We do some kissing and tribbing for about an hour until we have our orgasms and then we cuddle and nod off. We hardly stir until the Christmas Day dawn. Then we go out to the parking lot with our belongings and make some coffee and hit the road.

Now I can tell my future ch*ildren that I spent Christmas Eve in a “cathouse”. How many moms can say that? I wonder what has happened to the girls who worked this Cottontail Ranch. Some must be in their 60s and 70s by now. I wonder if they still think about this place. I pray that they are doing well.

The 8th Day of January in the Year of 2013...Angela and I Take The Virginity of a Mormon Boy.

My girlfriend, Angela, and I toured Nevada during last December and the first week of this January too. Our plan was to make it to Las Vegas for the New Year's Eve celebration. Well, we finally made it to Vegas except that we didn't arrive until New Year's Day was long gone.

On the last days of December, before intending to head to Vegas, we drove our rental car up the eastern portion of Nevada. Mostly, this is mountain country with just a few little cow towns along the way. We came to a beautiful spot with a snowy canyon and so we drove off the main highway and down a dirt road for maybe 100 feet and then we hiked up the canyon.

When we got back to the car we tried to start it, but it wouldn't even crank. Being that it was almost dark, there wasn't much we could do at that point except deal with it in the morning. So we took our 2-girl sl*eeping bag out of the car and spread it on the ground and went to sl*eep. It was absolutely freezing. It got down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit that night and all the water in our containers turned to solid ice.

First thing in the morning, we pop up the hood. This is the universal signal for car trouble. About 15 minutes later the first vehicle comes down the road. It's this 19 year-old boy named Carver and he's driving a beat-up old Ford pick-up truck. Carver tries to start our car but he has no luck either. So we throw all our belongings into the bed of his truck and he gives us a ride to the next town over – which happens to be Caliente, Nevada, so we can get a motel room.

It turns out that Carver is a Mormon. His fam*ily, going back many generations to the 1800s, has lived on a ranch outside of town. He tells us that Mormons settled the territory back then, but that many left for Utah when the bigwigs in Nevada started to encroach on their way of life. Still, some Mormons remain in the area. Carver is along the lines of a contemporary Mormon – the Mitt Romney type. But the polygamist faction exists out here too. In fact, there was testimony in the trial of that weirdo Warren Jeffs (leader of a polygamist Mormon splinter group) that several arranged marriages between under*age girls and older men took place at the Hot Springs Motel in Caliente.

Anyway, Carver drops us off at a mom-and-pop motel (not the Hot Springs Motel) and after we unpack our stuff we shoot the breeze with him for a couple of hours. We invite him into our room but he's too shy to come in. Carver is very sweet and he wouldn't hurt a fly so we settle on chatting with him outside.

Finally, around noon Carver says he has to get going and run some errands. But he says he'll swing back around later and give us a ride to his ranch so we can meet his fam*ily and have a home-cooked meal. Meanwhile, Angela and I go back into our room and I fire up my laptop only to find that the hard drive is making strange noises and it keeps crashing. I later learn that it's probably due to the freezing weather that it was exposed to. Fortunately, Angela's laptop didn't suffer the same fate.

Later that afternoon Carver comes back and we hop in his truck and head out to his fam*ily ranch. The place is awesome. Over 500 acres with cows, horses, turkeys, goats and sheep all over the place. Carver's parents are very nice to us and the entire dinner, from the beef to the milk to the butter and canned vegetables, comes from their ranch. As Carver is about to drive us back into town, his mom goes down into the basement and came back with 20 pounds of beef and turkey jerky for us. I've never liked jerky because it's like chewing on leather. But this jerky is nothing like the commercial stuff. It's very fresh and tasty and I'm still miserly nursing my stash.

Well, since this blog is on xHamster, I must include sex stuff. And there is some. So here goes...

Carver comes back to our motel room the next day and the day after that too. Being the perfect gentleman, he won't come into our room and we either chat out by his truck or at a nearby restaurant. At night, after Carver goes home, Angela and I talk and we are absolutely sure that he's still a virgin. We consider whether it would be right to seduce him. On the one hand, we want to respect his religious practice; but on the other hand we're thinking that he might want to have his first sex.

On the afternoon of New Year's Eve we're still in Caliente. Nobody can fix our clunker rent-a-car and so we've blown off getting to Vegas for the celebration. Carver comes by and we're doing the usual chit-chat outside our motel room. The sun is setting and it's freezing cold and even snowing. We tell Carver that it's way too cold outside and we plead with him to come into our room. Carver says that wouldn't be right so Angela takes his hand and practically drags him inside and closes the door.

Carver takes a seat on one of the comfy chairs and turns on the T.V. to one of the football bowl games. Angela has a way of being forward with guys and she asks Carver, “Would you like to watch the football game or would you rather play with us?” Carver doesn't say anything and he's kind of nervous – but in a cute way.

Angela tries again. “Carver, have you ever been with two girls at the same time before?” Carver mumbles back, “I've never even been with one girl before.” Then Angela asks him, “Would you like us to take care of that with you tonight?”

Carver nods his head up and down. Angela pulls her top up over her head and slowly removes her bra. I'm in the corner watching and Carver has a crazed look on his face while he looks at my girlfriend's breasts. Angela comes over to where Carver is sitting and pulls down his pants and underwear and his thing pops out. Angela rubs the head of it across her nipples and it's getting hard really fast. Then she puts it in her mouth and slowly sucks it. I swear Carver didn't last a minute and he cums in her mouth. That's to be expected.

Now Angela takes Carver's shirt off but she leaves on her dress and panties. She leads him to the bed and he lies down on it. Meanwhile, I'm still in the corner watching and my panties are around my ankles and I'm masturbating.

Angela specializes in giving handjobs. So she starts to stroke Carver and asks him, “Are we the first girls to see your penis?” Carver is almost in a trance and he mumbles yes. Then Angela says, “You can touch my breasts while I play with your penis. But only if you want to.” Carver reaches up and slowly kneads Angela's breasts. Having done that myself, I know he's feeling how soft and bouncy they are.

Then Angela asks Carver, “Is this the first time that you've touched a girl's breasts?” Carver says it is and now his member is getting hard again from Angela's stroking and her talk. Then Angela says, “Carver, I love your penis. When you get married, you are going to make your wife very happy with it.” Right then Carver erupts with two powerful blasts. One lands on Angela's breasts and the other must have gone 4 feet in the air before it comes back down on his stomach.

Now it's time to introduce Carver to pussy so Angela and I take off all our clothes and lean against the headboard with our legs open. I coax Carver over so his mouth is right down between our legs. Angela and I just shaved each other bald that morning so we are soft and smooth. Then I ask him, “Carver, have you ever seen a girl's pussy before?” Honestly, he's so innocent that I don't know if he's even heard that word before. But he says this is the first time.

Then Angela says, “You can lick us. It's okay to do that.” Carver licks and sucks me a little. Then he moves over to Angela and then back to me. While he's doing this our fingers are playing with his hair. As can be expected, his technique was not the best. But he gets an “A” for effort and he would have been between our legs for hours except that it is time for the main event.

Angela gets up and straddles Carver's waist and takes his penis in her little hand and starts to play with it. Then she takes the head of it and rubs it across her clitoris. Angela then says, “Carver, look at Shannon (me). She's masturbating. Have you ever seen a girl masturbate before?” Carver is about to lose his mind and he says, “No, never.” Then Angela asks, “Carver, are you ready to lose your virginity?” He closes his eyes and says yes and that's when Angela mounts him and slowly lowers herself down.

Angela is a small girl at only 5 feet tall and her pussy is really tight. Carver still has his eyes closed and he asks, “Am I in you, Angela?” Angela leans forward and softly says, “Yes you are sweetie. Your hard penis feels wonderful inside of me.” Now Angela is going up and down on Carver in the cowgirl and I rub my pussy all over Carver's face and he licks it and makes me really wet for him.

After about 30 minutes it's my turn so Angela and I switch places. First, I put Carver in my mouth and suck Angela's pussy cum off of it. Then I lower myself down in the cowgirl also and ride him good. He's really hard and it's been quite awhile since I've been with a guy and I must say it feels so good! Now it's been about an hour since we first started fucking Carver and just about every time when I slide down he's thrusting up and I get the honor of taking his first load into a pussy and I definitely feel him when he shoots. Then Angela gets between my legs and licks his cum out of me and Carver is watching and we're rocking his world.

We take a break and Carver's cell phone rings and it's his parents. He's supposed to be home at 8pm. because he's got chores to do very early the next morning and it's already 9pm. Carver says his dad is angry and so he gets dressed and says he'll be back tomorrow for more and then he goes home. We're sad to see the fun end but what are we going to do? Angela and I spend the rest of the evening watching the local Las Vegas T.V station as they cover the New Year's Eve fireworks celebration. As things turned out, we liked our fireworks better.

The next morning Carver calls us and says that last night was the best night of his life but he also tells us that his parents have “grounded” him on the ranch for 3 months for not coming home on time. Carver didn't say it in so many words, but the “grounding” was really probably because word got around that he was in our motel room.

I guess that was true because two evenings later a bunch of boys started being obnoxious in front of our motel room. I'm from a small Texas town and I know that guys like these are mostly just harmless greenhorns out for a little fun. But it was a little annoying when they started yelling, “Let us in. We've got bigger cocks than little Carver.” Finally, Angela opened the door and told them, “Carver had a huge cock, but you guys are bigger dicks.” Then she called the police and they came by to tell the guys to beat it and we never had any problems with them again.

A couple of days later we finally got a ride into Vegas so that we can catch a plane back to Oregon. We've been in Vegas for a few days now catching up on our shopping and watching the New Year's Eve revelers sober up. We'll finally be back in Oregon tomorrow and now I have to buy a new laptop.

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1 year ago
hot,sensual ,sexy and very well written ,what more can a girl ask for ? :) xx
1 year ago
Finding your diary fascinating! :)
1 year ago
Absolutely loved your blog. You've really got a talent for describing not just the scene but the feeling as well. I wish I had the time and means to travel more. In the meantime its really great to hear stories of the road from someone down to earth like yourself. I look forward to reading more :)
1 year ago
i loved your blog
gives me new perspective on Angela too
1 year ago
Very Very good blog and Carver is one lucky guy. Picturing it in my mind is good for the heart as well as other things. Please write more.
1 year ago
I enjoyed your blog a lot.
1 year ago
you are so soft and opened,kissing your eyes,if you read this message here is one suggestion for you to explore your sexuality and enjoy in it:)in every touch,sound...
osho-vigyan bhairav tantra be happy,enjoy every day kissing you take this torrent and listen it and one more books from carlos castaneda
2 years ago
Shannon i love it you are truly a remarkable woman oh how I love you so much
2 years ago
Testing to see if this will get xHamster to show my comment? Please delete ... TREX
2 years ago
I took the liberty of cartooning your latest blog entry adventure for your gallery. I fear poor Carver may be having erotic dreams for many years to come. Sill he is Mormon and there is always the remote possibility he may end up with two wives! ~~ TREX
2 years ago
2 years ago
wow, i you really rocked Carver's world in more ways than one! why can't you break down near my house? lol :P
2 years ago
So I am thinking to myself......what would I give up to be Carver? I will give it some thought. The lucky bastard.

xoxo from Canada
2 years ago
Loved the last blog post Shannon...what a bang up start for Carvers sex life...hopefully he'll recognize "there are more things on earth than are dreamt of by his philosophy..." Beautiful part of the world...
2 years ago
Your writing is excellent,very entertaining. I can see that your experiences serve you well. I hope to read more and encourage you to pen more of your escapades and maybe add a little jalepeno to your ink. NOBBY0007xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2 years ago
Wow Shannon. What a sexy update to your blog. So pleased your New Year entertainment turned out OK in the end, and you two have certainly given young Carver something he'll never forget. I wonder if in 3 months time he will try to break out of Nevada and head over to Oregon!!!
Hope all goes well with you. Here in the UK we may at last be getting some snow and really cold weather. Nice though that your profile keeps me happy and warm.
Thanks Shannon,
2 years ago
I'm happy that you're trip was so great. Plenty jealous of Carver ! :)
2 years ago
I am sure that Carver will remember his time with you and Angela with special pleasure for as long as he lives. Thank you for your delicious account of your new year, and for bringing a nice young guy such beautiful introduction to the world of female horniness.
2 years ago
great blog, i love your passion.
2 years ago
Such a sweet seduction of Carver, Shannon!
I'm pretty sure he found it worth every minute even
getting grounded for three month for his first time.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience.
You are writing very well! Sweet kisses: * * - Peter
2 years ago
Hi Shannon.
Thanks for your comment on my profile. Good to hear you have finally arrived. No doubt you came a few times before you arrived though!!! Or at least I hope so.......
Enjoyed you story about the old brothel, and Pink Floyd too - one of my fav bands. I have a recording of them when they reformed for one concert in London which is an all time treasure of mine. Saw the tribute band last year, Australian Pink Floyd - brilliant live.
And one day I would love to tell you about the Spanish prostitutes I encountered (not intimately!!) last year. Like you I find it fascinating.
I'll message again soon. Hope all goes well in Vegas, Tim x
2 years ago
Wonderful X-mas story, Shannon!
Thank you very much for sharing
your experience with your love.

Sweet kisses for you two:
* * - * * - Poet Peter Pan
2 years ago
love your blog
2 years ago
Musings on the Cottontail Ranch ~~ “She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I’d like to make love to."

Happy New Year to you and Angela! ~~ TREX
2 years ago
great blog loved reading your adventures
2 years ago
Yet another wonderful post, Ms Shannon... being a confirmed desert rat your latest has my feet safe...
2 years ago
I have often wondered myself about the women who chose to work in a brothel. We all know why men go there, what interests me is the women. I have to wonder when you were inside looking at the abandoned brothel what kind of stories you and Angela felt inside of your souls as you walked throught it. What the ghosts of all the woman who shared there bodies had to say to you. It must have been a wonderful experience. Would have love to been there with you two, but I would have had my bottle of Jack...

Take care you two on your wonderful adventure to Vegas!
2 years ago
Another beautiful and evocative entry. Thank you for continuing to share your unique and wonderful experiences.
2 years ago
Shannon your blog about Angela and your self in the warm tub shaving each others pussy hair was so sexy and erotic . The part about you going to the park at lunch and taking your panties and dress down to relieve your tension WOW so sexy . Enjoy 2013 Shannon and all the best to you and all your girl friends from the UK xxxxxx
2 years ago
Thank you. I really enjoyed reading your blog.