After party with Jeff and Thalia

We came off stage and Thalia sat at the table I the far corner they reserve for guests of the band. As she scooted out from the table, I got a quick glance up her short skirt. Her thick thighs were shaven, and they were fat and juicy. The dress was form fitting with a low neck line that revealed her slightly saggy tits. “ Thalia, “ I said holding her hands out as I “jokingly” eyed her over, “ if this man EVER treats you wrong, or doesn’t treat you …erm, right. You give me a call.” “Flattery will get you nowhere young man!” she said in her best school teacher voice, “I’m nearly twenty years older than you, what would you want with an old cow like me?” I put my hand around her waist and pulled her next to me, my hand rest on her hip, softly touching the soft flesh around her hips, and turned so Jeff could see us together, then I pulled her toward me as if I was going to kiss her. She giggled as I turned to Jeff and said, “I am just playing Jeff, and I think I should stop playing before I step over the line.”
Thalia sat between us at our table and we ordered drinks, the conversation was fun, and it was almost time to go back on stage for the last set. As I checked my phone for last minute messages, I felt Thalia’s hand slide over my thigh, up to my cock. It responded to her touch, and got a little firmer, and she stroked it a few times. She shimmied her hips, and pulled my hands onto her naked thighs. They were thick and soft, and chunky. “He likes to stroke my thighs just the way you do, and it makes me wet just like when you do it.” She cooed into his ear, and continued to stroke my raging hard cock. “Time to get back on stage Jeff announced after he reached under the table, slid her panties out of the way, and slid his middle finger into her wet pussy. Thalia bit her bottom lip, and squeezed my cock so hard, I swore it was going to pop right off. We went back on stage and played a tearing set, charged with the sexual energy from the kittle episode at the table. From time to time I would glance over at the booth and Thalia would hike her skirt up and let me see her bush, while her husband was on stage with me, less than 5 feet away.

After the last chord, I came off stage a hot sweaty mess. Instead of going to the bar to mingle, I sneaked to the shower in the dressing room. I heard the door open , and Jeff and Thalia walk in. “Hey I didn’t see you at the bar, so I ordered you a double jack and lime. But when you didn’t show, I figured you were probably back here.” Jeff voice got louder and clearer, it dawned on me too late that they were right outside the shower, and the only thing separating us was a fucked up little shower curtain. No sooner had the thought raced through my mind, than the curtains zapped open, Jeff and Thalia standing there grinning ear to ear, with their drinks in hand. “What the fuck guys!!” I exclaimed while trying to conceal my laughter, and my nudity. “ Ohh come on! What the hell have you got to be shy about? You’re young, only slightly more in shape than me, and according to Thalia, a nice cock.” Jeff told me while running his hand over his wifes hip, and over her boob, squeezing it as he spoke. My cock involuntarily twitched, but it didn’t go unnoticed. “It seems he likes seeing you touch me, Jeff.” She said, reaching behind her back, and her sundress fell to the dressing room floor. “ Fuck” slipped out of my mouth as my eyes roamed over her voluptuous matured body. With Thalia slowly walked towards the shower, her husband appreciatively sipped his martini, his pants bulging. She kneeled in front of him, and unzipped his pants, all the while keeping her eyes on me. I stayed in the shower, and stroked my throbbing cock as Thalia took her husband’s boxers down. I felt guilty looking, but it’s a guy thing, and I had a look at Jeff’s cock. I wanted to know what it took to satisfy a woman like Thalia. He had a thick cock, much thicker than mine, but about 5” long. I might not fill her up, but I would go 2” deeper. I snapped back to find Thalia circling the tip of his cock, and took it into her mouth. Her crimson lips engulfed his fat cockhead, and her tongue snaked out to tickle the underside, she was clearly a skilled dick sucker. I envied Jeff. “You are the luckiest fucking guy I know Jeff. The luckiest motherfucker I know.” I said to Jeff as his wife took his left then right ball into her mouth. I laughed out loud, and shook my head in disbelief as she took them both into her mouth. Jeff was standing on his toes as the pleasure coursed through his body, he shot me a smile, took another sip of his drink, and said “I bet Rory would love to know how amazing your blowjobs feel, look how hard his skinny dick is.” Keeping his dick in her mouth she turned to me and said “Come over here let me suck that skinny thing!” Dripping wet, I stepped out of the shower, and joined them, She took my cock into her free hand, stroked my foreskin back, and took me into her mouth. She twisted her head each time it went into her mouth, and sucked it hard each time it came out. She held it up and sucked my balls the same way she did her husband a few minutes ago. She turned her attention back to Jeff and sucked him vigorously. His face contorted, and he let out a low grunted as his white cum oozed out of his wife’s mouth, and over her hand as she kept sucking his ejaculating penis. She lapped the gooey cum up with her tongue, and spread it over his shaft, and head, before taking the flaccid member into her mouth again. She smiled as she wiped his cock over her face, spreading the sticky load. “Get his cum too, honey. Suck that young cock and make him cum!” Jeff encouraged his wife as she sucked and stroked my cock at the same time, occasionally sucking and licking my balls. Jeff handed me my drink, and we clinked glasses while his lovely wife gave me an incredible blowjob.
I felt that familiar tingle in gut, and it rapidly spread through my body, causing it to tense. From experience Thalia must have known the signs and she took my dick out of her mouth and jerked it faster. “He’s gonna blow, honey. Oooohhh he’s rock hard, and he’s ready to shoot his load, aren’t you Rory.” She cooed through clenched teeth. “Aaaah AAAAhh AAAAAHHH I’m coming!” I gasped as I tipped onto my toes. The orgasm ripped from my balls, though my shaft and shot four fat blasts into Thalia’s mouth, but she would not relent. She spat my cum onto her boobs, and rubbed it into her skin and nipples. My cock, just inches from her face, raised into erection again as she massaged her breasts, sticky with my cum. It crossed my mind, and I only registered what I was saying as I said it. “ Jeff, I would love to fuck your wife.”

To be continued…..

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