my night with my Black Master

I posted on this site i would like to be a blackmans sissy,i did get a response from a guy who said he was looking for a white sissy to use i told him i was 55 and never done this before but i would love to be his sissy for a night,we arranged to meet at a holiday inn on the M6, we meet in the bar he was 6 foot 6 and very big build i am only 5 foot 6 and small build i felt a bit scared, once we were alone i would have no chance of stopping him from doing as he wanted to me i said that to him but he just looked at me, he told me to go to the room get dressed in what he had told me to bring and to be kneeling on the floor by the door knees wided apart with my hands on my head and wait for him .i went to the room shaking in side with fear as i went to the room. He had told me to just bring black fishnet holdup stockings and the highest heels i had which were 5 inch red with ankle straps and a red ribbon to tie very tightly around my cock and balls and tie with a bow.i did as he had said kneeled down and waited for my BLACK MASTER.although i was excited my cock just 4 inch was soft,after about 15 minutes i hear the handle turn my Master stepped into the room looked at me with comtempt and was in no hurry to close the door,when inside he walked past me then said get up you sissy slut, with a cock like that you are a real sissy, kiss my feet white sissy boy i stood up went to him kneeled before my Black Master and kissed his feet.he told me to stand up and stand before him with my legs wide apart.then walk around the room and posed as he told me while he took photos of me bending and squating.he had bought a bottle of whiskey with him he told me to pour him a drink as he sat on the bed.undress me slut he ordered i undressed my Master then he lay back on the bed he looked even bigger naked his cock flopped on his thigh about 8 inch uncut,he looked at me not a kind look get that hard white bitch he ordered,i have never touched another mans cock befor so i put my hand around it it was so fat and heavy i kneeled by the bed and wanked it it grew bigger and bigger and harder,then he shouted suck it slut i could not get it in my mouth but he f***ed my head down saying suck it bitch.then i froze there was a knock on the door,he just pushed me away and open the door,there was another Black guy there the same size as My Master come in he said i jump down beside the bed get up slut My Master shouted show your sissy self to my friend so i stood before his friend, he is going to watch memy Master said and if your good he may let you be his sissy another day,now get on sucking my cock slut,i felt so small and puney beside these 2 big blackman and so humiliated being watched dressed only in heels and nylons and a red bow round my cock, kneel on the bed my Master said i knelt on the bed my knees wide apart he got behind me spit on my arsehole and tried to shove his masive
cock up i screamed with pain so he smeared some lube on his cock and fucked me fast and rough,he turned me over push my legs over my head and started fucking me again looking at me with contempt he was fast and rough and i was in pain.his friend was wanking his cock as he watched me crying ,my Master pulled his cock out my arse and shoved it in my mouth as he come his load in my mouth clean it he said so i suck it till he stopped cumming,he loooked at his friend ,then he looked at me with his spunk around my lips,and asked me if his friend could cum in my mouth i was to scared to say no so i nodded yes,his friend stood over me and cum loads in my mouth,i lay on the bed as my Master dressed,he gave me a card with a phone number on he said i was a very good little sissy cum slut,and to call him if i wanted to gangbanged and left.i will let you know as my arse is so gapping and sore
77% (18/6)
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