My Wife With A Coworker Of Mine

Al Does Another Of My Coworkers

One of my good friends at work went out with Al & I several times, sometimes with his wife, sometimes alone. Eventually I informed him of my desire to watch Al getting fucked by other men.
Because Al was more or less friends with his wife she said she would not do him alone,his wife did not really appeal to me so I had no desire for a swap party.

One particular evening I feel got things headed down the road to Al fucking Darrell,( he is one of the men she fucked on her own & never told me ) any way the four of us were out to our favorite bar. Al was dressed in a thin summer dress that had buttons in the front top to bottom.This night all she was wearing was the dress & shoes, Totally nude without it. We were sitting around a very small round table, close to the band stand & next to the dance floor. I can't really recall what led up to it, but Al was sort of leaning back in her chair arching her back & pushing her chest out, giving us all a nice view of her perky
little tits through the thin fabric of her dress.

Darrell commented on the nice view she was providing, I said yep they sure look good, bet they feel good too. With that I slid my hand under the bottom of Als' dress & slid my hand up towards her tits. Al scooted forward in her chair with legs straight out in front so her body was a straight line. I assume she was making it easy for me to reach her tits. Suddenly without warning every damn button of her dress popped open & her dress fell to the side, there was Al totally exposed. Still to this day I have no idea how they popped open but it was almost like a zipper.

Here was her naked body fully exposed to us, the band, a table full of guys across the dance floor, and a few people on the floor. Al just gave me a little smack & said what are you doing? She stayed in that position much longer than most women would have .I'm sure she was enjoying the attention from all the men. another prime example of
her getting off exposing her body.

This led up to one night that Darrell & his wife had us out to their place for dinner & drinks. We were just talking when Darrell said how much he had enjoyed the view of Als' body in the bar that night. Talk continued about sex & nudity & being exposed I told Darrell & his wife that it was only fair if we saw her naked body. One thing led
to another & soon we were playing strip poker. After everyone was naked we added few fun things, Darrell kiss Al, me kiss her, feel a tit, stroke a cock & finger a pussy, etc.

Soon we were fucking madly, but only our own wives, We did lay side by side on the floor while we were fucking. I was playing with his wife's tits as he was fucking her,& Darrell was doing the same to Al. Later I fucked Al doggie style, we were to the side of them so Al reached in & started toying with his balls & her pussy as they were fucking.They both seemed to enjoy it. Anyway the night ended up with a lot of fucking & playing around.

This night led to things progressing between Darrell & Al, after that night with Darrell & his wife. We went out a few times drinking with him alone. Al would wear the skimpy outfits I loved to see her in so there was not much between her garments & her naked body.
We would go out bar hoping, always in one car, I always drove,
I did this for a reason so that if anything of a sexual nature would start
between her & him, he could do what he wanted to do without having to drive. The same is true with Danny, Jim, etc. I always drove.

A couple of times we went out & as we were driving around I would guide Als' hand to his crotch. If she had enough to drink she would not resist & start massaging his cock & at times even pull it out of his pants start jacking him off or sucking him. She would guide his fingers into her cunt & he would start finger fucking her, feeling her tits etc. They would get each other pretty worked up & of course I was too from watching them.

For the most part that is all that would happen as Al still had this thing about being friends with his wife, she would play around a little bit, but stop short of fucking him.This one particular night she was a little higher than usual & acting very horny, so I pushed the point of letting him fuck her, after all he was doing everything else but that.
she relented & we took him to our house, Al headed straight for the bedroom slipped out of her clothes & laid on the bed. by the time Darrell & I got there she was bare naked laid out, legs spread wide & slowly letting her fingers toy with her glistening wet pussy.

We both stood at the foot of the bed for a few moments enjoying the show she was putting on. I told Darrell " there she is waiting for you, go for it. Darrell laid on the bed beside her, started stroking her body, playing with her tits, etc. Soon he was kissing her & she was kissing back, he pushed two fingers into her hot waiting cunt & started finger fucking her.

She responded very nicely thrusting her hot pussy into his probing fingers, wildly kissing him & rubbing his cock through his pants.
Suddenly she just got off the bed & said I can't do this you need to go home.Darrell & I were both stunned as she seemed so hot & ready for it. I assume her feelings for his wife got in the way & spoiled a good evening. We would still go out with him once in a while & if loose enough from drinks he could even get in a little fingering of her sweet cunt, but she would not concede to fucking him.

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3 years ago
If you want to see her get fucked, take care of his wife.
3 years ago
i think see is right it will kill a marage and a good friendship
play with 4 or not at all