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This is one of my stories that happened, in my life but not anymore. I live in Bangalore. My aunt does too. She has 2 k**s very young ones. She is little fluffy to look at, but the ass is very fine. The perfect medium ass, tits and little fatty stomach. She is brunette in her 20′s. She always combs her hair and always oiled and so it looks wet sometimes and sexy always.

One day, as I was watching tv in my home my visited had visited the house due to an occasion on festivals. We f****y always get together in these occasions and the next day they all go back to their home. One day in the morning, I got dressed up and had my breakfast and was watching tv, and my aunt had to stay there for some reason for 2 days. She came near me sweeping the floor and there I was. Then I turned around and got a glimpse of her tits in a chudidar. Half seen tits in dresses are always very much attractive. Then I felt something odd but unsatisfied pleasure in a weird way.

The second time I had to see that tits by situation f***ed in time but in my second time she had heavily oiled her hair and tightly combed her hair. It was braided and long and sexy. On that day I was feeling that same feeling again and again but I had to do something. I knew what porn was but didn’t know i****t was alive out there. I goggled my feelings and came through this site. Then I knew what was going inside of me. Then I decided what I wanted but I knew I was helpless in my desires to get satisfied. Every time I looked her dick wood stand up. Her wet oily hair and her tits standing out in the dress and her huge rounded ass.

After I knew it is a helpless situation, I couldn’t do nothing but masturbate and write stories about what I want to do to her. One day I was typing a story about her all fantasizing and suddenly she, as usual she came in my room with a broom started to sweep. I got out as so she could clean and minimised the story. Then I left and went to have a little refreshed air and came back after 20 minutes. I sat down and started to
finish the story. It wasn’t on the tray and so I searched for it and couldn’t find it. Then I got scared, and realised no one would come into my room except only when there is cleaning to be done. And then I knew
it was my aunt. She must have read it and deleted it so that I could find out she knew about it.

I came out and in front of the tv I sat. My aunt stood in front of the tv as she came to wipe the dust and after she looked into my eyes and got hold of it for 4 seconds. Those 4 seconds were weird and scary. I knew everything from that moment on, is over in my life. I sat still and continued watching tv.

After some months, again a festive season, and everyone met together in the f****y and the next day I had been to college and when I came back I got to know all had been out to a temple for a period of two days and had to leave me and my aunt as she had k**s to take of back from school. There she was waiting for the k**s and as usual I was in front of tv. My aunt had a bottle of coconut and castor oil in her hand. She in front of me, sat there and started to oil her hair for 20 minutes and kept doing it so. I couldn’t stand it and I got up took a walk and while on my way she had been sitting on the stairs and still oiling heavily. She handed me the bottles and told me to put them back on the table. I did and she came back inside and combing her hair she asked me “How is my hair? Is it still thick as when I married your uncle in my early age? Is it oiled and long enough?”.

I replied “yes. Still the same.”. Then she said “So you have been keeping an eye on my hair and me. Have you?” and I “no. But I do remember how it was and can see it now” and she said nothing and left smiling.

Next morning She had got ready and left the house with the k**s and then she was back after an hour but not with k**s. I asked where are those two She replied “they are at their friends house who also happens to be my friends house.”

I replied nothing and got to tv. Then she called me and told me to take out few things from the attic as she had bruised her hand while closing the gate, and so I did. Later she came to me with oil bottles even though she had oiled her hair and asked me to open it for her. I opened it gave it back to her as though I didn’t care less. She then asked me that will I be able to do a favour for her and I said whatever she wants. So she asked me “will you upbraid my hair and oil it?” and I “but it’s already oiled!!!”

She “it’s okay. I need to take care of it because it’s worth having beautiful long hair always.”
I “can’t you do it yourself.”
She “my hand is bruised. Please make if fast, I have got lot of work to do.”

I realised this my chance to get close to those tits and hair and started to oil it. While oiling it I intentionally spilled some on her shoulder and she said to clean it up by just spreading it over so spilled more on the other shoulder and she smiled and said “uffff. Don’t you know to oil, you are using too much of it.” and so she spread it herself. All of sudden she turned around and took the bottles from my hand and started to oil herself too much, She was looking like she just took a bath all wet. Oil was all dripping on her body and shoulders. She stood there for a minute staring at me and my heart was through the roof. Then I remembered, this is what happened in one of my stories. She immediately took of her oil soaked dress and started to oil her body heavily and she got of the house for a min and came back in and closed the door naked all the way.

I knew what would happen next because I was the story writer. I took the bottle of oil and oiled her once again, she was shining like a sex goddess in my room with all the lights on, her tits, ass belly hair were all oiled heavily and shining parts just wanted me to fuck her so bad that we both knew what was going to happen. I pulled her to me holding her hair breathing heavily towards her and she was too. I started to lick her pussy and ass hole and kiss mouth to mouth roughly for 5 minutes while pressing her oiled tits and ass very hardly. Then she started to moan “aaahhh aaahhh aaahhh aaahhh aaahhh aaahhh Press harder, Sqeeze it please.” We were sweating even when oiled we were.

Then she poured some oiled my dick started to give me a blowjob and oiled rest of my body. After some time I licked her pussy and ass hole and took the bottle squeezed some oil into her pussy and into her ass, and she didn’t ooze it back. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy first and went inside like it was butter. It felt great and so I started to ramp her f***efully. The view of her shining tits and body jiggling up and down, and her wet hair bouncing and we were shaking everything around us. Those bouncy and shiny parts and hair were making me hornier and more speedy and she climaxed suddenly all over me with her oil and juices and screamed loud. Then she told me to pee in her and I did but it took me sometime. She said its feeling great inside, its warm and arousing and asked me to do her ass and so I did start in her ass. While I was in her ass I started to move and after 5 min she stared to ooze out all the pee I left in her as she couldn’t control it. She told me cum inside her ass and tried and cummed in her ass. Then we fell on the floor all oiled and slippery. We then washed up in the bathroom and had sex once again in there and got ready for the day. That was the last of it. We then never got time to do it more again and we are still waiting for a chance.

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