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My mistress Chris had arranged for me to go to her hair dressers apartment on the following Sunday to be at her disposal to meet her desires.
I arrived on time and rang the door bell the door opened and Jackie stood there in a thick white dressing gown with her hair piled up on top of her head in a towering mass of big curls in a big up do style.
She smiled and said very good boy on time come in, as I went in she groped my cock and squeezed saying I have some special treatment for him, as she kissed my lips lightly.
I followed her in to the living room as she sat on the sofa patting me to ... Continue»
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was a lovely sunny afternoon and I was walking up the high street
out doing some shopping. I saw her coming in the opposite direction
some way off with her dark hair on top of her head in a very thick
braid. As she approached I became more captivated she had a well
rounded figure about mid thirties with big hips, lovely eyes and
above all the most magestic dark hair .
As she went by I turned and looked . Her hair was in a thick braid
which was turned at her nape and then wrapped around her head in a
big grown of dark braided hair.
I turned on my heels and followed her and eventua... Continue»
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My mistress Chris was sitting with her hair dresser friend Jackie and I had brought them some wine and standing naked in front of them.
Jackie said come over here and let me see the damage she has done to to your cock.
She grasped it so my circumcised gland bulged saying it feels nice and hard and the gland is a bit bruised but not too bad. I feel like having some fun with it.
Chris said you get carried away and never know when to stop. leave it for another week and you can have your fun then.
Jackie said you are no fun as she slapped my cock hard and dug her nails in my shaft and then let... Continue»
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As a young man I fell under the spell of Christine a mature lady who would call me to her cottage whenever she was in the mood.
She called me to be at her place early on Sunday next which was unusual as she usually liked to sl**p late on a Sunday.
She opened the door and said good on time again come through to the lounge .
She looked so sexy to me dressed in her thick white dressing gown hanging open showing her well rounded figure and lovely breasts. Her appealing dark eyes looked a bit sl**py but she seemed in good spirits.
She said make us a cup of coffee and come to sit next to me I ne... Continue»
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As a young man I fell under the spell of a mature lady who enjoyed having me call at her cottage to satisfy her desires.
She was in her early forties with a well rounded figure beautiful dark eyes a smiling mouth and thick dark hair which she always had up in a big teased style .
On this occasion I had a call from her to say she wanted me to call at 10 am on the Sunday and to be prepared to spend the night.
She opened her front door dressed in a thick white dressing gown with her hair up in the usual big teased style . She said very good on time so come in and go to the lounge. She followed... Continue»
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When I was a young man I loved blow jobs. However my girl hated spunk in her mouth. The first time she tried this she had brought me to the edege several times then she kept going.
I felt my spunk build up and build up then shoot with great f***e to immediately start a pumping spasm which went on and on gradually subsiding leaving a dull pain in my groin.
She looked me in the eyes saying look not a drop has come out. I could feel your spunk bursting to get out but I squeezed the base of your shaft tight and stopped it and will hold it in until I decide to let it out.I said I was ready for a ... Continue»
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