The Vist (pt 2)

Watching her arse wiggle as she climbed the stairs. Mmmm I gonna fuck that I thought to myself. Di had let me fuck her arse once before but that was a couple of years ago, She was not sure about it so I never tried again.
But a few weeks before I went up to see her we had a really dirty phone conversation. About 10pm one Thursday night, Di rang to say she was lying in bed feeling really horny and had her toys with her, what are they I asked. Well I've got 2 bullet vibrators and a little rabbit, Ok I said, what are you wearing? Nothing except a smile and perfume she purred. Are your nipples hard I said, Yes rock hard, good I replied, Are you on hands free, yes I have the Bluetooth ear piece in, Good then this is what I want you to do, tease them with the bullet, I heard the buzz of the bullet then the sound changed as she touched her nipple, Mmmmm Di moaned I wish that was you doing that, I am just close your eyes and imagine it's me.
After a few minutes I told Di to touch her pussy, is it wet I asked, Yes very wet. Then take the rabbit and slowly tease your clit with it. Di did as she was told, Oooh that’s nice she said, Now slowly slide it up and down your lips to get it all wet cover it with your cunt juice, again Di did as she was told, is it slippery I asked. Very she said, Now suck it like it was my cock, I could hear her breathing hard as she licked and sucked on the rabbit, do you taste good I said, Mmmm, but I much prefer to taste it off your cock though. That is my cock for tonight so enjoy it I said. Now what I want you to do is while you are sucking my cock I want you to smear your pussy juice around your bum, OK she said. I heard her shift on the bed. What are you doing now I asked? I’m rubbing my bum hole with my juices. Is it slippery yes but it dries up too quickly. Have you got any lube with you, Yes hang on, a ripping sound as Di tore open a sachet , Oooh that’s cold she said. That’s better it’s all slippery now.
Now I want you to push a finger into your bum while you suck my cock. Unggg Di growled. How deep is your finger Di, I asked. About my second knuckle, what’s it feel like? Strange, but nice. Push it in and out but go deeper if you can. Oooh that’s gone in all the way. What’s that like now? Weird. Now I want you to try two fingers as you play with your clit with the other bullet.. More rustling on the bed, then Buzzing, Ummm arghhh.
What you doing now. Pushing two fingers into my arse and buzzing my clit. How does that feel, Quiet nice but still strange. Are you sliding in and out easy now? Err sort of. Try pushing your muscles like you want to go to the loo. Oooh my fingers have gone in, that’s a weird feeling Di said.
Now I want you to lube up the rabbit and tease your arse, are you up for that Di. Yes I’m so horny right now.
Tell me what’s happening Di. Oooh that feels big, Nice and slow I said gently does it. Mmmmm it’s going in. How much is in, The head is in and Arghhh… it’s slipped in some more, Oooh that’s feels really strange but nice at the same time. Di I want you to imagine that it’s my cock and slowly push it in deeper as deep as you can.
Is it going in? Yes, jeezz that feels big but it’s going in, Oh fuck that’s in.
Now I want you to play with your clit as you fuck your arse, go on fuck it, it’s my cock that in your arse.
It went quiet except for grunts and moans, Arghhh that’s good she moaned I wish it was you in my arse she said I want you to fuck me Ungggggh oh god, that gone in deep now, fuck that is in deep Di cried. That’s it Di that’s my cock in your arse I’m fucking you hard.
Oh fuck I’m gonna cum Di growled, urghhh yes yes ummmm yes fuck fuck Arghhhhhh.
Lots of heavy breathing now and then Di began to giggle, Wow that was very weird but nice at the same time.
Well that sounded really fucking horny Di, how much of your rabbit did you get in.
Err about 5 inches. Wow that’s a lot for the first time I said, did it hurt you at all. No not really it just felt strange but once I got used to it, it was OK in fact I felt really horny as it went in. So I can fuck you in the arse next time I see you then I said.
Maybe, we’ll see how horny you get me then who knows.

Well watching her arse wobble as I followed her stockinged legs up the stairs to the bedroom, Ummm I’m definitely gonna fuck that arse tonight.
Di stood by the bed, I want you to fuck me in any way you want, God I feel so wet and horny I can feel it running down my legs already.
Pushing Di back down on the bed I buried my face in her pussy, she was not k**ding her cunt was soaking wet. I licked up and down her crack then down to her arse Oooh Di went as my tongue prodded her arse, spitting saliva over her bum hole D’you know what I’m gonna do to you now I said. I’m gonna fuck that tight little arse of yours. I know she said I’ve been waiting all night for that I even had the rabbit in there tonight before you came, just to get me used to it. Oh you sexy little bitch well I said, my cock is going all the way in right up to my balls. Ummm I can’t wait she said. What Di didn’t know was that I had bought her a new toy, I had got her a soft bendy dildo that was about 8 inches long and just a little thicker than my cock.
I took some more lube and smeared around her pussy and arse then with my finger toyed with her arse. Then put my thumb in her pussy to squeeze the little bit in between, Oooh said Di, with my other thumb I teased her clit. Arghhhh moaned Di, I want you to fuck me. Oh I will I will you horny bitch. How do you want me to fuck you? Like this to start coz I want to see you in my arse Di replied.
With my cock standing up I nudged it against her arse rubbing the tip with lube, then slowly pushed the head in it slid in over the helmet, Oooh Di squealed, her hand moved down to her clit and began to rub. Go on push it in I want to feel you deep in my arse, Di had obviously been practicing cos I could feel her push her arse muscles out and my cock slid in even deeper, WOW I said that tight with every push I went deeper, then with one more push my cock was deep in her arse my balls up against her cheeks. Fuck me Di shouted I can feel that’s all in, I’ve never had anything in that deep before, go slow but it feels good. I eased out a little then pushed in again Di was still rubbing her clit. I could feel her muscles relax as she got use to my cock. I squirted more lube over her arse and pussy then began to slowly build up the speed of my thrusts, Oooh that feels good I pulled my cock out to see her arse gape then reaching down picked up the dildo, got Di to bend her knees up and hold open her legs, easing my cock back into her arse Di grunted Unghh slowly slowly. My cock pushed slowly in deeper, Di squeezed at her tits pulling at her nipples Oh God that feels good, then as she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations I nudged the dildo at her pussy. OH what’s that Di said her eyes popping open, just a little toy for you to play with when I’m not here? Ummm you’ve always got a surprise aint ya.. I prodded at her pussy the bulbous head disappeared into her cunt I felt it rub against my cock as it slid in. Fuck Fuck oh fuck Oooh shit. I began to fuck her arse again di screamed as I fucked both her holes Ummm Urghhh Di rubbed furiously at her clit as I fucked her arse and cunt at the same time. Oh shit shit I’m cumin fuck I gonna cum she wailed. I felt her body shake and shudder Ummmm she arched her back pushing herself back down onto my cock, don’t stop Fuck me Fuck me yes yes Fuck me. Di went rigid then shook then relaxed and began to giggle and shake again I knew Di had climaxed coz that‘s her tell-tale sign. Wow that was different, Phew I’ve never been fucked like that before,
How do you feel I asked, my cock still in her arse? Full and horny coz I‘ve still got you and that thing in me. I pushed my cock in again. That feels nice now I can feel it in deep and it’s not uncomfortable, I started to move the dildo again Ummm that’s good. I alternated the thrusts then both together then alternating again, Di began moaning again Oooh that so good. My cock was deep in her arse and I was beginning to cum, I want to cum over your tits I said. Yes cum over me Di said I eased my cock out of her arse Di grabbed the dildo from her pussy and eased it into her arse. Oh fuck that’s big Ungggnnn she growled as it went in. I wanked my cock hard as Di fucked her arse. Then spunked my cum over her face and mouth just as Di orgasmed again Oh fuck she screamed Arghhh Ooohhhh fuck that was intense.
Let me taste your cock Di said, I’ve seen them in DVD’s do that let’s see if it’s as good as they make out. If you’re all means I said but I don’t think you’ll like it. Di gingerly touched my cock with her tongue then closed her lips around my cock, with lots of spit and saliva Di moved back, Nah, her face grimacing not nice. Ok let’s go and shower. I was too knackered to fuck her anymore anyway so a nice shower and a sl**p would see me Ok for an early morning fuck. Well at least di has had her arse well and truly fucked and she enjoyed it but she said it not a substitute for her pussy she still likes my cock in there, but as a treat she will let me fuck her arse again soon.

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