I got a call from a lady I had been recommended to who wanted to replace some lights in her lounge, she asked if I could call round later that day, I took down her address and phone number in case of difficulties.
After ringing the doorbell, an attractive brunette opened the door, I estimated that she was about thirty-ish. Mike’s the name Electricity’s the game, the handy electrician, I stated. Come in she beckoned. Where are these lights I asked, they’re in the lounge straight-ahead, follow me she said walking in front of me. The sunlight silhouetted her figure through he skirt showing her shapely profile. On the floor were two boxes, I’ve bought chandeliers I hope that you can put them up, I’ll have a look but there shouldn’t be any problems. Would you like a cup of tea, I know all you workers can’t start without a cup of tea, one sugar I replied, as she walked out of the lounge. Opening the boxes, I now needed to find the fuse box, excuse me Mrs I called out, my name is Diane but please call me Di she said entering carrying two cups of tea, what did you want. The fuse box I said, it’s in the cupboard by the front door she said pointing. I prepared the lights as best I could before fitting them up but realised that I had to get a better fixing on the ceiling, I’ve got to have a look upstairs to find a better fixing because the weight would pull these down unless they are fixed securely, what’s above this part of the lounge I asked. My bedroom she said. Do you mind if I had a look to find a proper fixing I answered, follow me she said leading the way upstairs. That’s handy I said pointing, there was a large rug carpet on the floor that means I don’t have to worry about relaying the carpet. Getting my bearing as to the layout of the room to downstairs, I needed to move the bed, is it ok to shift the bed over a touch I asked, I can manage it on my own I said shoving the bed. As I move the bed I heard something drop looking down I saw a rather large dildo laying on the floor, Di’s face went scarlet, is this yours I said with a wicked smile. Err yes she said sheepishly, I picked it up feeling its girth that’s quite something I said handing it to her, she took hold of it in both hands. Does you husband know you’ve got that, he’s never here she replied. Well that explains it then I said, will I find any more under here, Maybe said a coy Diane, maybe.
Work I said to myself work. I lifted the floor boards to expose the joist I was looking for prepared the area to accept the chandeliers, went down stairs to the lounge Di was sitting on the sofa stroking the dildo. Don’t mind me, you carry on, I said pointing to her hand I’ll just get on with the lights. Di went red again and put the dildo down. I got up the ladder with my back to her to start work on the lights, a while later I was distracted by a reflection in a mirror on the wall, Di had her eyes closed and was playing with herself, she had one hand fondling her boobs while the other was stroking the dildo on the sofa. I watched for a while as she continued to caress her body this gave me a twitch in the groin area my cock was beginning to show signs of life. My concentration was starting to wane as my mind wandered I was holding the chandelier half connected ‘clunk‘ I dropped my screwdriver I looked down behind me to where it fell Di’s eyes now wide open hands still where I hade previously seen them I’ll get that for you she said getting up off the sofa. She picked up the screwdriver and handed it to me her face was now level with my crotch, she surveyed the area do I detect a little bulge of excitement here she said pointing to me stiffening cock. Well I couldn’t help but notice that you were busy yourself on the sofa with your eyes closed. Were they she said with a glint of devilment in her eyes. I noticed you having a good look though she retorted, Did I turn you on, has it got you hard, and with that her hand stroked my groin. My my its growing, perhaps I should show you more. Di sat back on the sofa picking up the dildo keeping her eyes on me began to kiss the tip running her tongue up and down the shaft, a hand moved down to her breasts circling her nipples it moved down lower to her skirt she eased the hem up exposing her thighs, parting her legs she stroked the inside of her thighs edging the skirt up higher to reveal the little triangle of material that just covered her pussy she moaned aloud as her middle finger slid along her crack, her mouth closed over the the dildo as she gobbled the imitation cock. She got up and felt my cock again it needs hardening up some more, wait there she said and disappeared out of the room. My arms ached holding the fitting I had to connect the light. I finished tightening the last screw just as she entered the room.
Wearing black high heels, black stockings and suspenders, skimpy black thong and a black corset that exposed her pert breasts. She stood there with a small black bag slung over her shoulder, lets see if I can make you hard, I want you to stay up the ladder she purred. Picking up a remote control she switched on some mood music then started to sway with the rhythm caressing herself as she did so. She teased her nipples to erectness tugging on them until they stood out. They were fat nipples about half inch round and almost as long, she squeezed and twisted them pulling them stretching the nipple out. Di sat down on the sofa toying with her pussy pulling her panties up over her mound the, outline of her pussy lips showed through the damp material she traced her finger along the length of her crack, circling her clit. Di opened her little black bag and emptied the contents, picking out a small vibrator she teased her nipples then her clit pushing her panties into her soaking slit. I sat at the top of the ladder my cock straining against my jeans I was fixated at this spectacle happening in front of me. Di eased down her panties and pulled them off, her of lack pubic hair made her shaven pussy glistened with moisture, as she was well and truly lubricated. Reaching for a large dildo Di smeared her pussy juices along the tip, lifting it up to her mouth began to lick at it savouring her own wetness.
Di made the dildo wet with her mouth then lifting up a leg eased it into her moist pussy, she moaned as it parted her lips, gently she fed it into her hungry hole back and forth deeper and deeper she went until her pussy was full. With her cunt plugged, Di took the little vibrator to tease her clit again. Her body writhed in bliss as the sensations ran through her groin area, Di lay down on her side moved the little vibrator behind her to tease her bum she slid off the sofa with her voluptuous rear facing me. The dildo still embedded in her fanny now she prodded at her arse with the vibrator her ring clenched as it poked the middle then her muscles relaxed and it slid in a little she growled as it went deeper arching her back. My straining cock was in agony I had to release it for my jeans.
Di was now busy thrusting the vibrator and dildo in and out of both holes with f***e moaning and groaning with every thrust until her body shook and went rigid she clamped her thighs tight against her hand and gave out a high pitch whimper as she climaxed. I sat there gently stroking my erect member when Di turned round, hmmm, your hard now, stand up on your ladder she said walking over to me, she grabbed my cock rubbing the foreskin back and forth, careful I said I might shoot my cum over you, that would be a waste you’d better shoot it here then she said lowering her mouth over my cock. Di sucked on my cock she pulled my jeans down playing with my balls she wanked me as she sucked I tried to reach her tits to play with her large nipples but she pushed my hands away. Her mouth slowly slid deeper over my cock, taking the whole length my cock nudged at the back of her throat. Di swallowed and my cock slid down her throat, her face now pressing flat against me. Di deep throated my cock, squeezing my balls Di face fucked me, I said I was ready to cum, she continued to wank me until I shot my cum into her mouth, Di lapped it up from my bell end cleaning my cock of all traces of sperm. With my cock spent it began to shrink Di picked up her toys and walked out of the room. I put my cock away not knowing quite what to do next, Di came back in wearing a dressing gown do you want anymore tea she asked, Erm yes please I replied still not sure of what was happening, I went into the kitchen what was that all about I asked! Well she said I felt like it, it has always been a fantasy of mine to show myself of to a stranger without them touching me, I was in the mood and you looked nice I felt comfortable with you so I thought why not. Wow I said thanks, have you any more fantasies, maybe I could help you with them. Well as you asked I have a couple. So what are they I asked. Well one is I’m tied up, teased and fucked senseless, another is I’m a porn star in films she mused. Well I’ve got a video camera so I could help you on that and I’ve always wanted to try bondage so I could help you on that as well. We sat there drinking our tea, give me a call if you want I’ll only be too happy to help you fulfil you fantasy, in fact my dick is getting hard just at the thought of it. No more today though I dont think I could handle any more excitement. I finished my tea packed away my toolkit, how much do I owe you for the work Di asked. Don’t worry about that I said just give me a ring if you’ve got any more little jobs like this to do, its far better than money. I will she said maybe I will..
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very good story
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Sounds like the start of a hot series ;)P