The Phone call

Lying on my bed in the [user]hotel room I thought about her, I hadn’t been able to go up and see her for a few weeks and was really missing her body, so this phone call was not what I expected it to be.
Di answered, Hi sweetie, do you know what I’m doing right now, she purred. I’m lying on the bed with nothing on, my nipples are very hard and I’m very very wet. Wow I said and Hello to you too. What d’you mean you’re on your bed naked. Well she said I was feeling horny so I had a warm bath then lay on the bed I was thinking of playing with my toys then you rang!!!.
Toys, what toys you got then I asked, I’ve got a 6 inch Rabbit, a 4 inch bullet and a smaller one. Oh I see, you were just about to pleasure yourself well don’t let me stop you. Hold on a second she said let me put the hands free in the phone so I can use both my hands. I began to imagine her on the bed naked with these toys teasing herself. My cock twitched.
I’m ready now she said. What you doing now I asked. I’m squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, they’re so hard Mmmm that feels good I wish you were here doing it instead. I wish I was too I replied. I’ve just put some play gel on my nipples, Ooooh, it tingles she moaned, what you doing now I asked again, I’m smearing it over my pussy, That’s it I said, smear it all over your pussy and over your bum. I’m sooo wet my finger just slipped in my pussy , Arghhh, that’s good, I’m soaking wet . Tease your bum hole as well I said. What, you want me to play with my bum hole she said. Yes push your finger into your bum I said. And with your little bullet play with your clit. Oohhhh she moaned as the buzzing bullet touched her clit that feels so good. Have you got your finger in your bum, yes she said. How does that feel I asked? Strange but nice she said. Can you put the other bullet in your bum I asked? Mmmm ok let me try. Tell me what’s happening. Ok I’m just rubbing it around my bum, it feels strange but nice, that’s it it’s sliding in, oooh that’s weird. Play with your clit I said. Mmmmm that’s good. Imagine that’s me doing it to your bum I said. Yes she said. Now can you push it in deeper and leave it there, I want you to suck on your rabbit now I want you to imagine that it’s my cock run your tongue all over it, make it wet and slippery. Then take it deep into your mouth. Ok she said. I could hear her slurping on the rabbit. Hmmm I’m so horny I really want to fuck you she said. I wish I was there to fuck you I answered.
I’m so wet it’s running out of me she said. Well if you’re that wet I want you to put the rabbit in your wet pussy and tell me how you’re doing it. Ok, I’m rubbing the tip against my pussy lips, up and down covering it with my juices, now I’m pushing it in, oh that feels good. Tell me when it’s in deep. That’s it, Mmmmm that’s good, it’s all in now. Right now I want you to switch on the vibrator on the ears and put them against your clit. Ok she gasped. I heard the buzzing start. Oh yes, yes, she moaned. Now I want you to push the bullet in and out of your bum, I want you to fuck your arse with that little bullet. Ok she said. I could hear the buzzing in both holes. She was not speaking but moaning and whimpering. I whispered to her I want you to put the rabbit into your bum,[/user] imagine it’s my cock. Ok she whispered back. I heard her shifting about, and then I heard her grunt, arghhh, Oooh, Mmmmm.
That’s my cock going into your arse I said, do you like it. Yes she said it’s different but feels nice. Play with your clit and push it deeper into your arse I said. I heard the buzzing change as she touched her clit with the little bullet. I could only hear her moan now. She got louder and louder. That’s it I said fuck your arse with my cock push it deep into your arse. She moaned louder I could sense she was on the verge of an orgasm, Mmmm she screamed Yes Yes harder fuck my arse, oh I want you to fuck me, fuck me she growled. Then it went quiet. All I could hear was heavy breathing and her little giggle. Then she spoke, You get me to do the most outrageous things. I know but did you enjoy it though. Yes it was different, it felt strange in my bum but not too strange. Would you do it again I asked. Yes I would. Would you let me fuck you in the arse next time I’m there? Yes she said, if you go slowly and not too deep. How would you feel if I fucked your arse and put the rabbit in your pussy at the same time? That sounds good to me, yes I want to try that, and I got a smile on my face like the cat that’s got the cream she said.
Oh, got to go, I just heard the front door, that means he’s back from the pub, call you later and thanks for the fantastic phone call, gotta do it again soon, see ya……
The phone went dead just the sound of the phone buzzing.
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