my s****rs 1st time part 1

well i will tell you that this story is all true word for word!!!

me and my soon to be wife had been living with her real dad so we could get on our feet. her s****r and b*o lived here also. her s****r was a fresh new 18 year old and was still a vergin! i was so down you have no idea!

i will start by telling you i dont sl**p at night, and this friday night i had to work well i had got home at around 2am! i went and took a shower,(i work in a mill)when i got out like always my next thing to do was a nice smoke before i tryed to get online(remember i cant sl**p) right as i took my first drag on the smoke i felt something grab my ass!(wtf) it was her i was like s*s what was that for?? she said "i like your ass b*o"!! me "i know alot of people like my ass lol"

so me and her sat there outside smoking and talking for like the next hour.........
_so b*o i have a question?
+whats your question s*s?
_well ok you know im still a vergin
+yes i do
_whats sex like???
+well s*s its hard to discribe
_what do you mean
+well its easyer to show someone? :)
_do you want to show me??????
+s*s i dont think we should
_ please i wont tell anyone

she jumped on top of my lap and started kissing me!!
+s*s what r u doing
_bro i cant take it anymore

then before i could say anything she pulled her shirt off! and i will tell you her tits wer so sexy they wer around a D size...
_bro what do i do next??
+do you want to suck my cock s*s??
_is that what girls do??
+yes s*s
she slid off of me and unzipped my pants and pulled me half hard cock out and slide her mouth over it and started to suck on it like she had done it 100 times before! after a few mins i told her s*s im going to cum keep sucking on him im going to blow in your mouth!!......................oh ya here it cums!!!
i blow my load deep down her throat! she stopped looked at me and said that was fun im liking this so far!
i stood up and stood her up and told her ok nows the time to take all of that off we have to be naked! she took off her shorts and was not wearing any undys at all her pussy was so small and sexy shaved and all! i sat back down on the swing (we are still outside by the way its like 4 am now) i said come here im going to put my cock in that tight pussy s*s... she sat down and omg i was right it was so tight she started to cry i was so big! i told her s*s it will stop hurting soon just wait she then started to moved up and down on my cock slow at first and then faster and faster then she started to scream( omg b*****r this feels so good i dont want to stop) dont stop keep going!

after about 10 mins i blow again inside that freshly fucked for the first time pussy
she looks at me tired and wore out and said is that all b*o
no s*s there is one more thing this will hurt at first but it will start to feel really good i promise ok
ok lets do it b*o
lets go inside for this one ok
we both got up and ran inside to her bed!!!
what are we going to do big b*****r
im going to fuck your ass
yes just wait and see!!!

come read chapter 2 when i finish it lol
63% (11/6)
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3 years ago
how can u only give me a 2.5 dude
3 years ago
Pretty good
3 years ago
yea i love a good story but i dont know about a true story 2.5/10