my plans when i get home from being away

when i get home baby the first thing i will do is drop my things and close the door! and start kissing you it will start slow then it will heat up! i will start to un button ur pants ''unless you are already un dressed'' and slide my hand down to that pussy and just feel her as she starts to get wet! as i do this you will slide your hand down my pants and grab him and start beating him off slowly! after a about 10 sec of this i will pull ur pants down as you pull down mine! then u will slide down on me as i am still standing and start sucking on him and as u stick him down ur throt tell he is hard as a rock!and then you will keep going tell i grab you head and start fucking that sexy mouth! then u will slide back up and start kissing me again then we will start moving over to the bed! where u will get on top of me and stick ut tight little pussy and ass in my face! so i can stick my long toung in that ass and pussy! as u suck my cock more tell he blows in your mouth because we both know i will not last long because it has been so long! so better to get the short load out then! after a min or 2 once your ass and pussy is all wet u will just slid down me with your ass still facing me and as i lather that tight ass up with lube and start running the vibrating toy over that ass tell you start begging for it! then i will slide your toy in that little ass hole and watch you start mone like you have never felt so good in your life! then once ur ass is loosend up a bit i will take that toy out and slide something much more satusfing in there and ease it in there! slowly moving him in and out tell you start to beg for more and you start to move that ass up and down on my hard cock! fucking me with that tight ass! in tell you pull him out and spin around and ride me with that tight ass but now you are riding cowgirl! up and down up and down! pushing him deeper and deeper tell i cum in that tight ass of yours! next as i take a small brake you will begin to play with both your toys one in that ass to keep it loose and one in that tight pussy! once i get hard just watching again i will clim on top of you and slide him in that pussy of yours and start going in and out in and out deeper and deeper! then i will roll you ur sid and slide him back in that ass some more! ass im in that ass you will stick that toy back in that pussy and we will fuk both your holes at the same time!then i will move back to that pussy and fuk the shit out you intell i am just about to cum but then i will pull out and let you put him in your mouth so i can blow my load in that sexy mouth of yours!
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