Becoming a cuckold.


I have a friend who has recently been in prison for 3 years. Nothing terrible hes just a bit aggressive and gets in to the occasional fight.

Anyway he was released and I picked him up as I said he could stay with us for a week or so.

It was great to catch up and share stories etc.
I quickly noticed he was constantly checking my mrs out and being a bit of a lad he made a few comments and we all laughed.

When she went out he complimented me by saying how good she looked and he'd do anything to get his hands on a woman like that.

He explained that he'd been banged up for 3 years and hadn't enjoyed female company for a long time!

He explained that he was bursting with lust and in his words "god help the poor bitch who I fuck first"

We discussed further and he said he would love to just tear a woman apart. To fuck her hard and rough with no feelings or emotions. He said three years of built up testosterone and frustration would come out and he would ravage the first female flesh he got his hands on.

He's a big guy. Shaved head, tattoos, aggressive, dominant and has had more women than I can remember. He's always been popular with the ladies and obviously knows what he's doing.

So this got me thinking. And that night in bed I discussed with my mrs.
I told her what we had been talking about and gradually asked her If she would be his coming home present.
No strings, no pressure just offer her body and our bed for a couple of hours and then we can all carry on as normal.

I warned her that he would be gagging for it and She should just let him take control. Do what he wants and let him enjoy her.

She was slightly nervous but agreed that this could be exciting and sexy.

So we arranged for her to become his the next evening.
It was a Saturday. She went out and got an all over spray tan. She got her false nails done and bought a new pair of heels and a short tight leopard skin dress. She enjoys glamming up and didn't need much encouragement.

That evening he was at the local having a quiet few drinks and we set her up in our room.
Some candles, and her looking stunning from head to toe. Excessive make up, tight dress, heels, nails, tan, no underwear.
I text him and had a bit of a conversation.
I eventually said "go back to our place, there's a present for you in my bedroom"

He text back with a "?"

I said "just open the door and don't ask any questions. I promise you it's fine and enjoy yourself"

He came back straight away and I hid in the spare room.

I heard him enter our room.
My mrs was sat on the edge of the bed facing the door waiting.

At first he apologised and went to leave the room but then he seemed to click as to what his present was. I heard her giggle and him say a few compliments and then he shut the door.

I was excited and stood with my ear to the door and could make out little laughs, groans and kissing sounds which really turned me on.

I remembered him saying "god help the poor bitch..." And I sighed and whispered "good luck honey!" To myself.

Before long there was the unmistakable sounds of our bed moving with a rhythm that could only mean one thing. This man who hadn't felt a woman for three years had his big throbbing cock burried in my wife's pussy. I knew he was gonna ravage her, I knew he would be brutal and I knew he was gonna fuck her, not holding back but letting her have it good and hard until he blew his load inside her.

I listened as he groaned, she gasped and the beautiful slapping sound which meant he was thrusting hard and fast.
It was very erotic listening but not seeing.
I was trying to imagine what was happening but I would never know.
Never know the look she had on her face.
Never know if he rubbed his hard cock on her beautiful lips whilst she smiled.
I'd never know where his hands and lips had been and I'd never know what position he had my beautiful wife in as he unloaded his big balls inside her.

It didn't last long to be honest and I can understand why.
He let out some load angry groans and then there was a period of silence.

I went downstairs and sat in front of the TV.
He came down in his underwear. Sweaty and still groaning to himself.

He looked at me waiting for a reaction.
I just nodded and he gave me a high five and told me I was a lucky man.

Things changed after that

we spent many evenings together the three of us and the flirting and tension built and built

He became less respectful and started to gradually become more assertive with his flirting and his comments.

He would constantly compliment her in front of me and say what hed like to do to her etc etc..

She just giggled and went along with it.

He would shower and walk around just wearing a towel and would work out in the living room doing press ups and sit ups in front of her.

It wasnt long before i accepted that she fancied him. I couldnt blame her.

she changed her appearence slightly and would constantly be in full make up, and constantly pampering herself and getting nails, hair, tan etc

The flirting continued until one night we were all sat by the TV and he announced "im so fucking horny tonight"
she laughed and seemed shocked.

He gave her a long long stare and said "and you are gonna help me out" to her

Her jaw dropped, she looked at me half shocked and half disgusted but i could see in her eyes that she was secretly excited.

He continued ... "are you gonna suck me off or what?"

She didnt know what to say and nor did i!!

He summoned her over with a hand gesture and she stood and walked to him.

He said "STOP" and she did. He said "crawl the rest of the way'

She got down on all fours and crawled slowly across the room, towards him.

she rose up to her knees and he stroked her face and hair.
She looked over her shoulder at me but he firmly touched her cheek with one finger and directed her gaze back to him.

He lowered her head to his lap and i could tell he was pulling out his big cock with the other hand.

he looked at me with an arrogant smile and rested his head back, closed his eyes and groaned as she made that first contact.

i watched as my wife barely 3 feet away from me moved up and down on his cock and i heard the wet noises and groans as she pleasured him.

He looked at me again.
There was no doubt who was in charge here. There was no doubt i was being dominated and i had to know my place.
My place was to submit to this masterful man and hope that my beautiful wife would pleasure him.
I would take pleasure in knowing that i was helping to tame his desires and it was a compliment that he had chosen my wife as his own.

He kept eye contact with me as she moved faster and faster and began to savour his cock.
he smiled at me and said firmly "you are sl**ping in the spare room tonight"

and i did. i submitted. I lay in the spare bed as he fucked my wife in our bed and spent the night with her.

From then on he dominated our house.
He stayed living with us and he called the shots.
If he wanted her, he took her, it was that simple.

and she fucking loved it.
she had this pure, a****listic, lust for him and the way he fucked her.
she would roll her eyes back in her head and groan with pleasure every time she laid eyes on him.

and he would tell me when we were alone about the things they did together.

he said "why dont you come and watch"

i asked "seriously?'

he said "yeah, itll be like watching porn for you"

I was excited and delighted to be allowed.

that night he got into bed with her and shouted for me to come in.

they were just starting off, he was on top and giving her slow deep thrusts.
I sat on the edge of the bed and they continued.

It was amazing to see. she looked so passionate and so turned on, and he fucked like a pornstar. So hard and masterful, i could see why she loved it.

i stayed for the duration, missionary, her on top, doggystyle, and then she lay on her back and he made me lie next to her.
He knelt over her face so dominant and masterful and began to wank

he said "you wanna see what your girl gets from me"

she lay there as he came all over her face,
he came out with the most degrading names as he did
"mmmm you slut, you fucking bitch, you dirty fucking whore"

"whos my fucking bitch?"

"i am" she smiled.

i almost came in my own pants watching this and i had no idea this was how they finished.
Turns out he often cums on her face and treats her like a slut.

He began to include me in their sessions.
But he thought up creative ways of dominating me. It wasnt just a case of me watching.

Me and my girl would lie on the bed facing each other, whilst he would spoon behind her.
I would kiss and suck her breasts and kiss her lips.
He would firmly turn her face to him and kiss her hard with plenty of tongue. And then hold her breasts, cupping them for me to suck.
He ordered me to pleasure her and I moved down to between her thighs and did my job.
I licked and kissed her pussy preparing it for him.
Then his big hard cock would begin probing and rubbing her pussy lips as I got her wet. He would make me wait down there as he entered her and I continued to lick her as he thrust in and out.

And he would take her doggy style, but with me underneath her.
I would watch her face as he fucked her and feel her whole body moving.
If I tried to kiss her he would yank her hair and make her kneel up against his upright body whilst he played with her breasts and kissed her passionately.
He would then drop her back down and continue fucking her hard.

Many times I lay on my back looking up at her face as he came inside her.
Her eyes closed, a smile on her face, gentle gasps, sweat dripping on to me and feeling her heart pound and her breath as she panted.

But mostly, he just took her alone in my bed and didn't involve me at all.
Sometimes I would come home from work and hear them at it upstairs.
I knew my place and it became very normal.

So it was no shock when the birth control pills disappeared from the cabinet and he sat me down one evening and told me what he wanted.

"She wants my baby" he said.
I shrugged.
"But, since we are good friends and she's your wife I am giving you the chance"
What do you mean? I asked.

"She took a test. She's ovulating right now. She's upstairs. We can both have her and may the best man win"

I thought about it. I was tired it had been a long day. I was taken by surprise, I hadn't fucked her for months. He stared at me. His muscular arms stretching the sleeves on his shirt, that rugged masculine face that she adored. I looked at His big hands, pictured his huge cock and then I remembered the massive amount of cum that I watched him shoot over her face that time.
I remembered how she once told me that his cum filled her up so much that she thought she had pissed herself. She couldn't believe how big his loads were.

I realised this man was superior. I realised it would be a pointless contest, I could not compete with him.
His cock was bigger than mine, he was stronger, more attractive, and better than me in everyway.
How could I put my cum inside her and then watch him obliterate it with his superior load.

I had realised long ago that he was the bull here and had first choice. He made all the decisions and was the leader of our house. My leader. My boss. My master.

So I looked at him and said "I couldn't do that"
He smiled and nodded.
Nothing else was said as he walked upstairs and fertilised my wife.
I sat listening as he bred her.
I was happy. He was a strong powerful man who would be a good father and I knew how much she wanted k**s.

So she began to bloom and grew bigger and bigger.
She had his c***d and they seemed very much in love.

I was like an uncle and we all shared some nice times.
Things became a little calmer and almost perfect until one day I found myself looking at her in a way that I shouldn't.
I felt my cock harden in my pants and I moved in slowly behind her.
I don't know what I was thinking but she looked terrified and warned me.
"He will kill you" she said.
I stroked her face and my hands wandered.
She moved away and looked horrified.
She cried and ran off upstairs.
I felt guilty and stupid.

That evening I was in my room when he came upstairs.
I could tell by his voice that something bad would happen.
He ripped my door open and I shit myself.
"What the fuck do you think you are doing"
He said.

I stood speechless.

He punched me and gave me a few more hits to the stomach as I slumped to the floor.
He beat the shit out of me.
I was terrified and he had made his point.
I should never have touched her.

Then, it all became a blur.
He lifted me to my knees and shoved me face first onto the bed.
I was shocked and confused and before I realised what was happening my pants were down!!

I reached for them but he grabbed my wrist.
He was angry, very strong and very certain about what he was going to do.
I gasped as his warm cock entered me.
My eyes almost popped out of my head as he thrust balls deep into my terrified ass.
I panted and gasped as he thrust hard and deep.
I stopped resisting. There was no point. I just had to take it.
He teased me
"Think you are a man do you"?
"You're not"
"I'm the daddy here"
"Who's your daddy"?

I said nothing.

He spanked me hard

"Who's your fucking daddy"?

"YOU ARE" I said in tears

"Sir" he ordered.

"You are sir" I corrected myself.

"That's it. Goooood"
He didn't want to have sex with me, he was just proving a point that he was the dominant male and I was nothing.
I relaxed and closed my eyes as he fucked faster and I even arched my back a little and gently caressed his thigh with my hand.

He gave three big slow thrusts and growled like a bear as he unloaded in my ass.
He slapped me around the head and spanked me several times as I wriggled away from him.

He left the room and I lay confused, scared and ****d.
I could feel his cum inside me and my ass was still throbbing like he was still in there.
I hated knowing that I enjoyed it.

I calmed myself down and went downstairs and stood and apologised to them both.

He just nodded and she smiled at me and said thanks.

The final act of submission came a few weeks later when he suggested that I should contribute more financially.
I already paid for the house and everything in it but he asked me for my bank card and the PIN number.
I was unsure and hesitated but since me and her had a joint account I figured he already had access to my money through her so I obliged.
He told me that I must ask him for cash from now on and he will give me a yes or a no.

That was the deal. I continued to live there and I worked hard each day for my master and his beautiful woman and their c***d.
I had a sense of purpose and a role to play and it was important that I didn't let them down.

She's now pregnant with his third c***d and they say they want more.
It's been a long time since I have been allowed to watch them have sex but there sexlife is as exciting as ever and I love hearing their moans of pleasure as I realise its all thanks to me.

47% (9/10)
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5 months ago
Wow!! That was intense!!
8 months ago
Mmm... Nice story. If I had my way, I'd drop by your house and have you both suck and lick my balls, then I'd lay you on your back underneath her on your wedding bed as I fucked her doggy style while she crouched over you... I'd expect you suck and lick my balls her clit the entire time and when I came I'd expect you to eat her out of her and fluff me until I'm ready to take her asshole while you eat her cunt as she rides me reverse cowgirl on your sofa. :p If you were a good boy, we'd fuck your asshole and massage your prostate while mandhandling and abusing your balls until you cum all over yourself without ever having your dick touched once. What do you think? :p
10 months ago
thats so fucking hot mate, is he still in the house?
12 months ago
You are a piece of shit, not cuckold. You can make fun in sex, but not allow someone to rise children.