you love it

i really was surprised at your reaction.

are you really that high strung?

you didn't mind doing it to girls yourself. remember that one in germany?

how did we end up at that stage anyway? no girls around to play with?

you weren't even that wasted really so don't use that one.

you were the one who started it, you practically begged for the hand job.

and i pretty much remember you pleading for me to suck it, just a little bit...

then off course it was a lot. and yes, pushing my head down is annoying.

but you sure relaxed after you came. so you should have, there was loads.

then we took some more hits. i was pretty stoned, always horns me too.

stripping of was refreshing, in that heat, loved gettin my cock out.

you liked looking at it didn't you, and you couldn't wait to stroke it.

you didn't blame me when i started fingering you, in fact you wringled on it.

then to be honest, you just closed your eyes and let me play there, you said nothing when i lay you on your chest.

you shuddered when i kissed you there, and it wasn't just from fright.

and you lay very still when i walked to get the nivea from my dresser...

though you did flinch as i pushed my covered finger into your anus.

not when the second went in, nor when i twisted them. it really is impressive how you stay so passive.

i asked you if you were ready. what did you say? 'mmmmpppphhhh'?

and lets face when i began to penetrate you, you did move to ease my cock inside you, couldn't a done that without you Rob!

and fuck you were soooo tight! you almost snapped my foreskin off!

wait a minute, was it the verbals that embarrassed you? you certainly went red when i called you a hot fucking bitch, you squeezed my cock then. did you realise?

that got me so hard, there was not retreat then. did i really shout 'i love fucking your arse'? i think i did.

oh and how i came, hot seed pumping through me into you. ramrod straight. i emptied and held you there, feeling the last drops seep out.

still you said nothing, even when i pulled out and went to wash myself. when i got back you were gone. you didn't speak to me for days.

so i know you feel ashamed about it, and i know you don't want me to tell.

but i can't be fucked with that, i've got a hard on and want you over here now.

You'll be here in half an hour. You always are.
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2 years ago
Just because you asked...I came
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