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and you thought you'd lose your virginity wit

I still remember you, the firm backs of your thighs under mine, your firm buttock cheeks.

Do you remember how long we took to 'get it in'? Probably only a minute or so, to me it took an age. I was painfully hard.

How did we get there? On your mother's bed? I remember, it started with drink, daring each other to try booze shots, just as we had dared to try touching each other, leading up to mutual masturbation and sucking.

I remember your cheeks flushed, half d***k, us wanking on the couch to a video, pretty soft atuff it was, tits and ass mainly, but we were so horned.

You blew... Continue»
Posted by romand 1 year ago

[Story] you love it

i really was surprised at your reaction.

are you really that high strung?

you didn't mind doing it to girls yourself. remember that one in germany?

how did we end up at that stage anyway? no girls around to play with?

you weren't even that wasted really so don't use that one.

you were the one who started it, you practically begged for the hand job.

and i pretty much remember you pleading for me to suck it, just a little bit...

then off course it was a lot. and yes, pushing my head down is annoying.

but you sure relaxed after you came. so you should have, there was loads... Continue»
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[Story] Some blow jobs I have known, a recollection

This morning I was musing on some of the good blow jobs I have received and thought I might share some:

P - Expert technique, loved to pay attention to cockhead, shaft and balls. Plus had the skill to look into your eyes while doing it. She read a lot of womens magazines and took tips from them. Swallowed too, excellent girl when you just wanted to cum and couldn't be bothered fucking her.

J - I was the first (so she said) to come in her mouth. I was kneeling over her feeding my cock in my old single bed. Easing in and out of her mouth until I came in a deliciously slow orgasm.... Continue»
Posted by romand 5 years ago  |  7