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hello everyone. another diary entry for you to enjoy i hope. do me a favour though and comment on my stories because everyone likes some encouragement.
this diary entry was written on a saturday morning way back, and it said, took marcus to meet some friends up north. he is sex mad never got there before he was up for it.
interesting part of this entry is that they never got there before he was up for it, so what happened. as usual i get myself into position next to M while she fills me in on the detail while i wank.
her and marcus were drivimg up north as said, from london to manchester. marcus was a casual boyfriend, black and like M in his early 20's. when i ask what was his cock like she tells me the usual, long and thick, though marcus did have foreskin, seems most of her black boyfriends didnt, i think she prefers no foreskin on them.
anyway, M was driving her car. she tells me that it was in the morning and they went up the motorway, they were chatting all the way and ther was nothing particularily sexy about the conversation or journey.
M says that as they got near to where they were going there had ben a bit of a pause in talking and at some point marcus was shifting about in his seat. he suddnly said to her, 'show me your tits M', she looked at him and asked why, she also mentioned she was driving on a motorway, he said, 'i just want to see them, i really fancy a wank'. M had a blouse on, she slowed down a bit nd somehow struggled to pop one tit out her bra and opened a couple of buttons so that marcus could just make out some flesh and nipple.
marcus then whipped his cock out his pants through the flies. M said he was alreasdy stiff, and he started to wank himself off. M tells me that everynow and then he would collect some precum on his fingers and touch her exposed nipple with his sticky fingers.
M said she was worried about getting to her friends alive so she came off the motorway at the next junction so that she could find somewhere quiet to watch without crashing. while she was searching for a layby she said that marcus got a hankie out of his poket and was increasing the speed of his wanking, she said she was soaked but was glad to see his hanky as she didnt want to turn up at her friends spalshed in spunk. just as M pulled into a layby she said marcus let out a moan or two and shot his load into his hankie. by the time she had stopped the car his cock was on the way down, al she got to do was give it a quick kiss before asking him if was done, he said yes thanks and off they went with the journey. apparently he chucked the hankie out of the window.
back soon.
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2 years ago
i love car sex to get head ff in my car
2 years ago
Love hearing her stories. xx
2 years ago
so horny, love hearing about stuff like this, its amazing listening to ex's confessions, cant wait to read more !! im having abit of a 'marcus' moment myself here !!
2 years ago
i would like to have watched that and wanked as well