Sunday porno

Hello again. This story from Ms diary relates to a Sunday when she wrote, V picked me up at ten in the morning, went to his place, straight to bed and he put a blue movie on, good fuck. As usual I like to lie next to M and ask her to tell me more while I wank myself off. She tells me that on this day her black rasta boyfriend, the skinny one with the big cock, arranged to pick her up early one Sunday morning to take her out. She said this was strange for a number of reasons, for starts where are you going to go on a Sunday morning. Anyway she tells me that he drove her back to his flat and he asked if they could go to bed. M wasn't too bothered by this, she liked V and as she only saw him now and again she fancied a ride on his black cock. M tells me that as soon as they got into bed V turned on his tv at the end of the bed and switched on a porno movie. M had seen a few movies before but never while lying next to a naked man, she found it very horny. She can't really remember the film, it was what she describes as the usual, but she said she was really horny. For a while her and V watched the movie without touching each other, she said that was really difficult because she was looking down their bodies to the tv so her view was obstructed by the site of Vs large long black cock. Without saying anything I think they were both sort of teasing each other and themselves. After a while she said that V took hold of his cock with his right hand and started to rub himself, he put his left hand on her upper thigh. M said she was really turned on now because she had a black man lying next to her wanking himself off while she was watching both him and some other couple fucking on the tv screen. M said that she put her hands down and started to play with her clit. With her left hand she ever so slightly opens her pussy and after spitting on her right hand fingers she starts making slow figure of eight movements ever so gently over her clit. Always turns me on to imagine my wife lying on a bed next to some skinny big cocked black fella while she is gently rubbing her clit. I cant tell you the rest of the story at the moment cos I need to have a wank now, needless to say he fucked her tight White soft cunt before coming all over her lovely tummy. Sorry about that, needed to stop for a moment and rub myself, getting all turned on telling you the story. Anyway, M tells me that after a while V stopped wanking and leaned towards her, she was sort of tilted up on a pillow so was still at an angle where she could see the porno and V started kissing the side of her neck and face and stroking her tits. She always tells me how horny she finds it to look down and see black hands on her White skin, she loves the contrast. She carried on fingering herself while V did what he did until at some point she describes how he kneeled up next to her and started to rub his cock over her tits and up to her chin. As I have sai before M likes a bit of cock, especially the big black variety and it wasn't long before V had his cock in Ms warm mouth. When she tells me about her lied on a bed, wanking herself off with a porno on the telly and a big black cock in her mouth it drives me wild, invariably it's at this point of the story that I cum next to her. For my sake I often ask her if he shot his load into her mouth but she always so not on this occasion, that only after she had fingered herself to cumming did he move on top of her and stick his cock in her more than willing cunt. I asked her why he came all over her tummy, she says she thinks it must have been because of the porno, she was safe to have his spunk fill her pussy but I think as the films always showed the cum shot he would do the same. If I haven't already cum while she is telling me this story I never fail to shoot my load when she describes looking down her lovely body to see a thick black shaft all shiny with her juices sliding in and out of her cunt until he pulls it out and wanks himself over her. Tell you more soon.
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5 months ago
kewl...very hot
2 years ago
I'm going to do this to Steve..tell him some of my stories and have him wank for me. Very hot xx