Quick fuck from behind

Hello all,

Sorry for not writing for a while, been busy. Anyway thought you might like another short story from the wires diary. There was an entry that said simply, Wes came round, wanted his stuff, had a quickie and lent him money. As usual I have asked M for more detail. One of her irregular fucks was a bloke called Wesley. Apparently he used to call round to her bedsit now and then, like all her boyfriends at the time he was black. On this particular day M was in bed when her doorbell rang, it was about 7am and she dozing before she had to get up and get ready for work. Anyway Wes was at the door and she let him in. She was only wearing a night shirt but it was down to her knees. he had come round because he had left a bag of something in her flat a week or so before and he needed whatever it was. M knew what he meant and got the thing for him, I think it was something herbal if you know what I mean. M said she asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, he said he didn't have time and that his mate was waiting in the car out the front, M looked out of her first floor window and below her could see a car with the engine running and someones arm hanging out the window. Ok she said and then Wes asked her if he could borrow a temper of her, she has always been kind and said no problem. As she gave him the money she said he looked her up and down and then said, though he didn't have time for a tea he could do with a quick fuck. M said she was a bit taken aback but as I have said before she finds it difficult to turn cock down. She nodded ok and Wes guided her back towards her window frame, he turned her around and pushed her forward, she had to lean forward and hold onto the window ledge, he took hold of her arse and lulled it towards him. He moved her t shirt up around his waist and took out his big thick black cock. She said without any ceremony he stuck his cock straight into her cunt, she said she hadn't even noticed that he had a hard on but that he certainly did. He started banging away at her from behind as she supported herself against the window frame, looking out the window she hoped no one would look up and see her. She said that after a very shirt time, and she stresses short he started to speed up his fucking, his breathing changed and she felt his thick cock swell in her cunt. Then with a moan he shot his load right up her, she says that within seconds he pulled out, slapped her arse with his civk, wiped it across her bum cheeks and stepped away from her. She had to sort of launch herself of the window to stand up, in doing so she said that a whole load of spunk dripped out of her cunt and down one of her thighs, some dropped on the carpet. She turned around and Wes apparently said, thanks for that M, I needed that said goodbye and left. Just like before she gad been fucked and the bloke never even kissed her. She said she was a bit pissed off while she cleared up his spunk but was more annoyed that he never gave her the tenner back.
87% (8/1)
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7 months ago
mmmm nice story got me hard
2 years ago
damn this got me super hard
2 years ago
Yes,,To get fucked,And not even get a Kiss!!Thats enough to make anyone Mad..But to get fucked again by not paying back the Tenner,Thats even Werse!!!!
3 years ago
i like that he rubbed his spunk on her arse
3 years ago
Very good,now she has learned a very good lesson,,thanks