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Hello again, ive been flicking through M's diary again, to be honest Ive been encouraged by the response i ahe had to the stories so far, its good that some of you appreciate them. It also gives me a kick to think people might be out there getting wet or stiff on the strength of my wifes stories.
As I said before her diary gives brief notes which I then get the details of when I ask questions of her while having a wank.This next one goes back to 1990 when she wrote in her diary, "Tunde came round again. He had a video with him! made him leave film with me, might have to make something up". That was all the entry said. I know from previous entries that Tunde was a Nigerian bloke she had fucked on a few occasions.M knows and lets me look at her diary cos she knows they turn me on. Tunde first appeared on the scene when she wrote how she woke up morning in her bedsit with a bloke called Tunde, she had pulled him while pissed and didnt even know what his name when she woke up. But in the same diary entry she also referred to Tundes cock as "massive".
Anyway, any mention of T in her diaries always gets me asking questions becuase I get turned on thinking about her fucking with a cock that she describes as massive. I know you will think its bullshit but when I ask her whats the biggest cock she has had she doesnt actually say a length in inches etc she just puts up her hands and shows the size as the distance between her hands, by that method I would say T had a cock a good 10 plus inches long, she did say it hurt her the first few times and that when she woke up that morning after being d***k when she first met him she was a bit wary about fucking it, butshe did.
So, getting to the point, I asked her what video T had brought round, and what did she have to make up? This is the horny bit, it wasnt a vidoe film he had brought round, she meant a video camera. T had apparently borrowed a camera of a mate. She describes it as on of those old fashioned great big things that used to have sit on your shoulder. It was an old VHS thing where the mini tape popped out of the side, this was 1990 remember.
T was after getting M to do a bit of a film with him. M explains to me that T had a real thing for watching her have a wank. Remember as well that this is all before the internet took off, if you liked seeing a woman wank then you had to find a real one for yourself or spend proper money on a whore or risk buying a shit DVD. M loves a wank, still does, and T was lucky to find her given his preferences. I will tell you more about M and her wanking for her boyfriends on another day if you like,but with regards to T he wanted a video of his own to keep. He wanted to film having a wank so that he could take it home and have a good old wank whenever he fancied. M tells me that she felt a bit reluctant cos she didnt really know him that well, he was just an ocassional big cocked fuck, so she didnt really want him having a film of her with a vibrator stuck up her cunt while she fiddles with her clit.
But M being M she said that his suggestions turned her on, she might not have wanted to make a film but T was pushing her into it by getting her going. She said that he promised her that after he had filmed her having a wank she could film him having a wank, this for her was the deal clincher, I think ive mentioned before that she does like to see a man wanking. So she agreed to it. They started off by just having the usual foreplay, got naked and all turned on before they began.In the bedit was obviously a bed, a couch and an armchair. T asked M to lie down on the couch and wank herself off. He sat on the nearby armchair with the camera. He was naked, she describes him as fit and what she said is very black, as I have said his cock was huge. She describes to me how she lied there looking at him filming her and she soon focused on his cock that was stiff and hard. She said the sight of his long thick black cock meant she soon forgot about the perils of letting him film her, so while staring at his twitching cock she fingered her clit. T, being fit and strong was able to hold and balance the old video camera on his shoulder with one hand while stroking his cock with the other. When M describes this bit to me it often makes me cum, I have to really hold on to gt to the end of the story, having your wife talking about watching some Nigerian bloke wanking off in front of her is quite a cum inducer for me.
So, M describes to me how he is wanking away watching her wanking away watching him. She has a real thing about the noise a man makes when he is wanking, she loves that tutting noise and when T got to that point M tells me that was encouraging him saying things like go on, go on cum for me. M said to me that before this day any mutual wanking involved the bloke cumming on himself really, once or twice she had had some bloke shoot over her tits, but this day would be a first for her, given encouragement T stood up and went to the end of the couch with the video still on his shoulder. He stood at M's head end, she was therefore looking up at him, under his cock while he continued to film her playing with her clit. He was still able to rub his cock. At some point he told her he was going to cum, she never gave anythought to where the cum might go but she told him to make sure he was filming his cumming as well as hers, she remebers him mumbling, I am, I am as he started to cum. She decribes to me how his thick long black cock pumped out as stream of spunk that first landed just short of her pubes followed by a splatter of spunk from her belly button to in between her tits, she said he buckled and almost dropped the camera while a bit more cum dripped out onto her forehead and, most painfully into one of her eyes. Give her her due, she just closed the sticky eye and within seconds she said she came herself, by the time she had finished her orgasm and caught her breath T was sat back in the armchair looking shattered from carrying the ancient video camera and losing his legs while cumming over my future wife. M scooped the cum out of her eye and as she always does, to this day stillrubbedthe cum into her body.
Anyway, the bit about making somehting up is because after the session M asked T if she could keep the video with her to make a copy, he agreed and then she later told him she had lost the tape which he unhappily accepted.
On a lighter note M tells me that she watched the tape sveral times, she kept it for quite some time, and T completely missed his own cumshot, when he came he clearly couldnt keep hold of the camera and while he is cumming the film is off the floor for a minute, it only gets back on track while M is rubbing the cum in.
Good story that one, ive never seen the film, of course I wish I had, and if it still existed I'd share it with you, cheers.
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1 year ago
Thanks ever so much for the comment, really nice of you. Have you read any of his others, love that you call me a slut!! Lol x
1 year ago
2 years ago
love wank stories m8 & u tell 'em really well. got me fuckin horny cheers x
2 years ago
love to have seen her holdig his cock whilst she frigged herself off, certsinly got me aroused here !! thnx for sharing your wifes naughty secrets BM
3 years ago
great to see spunk shoot from a big black knob