Black eye

M was shagging lots of men while she stayed in that bedsit. It seemed all she did each wekend was get pissed with her friends and then get off with whoever happened to be around. What else is there in life when you are that age?
One bloke she was fucking on a fairly regular basis was a rasta called V. He was about 10 years older than her, skinny apparently and as usual well hung. I think of all the blokjes she told me about V was her favourite. She wouldnt see or hear from him for a month then he would turn up for a day or two before disappearing again. He had a flat somewhere near where M lived.
In some ways he did me a favour because he was the person who always told M that spunk was full of vitamin E and not only was it good for body it was also very good for the skin.This sound advice is the reason why, though the blowjobs may have worn off for me in recent times, I still get to wank on M's tits at least twice a week, that of course is also down to her love of watching a cock cumming, but I will tell you more about anotherr time.
Anway this short story is one that turns me on but it shouldnt really. She tells it in acouple of different ways depending on her mood, if shes feeling horny she puts one slant on it, if shes feeling pissed off the opposite, you might understand what I mean when I get to the point.
Her diary for 30/11/88 talks about how she and her mate C got into a disagreement with C's then boyfriend. It all got a bit silly so M rang V to se if she could stay at his place, which she rarely did. Anyway, during the argument C threw a book at her boyfriend, it missed him and caught M in the eye, she immediaetly sprouted a black eye.
V picked her up 10 mins later. Iquote from her diary now, "I was crying, eye all swollen, I told him I felt unwell and that I thought I might be sick, he wanted a shag, he wasnt bothered, he made me suck him off instead" What a bastard! but that turns me on. He told her that he would only put her up for the night if she sucked him off in the car there and then. Now its important to know that M is a good person, not rough, no slag, she just liked sex, reggae dancing and black fellas, but sometimes she was taken advantage of, and this wasone of those ocassions.
She ha sucked him off plenty of times beore, as I said she enjoys spunk it was just the way it happened. She had eye make up all down her cheeks, one black eye, felt rough and here she was gagging on V's long black cock while he fucked her mouth. After no time he spunked in her mouth, she always swallowed in those days, nowadays she spits more,depends again on mood, but that night she swallowed all he had to give before he drove back to his place.
I enjoy wanking to that story becuase it makesher look like she is just being used, and for some reason that gets me going, imagining her just being a mechanism for some rasta bloke to shoot his load.
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2 years ago
Love the way M gets used by a big black cock, gets me hard imagining her as his sex toy. There to be fuck whenever he decides he wants to