Stories from my wife 1

Hello everyone.

As you can see in my profile I have a thing for my wife telling me about her experiences before we met. Its a turn on for me to hear some of the things she got upto before we met. So i thought I would share some of the stories with you.

The men in this story are called Rodney and Byron, I wont tell you myu wifes name but her initial is M, so they all be referred to by their initials only.

This story goes back 20 years or so when M was 24, and it was 2 years before I met her.

She was sort of seeing R, it was nothing serious, at the time she lived alone in a bedsit in London. She had a room in a shared house after leaving university. She was into reggae music and because of that she started to meet black men. R was black. On this particular night he was meant to take her out but when he turned up he had his friend B with him. M didnt know B and hadnt seen him before, he was also black.
Anyway as a result of R bringing a mate wth him they decided to stay in, listen to some reggae and have a drink. basically they all had quite a lot to drink and some of the dancing was a bit raunchy. M tells me that at one point she felt more than one hand up her skirt, she tried to let R know that B might be taking advantage bit but she said R either didnt understand or wasnt bothered. It was only a couple of times that B groped her so she let it go not wanting to create a scene or spoil the night.
After a few hours the ight was drawing to an end and M wanted to get to bed.R was staying over and out of politeness B was invited to crash out on the floor. To M's disappointment he took up the offer and was given a sl**ping bag. Remember this is only a bedsit, so there was a single bed in the room with B on the floor next to it. M put some sort of t shirt on and got into bed with R. After a short while R started getting it on with M and they decided to have as quiet a fuck as they could. It appeared to M that B had fallen asl**p so her and R had a relatively quick fuck, before he came inside her.
Now, R was against the wall and M was on the side of the bed near to where B was lying. After their quick fuck M was lying on her back and R was on his side facing away from her towards the wall. After a short while M felt a hand come nder the quilt from where B was laying. His hand rested on her tummy. She tells me that she didnt know what to do. She couldnt really cry out because she didnt want to cause a problem, nor did she want his and all over her, but while thinking what to do she did nothing. This short space of time must have been some sort of encouragemen to B because he then moved his hand up her ody and squeezed the tit nearest to him. M really didint know what to do, she coughed as though to signl she was awake in case B thought she was asl**p and was just having a grope while he could. But again because she didnt actually do anything he carried on squeezing.
She decided the best thing to was to move, so she turned her back on B and cuddled up to R. This was an obvious mistake. What she has now done is presented her naked arse to B, not deliberately but thats not how B has taken it. He is now faced with a woman who is not saying anything while he gropes her turning her arse towartds him.His hand comes down her body and starts stroking her arse. M tellsme she now doesnt know what to do for the best, R is clearly asl**p, she thinks about waking him when things suddenly change as far as she is concerned. B sticks a finger into her cunt. Her cunt she amits is damp because of the situation he is, and it also still full of R's cum from the recent fuck. So B is fingering her spunky cunt and this turns her on, she now wants something to happen.
So she pushes her arse moreout of the bed so that it is outside the quilt and almost hanging over the side of the bed. B needs no more invitation, he now pushes at least 3 fingers into and starts very slowly and quietly fingering her from behind.
This is all happening quite quick. M is still worried about R and thinks this has to stop so she suddenly turns over onto her back and B as to take his fingers away. As she does so she looks down at B on the floor. She tells me that the first thing she noticed was that he was out of the sl**ping bag and that he was nked. She then tells me had, you guessed it, a mssive cock. It was stood up good and proud and even in the darkof the night she could make out its features. Then she said B took what she assumed to be the fingers he had been doing her with and stuck them in his mouth to lick them off. She said that really turned her on because that meant he was having her cunt juices as well as the spunky remains of his mates cum. While she looked at him he started rubbing his cock.
The bathroom in bedsits is communal, M thought best she make her way there, she got out of the bed and went to the bathroom, as she fully expected and hoped B followed her seconds later. He walked into the room, lifted her onto the sink took hols of her around the waist and stuck his cock straight up her cunt. She said it hurt a bit but becuse he was so clearlyturnedon in a matter of seonds he shot his load in her. It was all very frantic, she didnt even kiss him. She said that when he pulled out of her spunk went everywhere, the floor, her legs, all down her thighs. B actually said thankyou, had a piss then went back to the room. M tried to clean up best and uickly as she could before climbing back into bed with her boyfriend.
When she tells me this story I rarely get to the end before Ive wanked myself off.
Let me know if you want to hear more, there are loads, she waqs a dirty fucker by the time I met her, and though weve settled down now for that I am grateful.

Take care

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4 months ago
Great story - we def want more!!
11 months ago
It's hard to read with initials. If you can't be bothered to type out Rodney and Byron every time, use the Search and Replace function on Word.
2 years ago
I want more; man fucking man and pussy...
2 years ago
OMG! I just came reading this!!
2 years ago
Great story, made me very wet - lucky girl! xx
3 years ago
Nicely done!
3 years ago
AN amazing story. I loved it!!!! More please.
3 years ago
Great job, totally believable. Keep the stories "comin".
3 years ago
Great story, keep 'em coming