the traffic jam wank

Hello everyone again. Diary time again. This goes back to when we were just married and is from one of her last diaries, its one of the few stories that I was in! M came off the pill 15 years ago and since then, apart from a couple of deliberate occasions, I can’t cum inside her so we find alternative ways of bringing each other off. We both enjoy playing so the tenderness of being close together telling sexy stories ticks so many boxes. A number of yeas ago we had gone north to see my parents and were driving back home to London down the motorway. We had set off early in the morning to get back in good time but as usual on the M1 we came into traffic. Something had happened miles in front of us and we found ourselves dragging slowly along the motorway for what seemed like an age, until eventually we almost came to a standstill. This stop start, stop start lasted about 10 miles and took us over an hour. But it wasn’t the traffic jam that this story is about. I was driving; M was in the passenger seat next to me. It was about lunchtime and the weather was ok. We were talking and just enjoying each others company, there was a feel good factor in the car, and from time to time M would touch my leg or stroke the back of my head. I was wearing a t shirt and shorts driving bare footed, M was wearing some sort of loose skirt and blouse thing, it was summer time so we were both casual. At some point, because of M touching me and the atmosphere I started to get a slow hard on, and I might have given it a nudge while saying something to M. She looked down between my legs and then as well as my thigh and neck she would also occasionally rub my cock through my shorts. I just drove and relaxed, I must confess I was thinking I might be on for a blow job here but wasn’t disappointed when M suddenly sat back in her seat and opened up part of her skirt. It had buttons somehow and she was able to undo a few so that it opened out so that I could see her knickers, and then very quickly I couldn’t see them as she pulled them down and off. She gave me on of these really horny looks that she has before sliding down a bit more and ever so slightly opening her legs and raising her feet to bring her thighs and pussy up out of the seat. She gave my cock a quick rub, then spat on her fingers and proceeded to very slowly and very gently rub her clit. Her other hand she used to open out her lips so that she could rub inside them in between concentrating on drawing little gentle circles over her clit. I was driving so could only glance down now and then but it didn’t matter because it just was so sexy to have her wanking herself off next to me while I did nothing to help or couldn’t even watch. A couple of times she took her hand away from her pussy and touched my cock again through the material of my shorts. By now of course I was stiff as a rock, M asked me to get it out and though it was a little bit of a struggle I managed to slip my cock out of the top of my shorts so that she could see most of it. I remember her putting her fingers in her pussy, making them shine with her juice before using the same sticky fingers to squeeze the helmet of my cock and take from it a bead of pre cum, then she put the fingers up and put them in front of my mouth, I opened it and she put three fingers’ into my mouth so that I could taste our juices mixed together on her fingers. She took them from my mouth before sucking them herself before putting her hand back down between her legs to carry on gently circling her clit.
Now that was very exciting as it stands, but that’s just the start. What I didn’t know, and at first I assumed M didn’t know was that we were being watched. The traffic we were in was all travelling at roughly the same very slow, almost walking speed. We were in the fast lane next to the central reservation, there were two lanes to our left, and in the one next to us was a lorry. I had noticed it a few times, just in front or just behind us at different times, but it always was in our vicinity. M was wanking herself of quietly and gently, she isn’t one of these women who bang away at her pussy moaning and groaning, I love the way she wanks, slowly and concentrated, she always looks like she is in a bit of a trance. She can do it for ages too, she likes to take herself right to the point of orgasm before stopping herself, pausing then starting again, that way she intensifies the orgasm and its power when it comes. Anyway, I started to notice that very slowly, and what looked un-deliberately, she was turning away from me a bit. I wasn’t bothered because I also saw that she was opening her legs a little bit more so that they were open but not wide. She had one knee on the glove box and the other knee on the inside of her door, I wasn’t bothered because I was assuming that she was getting herself slowly into a position where she could lean towards me with her head and suck my cock while she wanked. So I did nothing to stop or affect what she was doing. I started to notice that then that she was undoing her blouse, and without taking any fingers from her clit she used the other hand to undo her buttons and pull both tits out of her bra. Its the sort of thing she would normally do when facing me so that I could fondle her, or perhaps cum over them so I did wonder why she was getting her tits out when she was now almost turned away from me. Obviously I could still get to them so keeping my right hand on the wheel I used my left hand to tease her nipples and squeeze her lovely tits. By now hear head was resting on the corner of the top of her seat and it was as though she was pointing her pussy out of the window. Call me slow on the uptake, but I was. I had been noticing that the lorry near us was now never either in front of us or behind us, it was always next to us and had been for about the last 5 minutes. From where I was sat I couldn’t see the cab of the lorry, I could only see its door, but M would have been, and was able to see at least the top half of the driver in his window. I remember saying to her something like, ‘M, be careful, the bloke in the lorry might be able to see what you are doing’ her reply nearly blew my balls off. ‘He can’ she said and it was then that I took my eyes off the road in front completely and looked at M to see that she had her eyes open and was ducking her head a little so that she could see from our car into the cab of the lorry, ‘Is he watching you’ I naively said, ‘Of course he is’ she told me. She then told me that she had noticed him do one of those double takes at her ages before as he went by, and since then, from about the time she was adjusting herself he had been staring down at her from his cab. So while I thought she was getting herself in a better position to suck me off she was actually getting herself into a better position so that some lorry drive in the middle of the M1 could watch her bring herself off in my car. ‘Why do you think I got my tits out?’ she said. So she had even got them out for his pleasure and not necessarily mine. Now some men might be annoyed, though I can’t see why, I was just incredibly turned on and immediately took back my free hand off her tits and got hold of my cock. What’s good for the goose is good fro the gander I thought. I’ll give him a show I thought and I started wanking. Now I don’t know if he could see what I was doing, I think probably not, but it was so horny to think she was doing this private show for the bloke that I had to join in. There was one or two points when the traffic in front of us was getting quicker for us than the lorry and as I started to move forward M actually told me to slow down and stay with the lorry, doing as I was told at one point she said to me, ‘just 2 more minutes, I’m going to cum’ That was enough for me, spunk was brewing in the base of my cock and I was ready to shoot. I told her I was going to cum, she asked me to do quickly because she was too and I started first. I raised my hip towards her, I intended shooting over head and trying to get her face or body so that the lorry driver could see it, but unluckily for him and her I just came into the hair on the back of her head, a good load though I must say. As I came M did too, she went into lots and lots of little spasms, and she stiffened and relaxed several times and let out a long slow sigh with just a few slight quiet grunts as her orgasm rippled through her. She lied there for a minute or so composing herself, I was sat with a spunky pair of shorts, and as I looked at her I saw her wave to the lorry man with her cummy fingers and then she told me to get a move on and away, and so we did, the traffic had calmed and so I was able to leave the lorry well behind, I have no doubt that he would have been wanking either with her, or very soon afterwards.

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2 years ago
nice story!
2 years ago
hot story and much enjoyed
2 years ago
I can just imagine, being the wagon driver, having to explain to the insurance company why I bumped the car in front of me! ha ha
2 years ago
What a great story and how I wish I was the lorry driver!!!!!!
2 years ago
Very sexy indeed
2 years ago
Excellent story as usual :) x