Horny coach trip

Hello everyone. Another little story for you all. This one is a bit of a continuation of the trip with M to Tenerife that I told you about before. Remember that on that trip I met some old friends of M’s who were staying at the same resort, they were Steve and Marie. As a result of meting up again M had invited them to come over to the UK if ever they were in Europe again, a couple of years later they did just that.
We decided to take them up to the Lakes area in North England for a few days. At the time M was in the middle of some project at work and on one of the days we were away she said that she would have to leave us for the day while she finished some important work thing off. Rather than spend the day sitting about the hotel me Marie and Steve decided to go on a trip, it might sound boring but we went on a good old fashioned coach trip around the countryside. Though we were about 30 at the time we set off like a bunch of youngsters by taking the back seats of the coach. For those of you unfamiliar with English coaches they always have 5 seats together along the back row. We took up 3 including the aisle seat and some old bloke on his own sat on the 5th seat leaving a gap between us 3. The rest of the coach was taken up by people who all were at least twice our age; it was a proper pensioner’s coach trip.
We set of after breakfast and stopped for a pub lunch. At the pub the beer seemed to flow well and we had a good laugh, and considering it was basically an old people’s coach trip we managed to get a fair bit of drink in us before we set off again. So we were sat at the back having a laugh and a giggle and again some of the conversation was a bit risqué and though it wasn’t directly mentioned our previous experience together was sort of hanging in the air. After some time it was apparent that the liquid lunch had had an effect on just about everyone on the coach. Everyone was sl**py, we had even quietened down and we all began to snooze a bit, the old man along from us was fast asl**p. I was sat on the seat nearest to him; Marie was next to me and Steve by the window.
At some point I became aware that Marie was leaning towards me, her head was sort of propped against my arm and her left leg was against my right leg. I felt comfortable and also felt as though she was pressing against me a bit, it was exciting, even more so when I sort of shifted towards her to press against her a little and she didn’t resist or object. Even though it was only arms and legs I was getting turned on having Marie push against me, especially when I reminded myself of what her tits were like when I saw her on our previous holiday when she had let me hold and suck them. I was wishing now that we were somewhere private and that I could get those big soft tits out and play with her lovely hard nipples, but that seemed impossible in the position we were in. It didn’t stop me getting a hard on though.
Then I noticed that Marie seemed to be very gently rocking towards me, at first I thought she was sort of dancing with me in her seat and then I realised that what was actually happening was that it was Steve who was pushing her towards me. And when I say pushing her I don’t mean with his body. They were sat with a pair of chairs in front of them and were basically out of the sight of everyone else on the coach. I was in the aisle seat and if anyone was awake and turned around they could see all of me. I looked to my right to see why Marie kept pushing against me and then I saw why. She was leaning on me with half of her bum raised of the seat towards Steve, I knew she was wearing a skirt, but what I didn’t know was that she wasn’t wearing knickers, or at least I assumed she wasn’t because I could clearly see Steve fingers, or at least 2 or 3 of them going in and out of her pussy, well I couldn’t see them actually going in but I could see that his fingers were going into her somewhere, and as I looked the next thing I saw was his cock all stiff and proud standing outside his open flies on his jeans. I saw Marie’s right hand just stroking the top of his helmet, and I could see that with her fingers she was chasing a bit of cock juice around his throbbing helmet.
I was amazed by the scene. He was fingering her, she was rubbing his exposed cock and I was sat one seat away from some sl**ping old bloke, and I had one stiff hard one screaming to get out of my pants. Nothing was said, and then Marie leaned forward and with her free left hand picked her coat up from the area between her legs in front of her seat. She brought the coat up and dropped it over my groin area; she then turned to me and said quietly into my ear, ‘get your cock out’. She had given me the coat to keep me covered while I got my cock out too. I was as nervous as fuck as I adjusted myself to oblige and my eyes were darting all over the place to check that no one, particularly the old boy could see what I was doing. Marie was watching me and when I was out I nodded to her, she smiled at me then put her left hand under the coat and took hold of my cock. She was now leaning towards me, holding onto both our cocks while Steve was fingering her from behind. I could even hear her juices squelching in her pussy as he pushed in and out, I was sure someone else would hear too but they all seemed asl**p.
I was a bit squashed in my position but I managed to free my left arm so that it sort of lying down Marie’s body over her tits and down towards her tummy. I then discovered that by lifting my right arm and putting my left underneath it and across myself I could actually get to squeeze her tits, so I did. I had a right good old grope of them, how soft and big and lovely they were too. Then Marie moved a bit on her seat and in doing so made it easy for my right arm to fall in between her legs and onto the top of her pussy. I looked at Marie, wet my fingers with my saliva and then put 3 fingers over her pussy. I stroked her lips with my index and ring finger and let my middle finger play over her clit. Every now and then I would come into contact with Steve’s fingers as he continued to finger her from behind while I stimulated her clitoris, and squeezed her tits. All the while she was still playing both our cocks and I was getting close to cumming, and when I glanced over at Steve so was he. In fact he came first, he coughed, or really grunted disguised as a cough and suddenly went all stiff. He seemed to hold his breath and pushed his cock up hard in between Marie’s wanking hand and with another disguised cough he pushed his cock towards her body and I saw his spunk shoot out of his cock and over Marie’s arse and thighs. I don’t know what it is about spunk but when I watch porn it’s always the cum shot that gets me and this was no different, I started to cum as well. I pushed my body back into the seat, arched my back and started to cum, god knows where my spunk went but when we settled down Marie’s coat was covered in it as were my jeans. I don’t think Marie came, she might have done quietly but once Steve had cum over her arse, and I had cum all over her hand and coat she let go of our cocks and started re adjusting herself, and we followed suit. We didn’t half smell of spunk and I was covered in it as was Marie. It was difficult next 30 minute journey home hoping that all the others would stay asl**p and not be woken up wondering what the smell was coming from us. We made sure we were the last to get of the coach, and were quick to let M know what she had missed out n when we got back.

Enjoy and comment please x

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2 years ago
Great story x
2 years ago
Very sexy story.
Whilst commenting, can I ask why many stories have letters missing from seemingly innocuous words, being replaced with **

A reply on my homepage would be most welcome.

2 years ago
Great story, such a fun and sexy little scenario!
2 years ago
Wow! What an awesome story! I am now stroking a very hard cock!!
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
Who SAID coach-trips were boring? lol
2 years ago
doesnt even know what a decent rides like
2 years ago
Nice little story and well-written too.

Can't help thinking about poor Marie, though - she clearly enjoyed the journey - just a shame she didn't manage to arrive at her own destination!

Thanks again for sharing this with us!
2 years ago
Wow, that is a hot story!
2 years ago
Very hot and sexy :) xx