the first time with my stepmother

for me and joe it start about 10 years ago he was about 18 in these day it was after supper i ad drink way to much and i was
fucking turn on by the cute boy playing with is play station i was looking at is dick i was so fucking horny is was hot that day he
was waring only is undy i could see clearly where is huge dick was under is undy my good i was so fucking wet i had to get is young hard dick in me so i when upstate to change myself i put my sexy panty the one you can see all of it (pussy)
and i put also a sexy top also see true so i went back on the couch where he was playing wit is play station i saw when
i came back he was surprise to see me like this (i was a first for him to see me slut like this) i told him i was so hot

so i let him play and let the time do is work i was looking at is dick for the right moments to do my move

it took around 10 min and i could see he was getting hard not a full erection but it was hard in there he told me he was going to the bathroom fuck i had to make a move because i knew he was jerking off i was listening to the door i had to have is hot young sperm inside me !!!!

so i nock on the dore to ask him i had to go also to the bathroom i told him it was urgent so he got out but i could see he was still fucking hard he did not ejaculate i still had my chance to do my move

so when i got out i say him back playing on is play station and i also saw in undy wet but not a normal dripping of pee

so i got up and when to sit beside him is face was so red i could see he was turn on i ask him about the wet stuff on is panty
he was fucking embrace he told me it was pee because i did not let him time to go to the bathroom and it was the result of me asking him to do it fast LOL LOL

so i got up to get a wet towel to clean is undy so when i came back i start to gently clean is wet panty i told him to keep play
i ad to clean it because i did not want any stain on is panty it took 10 sec i could feel him getting hard very fast he told me
to stop that he would get change and i could do the cleaning i told him it was ok to have a erection is face was so red
so i took out is hard dick and start to suck him let me tell you he was not complaining about it and he was 18 yeas old so it was legal for me to play with him i suck him so hard and so fast i think i took about 2 min and my mouth was full of is hot sperm

i ask him if he want to continue new games with me or if he prefer not to he told me he was having a crush on me for a long time and he was dreaming of this day so i start to suck him again and this time when it was hard again i sit on him to get all of is 8"
in my pussy a start to kiss him he was mooing like hell he was riding my pussy fucking fast i was kissing him all the time he was
all suety he was fucking like a god it took me 2 min and i dick cum all over him he ask me what was going on i told him he made me cum on him he told me i was going to ejaculate to and to get off him i told him it was ok to cum inside my pussy
and it is just what he did i fell is hot sperm inside me fuck i will always remember this first time so since this day we never
stop to fuck like lover each morning i suck him to get my morning hot sperm and we fuck 3 to 5 time a week very late at night when is dad is sl**ping

i hope i answer your question good tonight i feel so fucking horny telling you the first time a fuck Joe i will suck him with my strap on and make it cum like a fucking pig
72% (26/10)
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3 years ago
Joe, you and Mommy are so naughty! What a hot little story!
3 years ago
I absolutely love the coloquial vocabulary; I can almost hear the hot french accent with each sylable. Love to hear more... thanks for sharing. Bravo! me amis
4 years ago
good story but a spell check would have made it a lot better
4 years ago
good story