My First time

I was 22 when I lost my virginity – yes 22!
I was one of six students busy with our Masters Degree in Zoology that year. We have all been working very hard on our projects and by the end of the year I really felt that I needed some time off. A week or two just to relax and not think about my studies. I mentioned this to my fellow students and four of us decided to do something together. We decided to go for a wilderness hiking trail. Unlike most hiking trails, this one does not have a starting point and an ending point. You hiked within a wilderness area where you could walk where you want for as long as you like. This however meant that we needed to take all our provisions with as well as our tents as there were no overnight huts.
We were two guys and two girls that would be going. We were myself (Darian), Steve, Sonia and Veronica. Although we were good friends (we worked together closely) none of us were romantically involved with one another. One of the biggest issues that we had in preparing for this hiking trip was to get the permission of our study leaders. We had to make sure that all our work were up-to-date and that our experiments (we all worked with various a****ls) were at such a stage that we could leave it for a while.
All preparations made, we were ready to go. Unfortunately for Steve however, the day before we were to start our trip his study leader called him in. The person that were to look after his experiments suddenly fell ill and Steve would have to make other arrangements – which unfortunately he could not. So on the day that we were to start out Steve had to stay behind. Sonia, Veronica and myself decided to carry on how-ever as our arrangements were all set.
We started out on the Friday morning early as we had a long drive in front of us. Although we felt bad for Steve the three of us were in high spirits as we really looked forward to the week in the field. We arrived at the area where we were to park our car for the week at around noon. We went to the small office to book in and then started our hike. We received a map of the area at the office and immediately started with a 5 km hike to a waterhole marked on the map. Fortunately we were all rather fit and we completed the 5 km in a couple of hours. We reached the area just after three.
We decided to pitch out tents first and set up camp before we started exploring the surroundings. We pitched out tents on a flat clearing near the waterhole. The camp area was separated from the waterhole by a huge rock so that you could not see the waterfall feeding into the waterhole. As you walked around the rock the most breathtaking beautiful scene came into view. The waterfall with its waterhole and the river that continued from it down through the forest.
After we finished setting up our camp for the night we startd to explore the surroundings and then came back to prepare our dinner. We sat around our camp for a while before I stood up. I needed to pee and decided to take a bath (or rather shower under the waterfall) as well. I told the girls of my plans, meaning that they should stay behind to give me the opportunity to shower. I got my toiletries and towel and walked around the huge rock towards the waterfall. I droped my towel and toiletries on the ground took off my clothes and then walked to a nearby tree to take a piss. Just as I took my cock in my hand and started the flow I realised that I was not alone. I looked over my shoulder and there were Sonia and Veroncia staring at me. They were both still fully clothed. I did not know what to do – here I was naked, pissing against a tree (and there was now way that I could stop now) in full view of the two girls. They could see my cock with the water streaming from it and I could basically do nothing about it.
So I did the only thing I could think of to save face. I said “I’ll be with you in the water just now” as if it was the most natural thing and what I meant to happen when I told them that I was going for a shower. I did not know what was going through the minds of the two girls at that stage. I saw them looking at each other and then a huge grin appeared on both their faces. Next moment they started to undress and after a couple of seconds the three of us stood there, looking at each other – all totally naked.
Sonia was tall (around 5 feet nine inches) with short black hair and very dark brown eyes. She had a lean body with smallish breasts and beautiful pink nipples. They were hard and pointed slightly upwards. She had a beautiful pussy which were shaven except for a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair above her slit.
Veronica on the other hand was short with long brown hair and green eyes. She had a more heavy set body (not fat however) with large round hips. Her breasts were big and heavy and her beautiful dark pink nipples were pointing downwards. She had the type of body that was made for bearing and raising c***dren. Her pubic hair was also trimmed but she did not shave her pussy so the area above her slit was completely covered with hair.
Standing there in front of the two naked girls, watching them I realised that I had the hardest erection I could remember. They watched me as well. I am sure that I made a good impression on them. I am tall, around six feet four, blond hair, blue eyes and an athletic body. Although I do not partake in any sporting activities I gym regularly and I knew my body looked good. I have a big cock (around 8 inches) and very thick as well. My foreskin is very long and even hard it covers my cock head completely with only a small part of my head visible through the small opening in front. I also keep my pubic hair trimmed and shave the hair from my balls. I am sure I made a good impression on the girls standing there with my cock pointing upwards.
“Fuck, that thing is huge!” said Veronica. I nearly started laughing as I were not used to her cursing like that. After that there was a kind of awkward silence as none of us knew exactly what the other expected. My mind was racing – did they wanted to have sex with me or was the idea that we just showered together? – how to proceed now? I really did not know what to do. They were friends and I just couldn’t believe that they would just give themselves to me…
Then Sonia said “We have to confess something to you.”
“Yeah? What?” I asked.
“Well, Veronica and myself have been planning this now for a while. When we came up with the idea to go on this hiking trip together we discussed it and decided that we wanted to surprise you and Steve.”
“Unfortunately for Steve he is not here now, so we decided to focus on you” continued Veronica.
I just stood there, still not realising what they said.
“Then, when you told us that you wanted to take a shower, we realised that was your way of telling us to wait at the campsite.” said Sonia, “So we knew that this was our que.”
“I must say, you surprised us a bit when you suddenly went of to that tree to take a piss, but, well, I’m glad I saw it – it really made me horny….” said Veronica.
It suddenly dawned on me what they were saying. “So, that means that you want…” I started and Sonia continued “…to fuck you. Both of us.” They then started towards me and when they came to stand in front of me Sonia took my cock in her hand. It felt so good to have a beautiful (and naked and willing) girl touch my cock. The first time in my life that anybody else but me touched my cock (well at least what I can remember – I’m sure my mother also touched it when I was an infant). Veronica walk around me and came to stand behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and slowly started to run her fingers up and down my back.
Sonia went down on her knees and very lightly started to kiss my cock – from the tip of my foreskin down the shaft to the base. While she did that she cupped my balls in her hand and lightly pulled down on them.”I have to tell you, I have’nt had sex before.” I said softly. “Don’t worry.” Said Veronica “I’m a virgin as well”. The way that Sonia was playing with my cock and balls told me that she wasn’t new to this. Veronica was still running her fingers udown my back and each time she reached the bottom she went lower and lower so that soon she were rubbing and lightly scratching my buttocks as well. That felt so good.
By now Sonia had proceeded to licking my cock. She then slowly pulled my foreskin back to expose my cock head before she took my cock in her mouth. She could not take in much and had to open her mouth quite wide, but the soft warmth of her mouth nearly made me cum there and then. While in her mouth she rolled her tounge around my cock head and played with her tounge in my pee hole. Veronica also went down on her knees and started to kiss and lick my buttocks. It felt so good when she licked my butt crack with the tip of her tounge. Sonia started to pump my cock with her one hand (with my head still in her mouth) while she continued playing with my balls with the other hand. Suddenly I could not hold it any longer. I arched my back and thrust my cock deeper into Sonia’s mouth and then shot my load deep in her mouth. Sonia swallowed most of my cum but just before my orgasm subsided she pulled me out of her mouth and let me cum over her face as well. I was very excited and shot what was probable the biggest load of cum ever. She then called Veronica over and told her to lick the cum off her face. I just stood there watching Veronice lick my cum off Sonia’s face. My body felt totally relaxed – it was the best feeling ever and seeing Veronica licking Sonia’s face just made me want more.
The three of us then walked into the waterhole and stood under the waterfall. The two girls started to wash my body all over (and I mean all over). I then took over and washed them as well. I started with Veronica. First her back, down to her buttocks. I slipped my hand between her buttocks and rubbed my fingers over her ass hole. She then turned around and I continued to wash her breasts. Those beautiful big, heavy breasts felt so good as I ran my hands over them. Her nipples were hard and I took one of her breasts in my hand and brought the nipple to my mouth. I sucked on her nipple like a baby would suck on his mother. While I played with her tits my other hand went down to her pussy and for the first time in my life I touched a girls pussy. She felt so soft as I slipped my finger between her pussy lips.
I then turned to Sonia and continued to wash her body too. Like with Veronica I slipped my fingers between Sonia’s buttocks. She allowed me to play with her ass hole for a few seconds before she too turned around and offered her tits for me. “Suck me too, please” she whispered in my ear. I went down to her tits and started to suck on her one nipple. Her breasts felt so different from Veronica’s but I loved sucking on them just as much.
Sonia the whispered in my ear. “Let’s get out of the water. I want you to fuck Veronica – she hasn’t experienced a cock before”. When we were on dry land again Sonia took a towel and through it open on the ground. She then said to Veronica. “Come, lie down.” With Veronica on her back, Sonia came to stand in front of me and whispered in my ear “Just be gentle – you’re big and this is her first time”. So I knelt between Veronica’s legs, and started to rub her body. I worked my way down to her pussy and then I started to kiss and lick her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were large and puffy – ready for me, but I first wanted to tast her pussy. Slowly I let my toungue work up and down her slit en then pushed in a bit. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my lips and I could also smell her sex juices.
Then I started to lick and suck her pussy, working my way closer and closer to her clit. Although I haven’t had sex before, I’ve watched enough porn movies to know that a womans clit can be very sensitive so I was carefull not to lick to hard right away. I could feel Veronica moving under me as I started to lick and eat her pussy faster and harder. She made sounds that told me that I was on the right track. I worked on her clit when suddenly I felt her arch her back and she sqeezed my head between her legs. I stuck my toungue into her pussy hole and could feel the spasms of her orgasm. At the same time I tasted her sex juices that were flowing freely from her pussy into my mouth. Such a beautiful taste – a bit sour, but very nice.
My cock was hard again by now and I positioned myself over Veronica. I suddenly felt Sonia pulling my foreskin back and guiding my cock to Veronica’s pussy hole. I presses my head agains her hole, but did not go in. I first wanted her juices to flow over my cock so that I would slip into her more easily. After a second or two I started to push into her. Slowly. “Let my know if it hurts.” I said. “Uhm” was all I heard back. So I pushed in some more. I could feel the resistance from (what I presumed was) her Hymen. I pushed some more. I could hear Veronica’s breath was fast and shallow and I could see on her face that it was painful, when suddenly I slipped in further. She cried out briefly, but was silent then and I could feel her relax a bit. “Must I pull out?” I asked. “No, fuck me faster” she replied. I was happy to oblige and started to pump in and out of her. Slowly and not to deep at first, but as my own confidence grew I started to go deeper and faster.
Her pussy felt so tight around my cock and I could feel her with every stroke as I went into her. We continued to fuck like this for a couple of minutes when Veronica whisperd in my ear “Let’s do it doggy style”. She obviously has also watched porn before in her life. I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her wonderfully tight, hot and wet pussy so that she could get ont her hands and knees. The view of her tits hanging down was beautiful. I went to stand behinf her on my knees and started to push my cock between her legs. At first I struggled a bit to find her pussy hole, but after a second or two I hit the spot and slowly sank into her again. I went deep into her until my groin pressed hard against her buttocks. Having sex in the doggy style position is absolutely fantastic. I fucked her harder and harder when Veronica suddenly suddenly had her second orgasm. She moaned quite loudly and I could feel her pussy alternately gripping and releasing my cock. This was just what I needed to send me over the edge as well. I pushed in deep, kept my cock in and shot my cum deep into Veronica’s pussy. I filled her completely and I could feel some of my cum squirting out of her pussy and running down my balls.
I pulled out of Veronica and Sonia was immediately there to lick the cum dripping over my balls. “I want you.” she said as she started to work on my cock that was only semi-erect at this time. Fortunately my cock quickly reacted to Sonia’s movements and it became hard agian. With Sonia on her back I positioned myself over her. As I entered her, she pulled her legs up and locked them behind my ass. She pulled me in deep. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Veronica’s but fuckiung Sonia was every bit as good. She was more experienced and guided me so that I could please her to the max. We fuck for about 10 minutes when she let out a loud scream and I felt her orgasm as I continued to fuck her. Afer another minute or so I ejaculated my third time for the evening deep within her pussy.
Exhuasted the three of us cuddled in eache others arms for a while. We then went back to our campsite. Needless to say – we did not do much hiking that whole week. We stayed at that campsite where we frequently fucked. So much so that we did not even bother to put our clothes back on and we stayed naked the whole week. I will tell you more about some of the adventures we had that week – but that is for later.
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