The Neighbor

It was an overcast, humid morning in early July and the weatherman predicted potential thunderstorms in the afternoon. As customary, I went for my jog around my neighborhood. It is a sl**py little town about 10 miles from the city. I came across my usual fellow joggers, who enjoy the early morning to get their exercises before heading off to their offices in the city.
I just caught up with one of my neighbors living down the street, when the sky turned dark and the rumbling started. All of the sudden the deluge started and we were both soaking wet, when we reached my house. I asked her to come in as the lightning came closer. While we had seen each other in the past and her daughter had babysat my two boys in the past, we never got close to visit each other homes.
She agreed to come and introduced each other. Helen is a very attractive looking woman in her early 40s with long blond hair, blue eyes and perfect shaped body of roughly 100 lbs. She had long muscular legs (from her jogging) ending in a gorgeous behind, which really looked enticing in her wet jogging shorts. As we both were drenched from the rain, I handed Helen a towel and showed her to the hallway bathroom to freshen up. I also gave her one of my sweat pants and t-shirt and went ahead and took a quick rinse in the master bathroom and changed into some house cloths.
We met in the kitchen, where I was preparing some espresso for both of us. We started chatting about our families and realized that both of our spouses had passed away last year from cancer. Her husband John died from prostate cancer, while my wife had perished from breast cancer. Her daughter went off to a nearby college, while my two sons left for studying abroad.
All of a sudden Helen excused herself and run to the bathroom. When she returned, I asked, “Are you OK?” “I am OK, just a little under the weather,” looking shyly at her feet. Finally, she sighted and confessed, “I am … all plugged up.” “Plugged up?” Her face went red, “I am constipated. I haven’t gone for about a week.” I assured her, “Well, we all get that way. Have you tried some laxative?” She shook her head, “No, my stomach gets upset with these things. I tried the other route.”
“The other route??”
“You know… Suppositories. I took two glycerin ones and a Dulcolax one before going for my jog. But they only produced gas and some wet farts. I think I have to step up the treatment a little.”
“Stepping it up??”
She looked me in the eyes, “Well, you know… I saw your bag hanging from the door.” I turned crimson red and remembered that I had just taken my usual morning and left the bag on the door of the hallway bathroom. “Eh, you are not alone with your problem. I need to take an enema once in a while to stay regular,” I confessed. “If you need to borrow the bag, …”
“No. I never gave myself an enema. My late husband would give them to me – quite frequently. Would you be willing to help me?” I cleared my throat, ”You mean, to give you an enema?” “Yes, please! I really, really need one badly. My constipation is killing me. In the past, I have gone to my doctor and his nurse has given it to me, but she wasn’t gentle with me and it hurt a lot. Please, please, I trust you.”
What is a man to do in a situation like this – a gorgeous woman is actually pleading to have you give her an enema? I had been into enemas from my early teens, experimenting with some bulbs I found in my parents’ bathroom, graduating later to an irrigator and finally to enema bags. My girlfriends and my late wife didn’t share the same enthusiasm for ‘little red bag’.
“Are you sure? This will be very intimate, you know.” I asked her. “I am sure and I trust you that you will not take advantage of me.” “Alright then. Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom.” I spread a towel over the bed and told her to get comfortable, while I got some KY and gloves from the bathroom. When I entered the room again, I saw her lying on her left side with her sweat pants pulled down to her ankles exposing her lovely ass. I swallowed hard and cleared my throat, “Well, let’s check you out first.” I sat beside her and parting her ass lubricated her charming rosebud. She started moaning, when finally my finger entered her inner sanctum. I felt the hard turds in her bottom and told her that she was really badly ‘plugged up’ down there. I went to the bathroom to warm up a fleet mineral enema in the sink.
“First, I want to lubricate you down there, so when it comes out, it wouldn’t hurt so much.” When I came back to the bed with the disposal fleet enema, she complained, “No, not a fleet one. They burn my little bung hole.” “Not to worry. It’s a mineral oil enema and not the salt type. I agree, I don’t like the regular fleet ones either.”
“Are you ready for it?” She nodded her lovely head and parted her ass checks for me. “OK, here we go,” I carefully inserted the short nozzle and gave the bottle a gentle squeeze. Helen sucked in some air, “Oooh!“ I removed the little plastic bottle and wiped her little rosebud with some tissue. “Let’s hold this in for 15 minutes, my dear. Then we will follow up with a little soapy enema to get things moving,” stroking her back.
I left to fetch a bowl with some warm water and swooshed some soap in it. I returned with a red bulb syringe. I attached the black douche nozzle on it, filled it with the soap suds, and lubed the nozzle. Helen looked scared at the nozzle, “That’s awful big. You wouldn’t hurt me, would you?” “No, I shall be gentle with you, but you are so plugged up that the normal nozzle may get clogged. Besides, there will be some boulders coming out of you shortly,” gently smiling at her and sitting next to her again. “Don’t be afraid, my darling. Just relax and let me handle the rest.”
I parted her ass checks again and lubed her bung hole again. She started moaning, “Don’t stop. It’s nice.” My finger entered her hole and massaged it in preparation for the ‘big invader’. “I will try to give you more than one load of the soap suds. Please try to keep it, so we don’t have to repeat this too many times. OK?” “Yes.” With that I moved the large douche nozzle through her little rosebud. “OOOh, that’s really big. But it feels nice.”
“Here we go,” I pressed the bulb and let the first load enter her rectum. “Ooohhh. I am so full. Please not another one. I have to go.” I reloaded the bulb quickly to inject some more soap suds into her. “PLEASE. I need to go,” she pleaded. I removed the bulb syringe and let her run to the throne. She slammed the door shut and I heard the explosive relieve.
In the meantime, I went to the hallway bathroom to fetch my bag and prepare for the 2nd round. I filled my red Paris bag with about three quarts of soapy suds and hang it onto the IV stand I rolled next to the bed. I attached a 30” long 32 French colon tube on it and laid it out on the towel. Helen came finally from the bathroom, “Wow, what a rush. I really need this. I apologize for smelling up your bathroom.” Then she saw the enema bag, “What’s that for?” “Dear, you need to get the rest of your colon cleaned out, too. Otherwise, you end up where we started. You didn’t go for a week; we need to get that out, too. You want to get better, aren’t you?”
Helen sighted, “I guess so. But this nozzle looks funny.” “Oh, you never seen a colon tube? The tube gets all the way up into your colon to flush that out as well. Don’t worry; I use it often on myself to get the stuff out. It doesn’t hurt. Just relax.” She lay down on the towel again and I told her that it would be more comfortable, if laid on her left side again. “This one will be a lot more than you got the first time, but we made some room for it, didn’t we,” smiling at her.
I lubed the colon tube thoroughly and then spend some quality time on her bunghole. She started moaning again, “Mmmh. OOH. Please, what are you doing to me?” “You like it, don’t you. Relax and enjoy it.” Finally I withdraw my finger and inserted the tip of the colon tube. “Ready? Let me know, when you get a cramp. I will stop the flow and give you some time to relax. But we need to get most of the bag into you in order to clean you out thoroughly.” She nodded her head and I opened the clamp. “Oooh, mmmh. It fells nice.” I slowly moved the tube higher up in her colon, “You doing great.” She closed her eyes and moaned. I noticed that she became rather aroused by the treatment. Her lips were getting wet and her hand started patting her clit.
Suddenly, I remembered that I had an old vibrator in my night desk drawer and pulled out the Iris G-spot vibrator, which had given so much pleasure to my wife. I turned it on low and slowly inserted into her scream vulva. She turned to me with a big smile on her face mouthing thank you to me. I stop the flow to have her enjoy the moment a little longer. “No. Please fill me up. I enjoy this sooo much,” she commanded. The n she closed her eyes again and started moaning deeply and loudly, she was close. I held onto the tube as she began to buck with her hips and fucked the little pleasure maker in her pussy. And then it happened. “YES! YES! OOOH!” she screamed making me wonder whether the neighbors could hear her. After a while she came back to earth, I had stopped the flow as the bag was almost flat. She smiled at me and gave me a deep kiss and hug, “Thank you! I really need this…” She ran off to the bathroom to relieve herself of the almost three quarts of soapy suds.
I lay down on the bed, and closed my eyes and played with my rock hard member, going over the proceedings so far. What a day. “Now, it’s your turn,” a voice called me back into the present. There Helen stood with one of my other bags, she must have found in the batch room – a 4 quart red open top affair with soap suds spilling out. “You are going to love this one,” she smiled and waved with the black Super Victorian Douche Nozzle measuring 7/8” by 9”.

I swallowed hard looking dumbstruck at Helen hanging up the bulging bag on the IV stand next to the now deflated red Paris bag. It looked tiny in comparison to the 4 quart bag. “Well, come on get ready to receive your clean out!” she commanded, ”Or did you thought that you could just give me a couple of enemas without getting any in return, Honey?” I slowly got of the bed and remove my pants and exposed my semi-rigid organ pointing at her. “Look at that! Somebody is exited, isn’t he?” , she bantered. I quickly turned red in my face and looked at my feet like a schoolboy who was found with his hands in the cookie jar. “I remember from my hubby that he loved to receive a good soapy enema from me. Please lie on your back holding up your
legs! Mummy is going to take good care of you.” I cleared my throat and did as she demanded. “Didn’t your wife take
care of your backside?” she asked while putting on some gloves and getting the KY ready. “Even big boys need to have
their heinis cleaned out regularly by their mommies, don’t you agree?” I groaned as answer as she had trusted her two fingers into my ass hard. “Well, she didn’t like the whole idea of enemas
as a turn on.” I explained. “She thought it was rather dirty and didn’t want anything to do with it.” “What a shame, she didn’t know what she was missing. You like it, don’t you,” she smiled and twisted her agile fingers in and around inside my bunghole making my penis rock hard and begging for relief. “Oooh, yes! Please, don’t stop.” I asked her.
She removed her fingers and pressed the thick bulbous end of the douche nozzle towards my quivering hole. “Ready my dear?” she asked. “YES….Please, yes!” I answered. This was heaven, not only did I found a girl who loved to receive the nozzle but she also handle the nozzle expertly on me. I had searched for such a girl all my life and now we found each other. “Here you go, my little darling.” Shoving the nozzle inside me and turning it while releasing the soapy solution. She continued “fucking” me with the bid douche nozzle and stimulating my prostate. At the same time she massaged my pleasure stick with her other hand. I moaned in pleasure. “Yes, my dear. I know from my hubby that boys have their G-spot, too. You like to have your prostate massaged, don’t you?” she romped. “Yes. Please don’t stop.” The warm soapy solution was rushing into my guts and stimulating my insides. The pressure was increasing on my prostate was increasing and my dick was screaming for relief. “Hold on to your load my dear,” she demanded and stopped rubbing my cock, “we don’t want you to squirt around.” Finally the 4 quart soapy load was in me, slushing around. “Hold on to it,” she whispered in my ear while slowly removing the nozzle,” don’t spill a drop or else…” I groaned and moaned in pleasure both ends wanted to release their loads.
“Let’s go,” pulling me from the bed to the bathroom, “Mummy has a delicious surprise for you.” When I walked into the bathroom, I noticed another of my bags filled up with a penis shaped nozzle attached, filled up and ready to go. ‘Oh, God. Not another one.’ I turned around and looked at her pleadingly. “No, my dear, that one is for me not for you. Sit down, but don’t let go yet.” I carefully positioned myself over the toilette bowl and fought the urge to relax my sphincter. She moved closer to me over the bowl and then slowly impaled herself on my rock hard shaft. Her pussy was deliciously warm and soaking wet. We both started moaning as she started rocking on my dick. Now I realized what she wanted to do. While she was riding me, she wanted me to give her another load in her ass. Then the idea was that we would come together and I could relief myself both ways. I greedily plunged my finger into the ready Vaseline tub on the counter and smeared her rosebud. I felt my hard cock in her pussy through the walls of her rectum. This was pleasurable torture as she whispered in my ear that by no means I was to let go of my loads until she was ready. Then I took the bulbous nozzle and twisted it into her awaiting hole. She moaned, groaned, and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. I released the solution into her rectum feeling the rushing solution on my shaft through the thin membrane between her pussy and rectum. We wanted to hold onto the moment as long as we could, but finally Mother Nature took ruthless control of the situation and her muscles started to tighten around my shaft. We both started to scream in pleasure and I finally released my cum into her hot pussy and finally, my sphincter lost control and the soapy enema exploded into the bowl. For several minutes we both were like in trance pumping our muscles until we finally got hold of reality again. She gave me a big kiss with a smile and I whispered into her ears, “Thank you, Mummy. This was great! I never had an orgasm like this before. I hope nothing is broken.” She slowly got up from now deflated dick and smiled at me, “Don’t worry. I needed this more than you.” She leaned over and flushed the toilette. “So my little boy, please get up and let me wipe you.” I followed her lead as in trance and bend over to let her clean me up. She gently washed my hole with soap and wash cloth, while she still had her nozzle and enema in her butt. “So, here you go my darling. All fresh and clean for me.” She gently moved me away from the toilette bowl, pulled the thick nozzle out of her rosy butt hole without spilling a drop – I was impressed about her muscle control – and plunged down on the seat letting it rip. “Oh, that feels so good,” rubbing her still full clit for another climax. I moved closer and started sucking on her full nipples. “Oooh. Mmmhh.” She mumbled while I move my hand down to her wet pussy, gently pushing her hand aside and rubbing her clit gently between my finger and thumb. “Ooh. Yesss. Oooh. “ she responded rocking on the seat back and forth making it difficult for me to continue to suck on her hard nipple and rubbing her clit. Soon her body shook in spasms of another gigantic orgasm. She slumped over into my receiving arms and I caressed her body with my hands and tongue. “Let me clean my little girl.” Moving her up and gently moving her around so that she could bend over and I could wipe her little rosebud and red pussy. I walked her over to the bed and let her on her back. Going back to the bathroom, I fetched some baby powder and powder her swollen pussy and deliciously looking rosebud. ‘Not today. My little rosebud, but soon I will invade you
with my hard rood’ I thought to myself and placed a new pair of lily white panties over her delicious rump. She thanked me with a big hug and deep kiss. Soon we both started drifting off to sl**p off the excitement of the morning…
To be continued….

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Glad you liked it
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damn! Hot!
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Excellent story