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Chapter Four
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Jim then went into another section of the plane to make some phone calls and left me where I was. I laid my seat back a little ways and settled in for the few hours it would take us to get back to New York. Then for some reason I thought about my freshman year in college. It was my first time away from home and it felt good to finally be somewhat on my own and making my own decisions for the first time. I had even met a new guy, Fred, and we started seeing each other almost every day. Within two weeks of starting our relationship we started having sex together and it was good. I had even begun to start thinking of him as possibly being the one I’d share my life with.
Things between us were going great until one day he had come over to my dorm room looking like someone had just shot his dog. I kept asking him what was wrong and he kept telling me I wouldn’t understand and then he’d go back to looking sad again. I asked him how could I ever understand his problem if he never tells me what it is that is so wrong. After about an hour of pleading with him I got him to agree to tell me what it is that had him so upset.
He told me it concerned the fraternity he was trying to pledge himself into. All the new pledges were given different tasks to complete before they would even be considered qualified to join the fraternity. What was your task? I asked him. Mine, he said, was to find a bukkake girl and since I met you I haven’t been able to even search for one. At first I had no idea what he was talking about when he told me he needed a bukkake girl. After he explained it too me I still did not understand why a guy would want to do that to a girl when every young girl had a fine young pussy needing a good fucking just like I did. Fred told me that being able to cum on a girls face is one of the surest ways for a girl to prove to her partner she loves him and will do anything for him. I could almost guess where all this was going so I asked him how many guys would be there? Fred indicated that there would be no more than seven. Seven guys, I asked him inquisitively. Fred was gaining more confidence as he saw I was becoming more and more interested in this bukkake thing. I should have realized I was being set up from the very beginning. How could I have known that this was all a ploy to use me for this bukkake thing from the start when he first met me? As it turned out his fraternity pointed me out to him early in the year and told him to get me for their bukkake girl before the November Thanksgiving break.
My only thought during that time was how I was going to be able to help my boyfriend, my possible future husband, which was how I was thinking at that time. I was willing to do anything for him in order to keep him out of trouble. After all it was partly my fault that he was spending so much time with me he couldn’t find a whore to do this for him. He then showed me a video of a young girl surrounded by cocks while she sucked each of them. I watched it to the end of the video when she was covered in their sperm. I had to admit to myself that it did look like a fun thing to do while being surrounded by all those men. It was then that I told Fred that maybe I could help him out on this if he wanted and still could not find another whore to do this for him. He looked at me and I could see his eyes light up and his smile was from ear to ear. “Really,” he said. “You would do this for me?” he asked. Up and till then no one had ever come on my face and Fred had only cum in my mouth a couple of times. “Of course I’ll do this for you if you want me to.” I told him. Isn’t this what couples do for each other when one of them is in trouble?” I added.
Fred then kissed me and laid me back on my bed and told me he wanted to make love to me. I felt good about myself at being able to help him get over this problem of his. He then asked me if it would be all right if he could cum on my face tonight after we finished making love. I told him I’d like that.
We kissed for a long time and I felt there was more passion in his kissing as he held my head between his hands. In between his kisses he would whisper sweet things into my ear that reinf***ed my decision to help him and made me more at ease with my choice as a right one.
We broke apart to get our clothes off and before getting back into the bed I knelt down in front of him and his hard cock. With my hands on his hips and his cock just inches from my mouth I Looked up into his eyes I told him I wanted to be his bukkake girl tonight. Fred smiled and whispered I love you. Turning my attention back to his cock I kissed the end and then slide just the head of his cock into my mouth. I love the head of a cock as it first enters my mouth. I would apply a lip lock with my lips just behind the ridge and hold just the head in my mouth while my tongue danced on his cock head. Every time I’ve done this it seemed I was getting to where I enjoyed sucking his cock more and more. His cock taste and the smell of his cock were fast becoming very pleasing to me. Slowly I would take more of him into my mouth and again hold his cock there for a little while. Sometimes he would flex his cock inside my mouth as if to tell me to please take more as my slow teasing of his cock was become almost too much to endure. Then I would fill my mouth with as much of his cock as I could take and then pull back only to slide it back inside again.
Soon Fred pulled me up and then sat me down upon the edge of the bed. Lifting my legs Fred rolled my on to my back and he then kneeled down between my legs. Once Fred started sucking my pussy I closed my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful feelings his tongue was causing to spread throughout my body. In no time I was calling for him to fuck me as I wanted him to make me cum while his cock was inside me. With him standing at the edge of the bed Fred placed his cock at the opening to me and moved his cock up and down several times before inserting his cock. My eyes were closed as I began to feel the walls of my pussy open up as the head and then the shaft of his cock began to travel up inside me. Once he was all the way in Fred began picking up the pace and I could feel the pounding his cock was giving me and forcing my mind to start reaching for that plateau that would give me the sexual relief I was longing for. Soon I was rubbing my clit and begging him to fuck me harder. Make me cum with your big fucking cock and then cum on my face. You want to cum on my face don’t you Fred? You want to fire that hot sperm all over my fucking face don’t you? You want to use me as like I am a nasty whore don’t you Fred. Thoughts of Fred shooting his hot sperm on my face like I was his complete whore to use coupled with his cock’s nonstop pounding inside my wet pussy was bringing me to a point of going over the edge.
Fuck! I shouted as the first wave of sexual relief ripped through my body. Thousands of thoughts raced through my mind as wave after wave of a massive thrashing orgasm ravaged my body. It was then Fred ripped his cock outside of my still trembling pussy. Crabbing his cock Fred walked, still on his knees, up my body until his cock head was pointing at the left side of my face. I was still rubbing my clit when the first bolt of his hot sperm soared from the end of his cock and landed on my check. My pussy exploded with a thousand bolts of lightning as is I first felt the heat of his sperm landing on my face. I was amazed at how hot it felt as it first hit my skin. This, I thought to myself, is so fucking nasty as another mass of hot sperm hit at my hair line and then down my face close to my open mouth. His sperm continued to fly out and cover my left cheek and I never once thought to turn my face so he could cover all of my face. I was too deep in to my own orgasm that was being intensified by being used as a nasty whore for him to shoot his hot cum on. When it was over my left side was covered in cum and my own orgasm was beginning to wind down. I laid there for a while marveling at how fast his cum cooled down once it landed on my face. Cum was running down my neck and inside my ears when he asked if I wanted a rag to clean up with. As I opened my mouth to speak a little of his cum entered into the side of my mouth and for some reason it triggered me to use my fingers and sc****d more of his cum into my mouth and onto my tongue. This simple little activity generated more feelings of bringing a nasty slut deep inside me and I was beginning to enjoy having those nasty feelings. When I had finished with my face I looked at the tip of Fred’s cock and saw there was a small drop hanging off the end. Quickly I sat up and brought his cock to my mouth where I licked the drop off his slit before putting his cock back inside my sucking mouth while thinking to myself, “So this is what being a whore feels like!”

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