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Chapter Three

To say I got my throat hammered all through the rest of the week would be an understatement. My camera team did their best to get me ready for deep throating cock like it was my second nature to have big cocks shoved down my throat. Even Harold volunteered to come back and help me after Monday. Of course I understood they were getting to receive a bunch of great blow jobs but, that wasn’t what was important to me. Jim had told me to be ready or I would be sorry and I had no reason to doubt his word. At first I was just in this for the $120,000 and then when I heard there was an additional $500,000 reward offered to the best whore I made up my mind I was going to win no matter what it takes or what I have to do. This past week that meant I had to repeatedly have cocks shoved down my throat until I was no longer gagging or spiting up anything I had ate earlier. I could have cared less what those guys were wanting from me. Except for Harold when he would take command of me with just his voice and his hands guiding me to whatever it was he was wanting from me.

Anything Harold asked for he got from me. Ass to Mouth, Rim jobs, and even a couple of his friends he brought with him one night. I even fell in love with the smell of his wonderful sperm. It had that slight smell of bleach that sperm sometimes has. I think it was Tuesday night he was on the living room floor on his back with me in between his legs giving him a dam good deep throat blow job. My confidence and my performance were perfect as I never once suffered a single gag or stomach heave. When he came he filled my mouth to over flowing and then sprayed my face. Right away I smelt his sperm and I immediately buried my nose in the pools of sperm on his crotch and snorted his sperm up through my nose.

On Friday morning a Limo Service was sent to pick us up and I was nervous as I watched my home of the last few years disappear in the distance. I was surprised to find we were arriving at the Airport and I saw Jim was already waiting for us.
“We are going to be taking a trip,” Jim said. Then he looked at me and said. “I hope you are ready.” We boarded the private jet and in no time we were airborne. Where we flew too I don’t know. I do know we were over water for a while.

When we landed a limo took us on about a thirty minute ride and dropped us off at what looked like to me was a private hotel. That was when four men dressed in black came up to me and placed a color around my neck, attached a chain, and then lead me away from my group. I wondered why my camera crew didn’t follow and then I noticed all the cameras in the trees and on all the buildings.

These men took me to a room and removed everything I was wearing except for my new piercings. Then they laid me on my back on a padded table that was about a foot wide and maybe three and a half feet long. A belt was then put around my waist and then fastened around under the table. Once I was secured to the table they picked me up and carried me out of the room. I was carried down several hall ways were people watched as I was carried passed them. We then entered a big sized room that had five large picture frames on the walls with no pictures in them. At the top of each picture frame was a city name in each of them. Chicago was to my right and then Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and my New York City was to my left.

They took me over to the frame labeled New York City and lifted me and the board I was on to the center of the frame and fitted the three hooks at the head of the board into the three slots in the center of the frame and then locked the board into place. Four inch long leather cuffs were then attached to my ankles and the wrist of my arms. Blue nylon ropes were then attached to my ankle cuffs and the end of the ropes were then run through metal eyelets in the top corners of the frame. Blue ropes were then attached to my wrist cuffs and my arms were then run inside my legs and then out and down towards eyelets at the bottom corners of the picture frame. Once the ropes were pulled tight my spread Eagle exposed ass and pussy was pointing out to the center of the room. A small leather pillow was then placed under my head lifting it up in such a way as to give me a complete view of the room.

Soon the other four ladies were brought into the room and placed into their picture frames the same way I was. Another man entered the room and walk over to the far wall from me and he pushed a button causing the wall to swing open and in no time a complete bar was set up and ready to go. That was when an announcement was made over the P.A. system. “Ladies and gentlemen our charity event will start in thirty minute would you please make your way into the Charity Ball Room.”

To my right the double doors were flung open and a large crowd of very well dressed people started entering the room. On their way to the bar they would stop and look at us while making comments to each other. One of the comments I heard someone say, “This one’s ours.” As they moved on to the bar five very large bowls of g****s were wheeled into the room and placed in front of each of us.

“Ladies and gentleman if I may have your attention,” an announcer in the middle of the room said. Tonight’s event is our Charity g**** toss game and the rules are simple. For a small cost of a thousand dollars for each g**** you buy a chance to toss a g**** into the pussy that represents your city. Whoever gets the most g****s to stick inside their girls pussy wins ten percent of the money collected for that girl. Are there any questions? Some guy yelled out that he would pay a thousand dollars each for the first ten g****s his wife is allowed to eat out of some girl’s pussy. He gets a laugh from the crowd and a hell yes from the announcer. Then the announcer yells let the games begin.

Soon g****s are flying at me and landing everywhere except inside my wide open pussy until finally a g**** smacks my pussy dead center and sure enough that guys wife rushes over and places her entire mouth over my complete pussy and licks my clit a couple of times before digging in under the g**** and pulling it back into her teeth to show the crowd. She then kisses her husband and he takes the g**** from her and eats it. Then he yells out, “You got to eat a thousand dollar g**** and that dam g**** tasted dam good.” The crowd laughed and the games continued until all the g****s were sold.

After the crowd left the room we were taken down off the wall and were allowed a few moments to get our bl**d moving again before they lead us by our leashes to our next activity for the night.

This time we were lead into a room that had a round raised platform in the middle of the room. The round platform was divided into five equal sections and each section had the name of each of the cities we represented. I was lead onto my section where I was then made to kneel down onto my knees. My legs were then pushed open and then tied to the platform and my arms were secured behind me. I was then allowed to drink some water through a straw and the man asked me if I was comfortable. I told him yes and he then stepped off the platform.

Once all the men cleared the platform a whirling noise started and the platform started rotating beneath us. Half way through the first rotation the platform started rising and the roof over our heads started opening up. Once we cleared the opening I could see we were in the middle of what looked like a small stadium. This stadium looked like it could hold maybe a thousand people and they were all seated at dinner tables. Bright spot lights were pointed at us making it hard to really see anyone clearly passed the first roll of tables.

A door to the side of the arena opened up and five tall strong looking men entered and walked over to where we were tied to the platform. Then, as if on cue, they all removed their robes and let them slip to the floor. My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I saw their cocks. They were huge and each of them looked to have at least 12 inches of cock. Then each of the men stepped up to the platform and positioned himself in front of a girl. I stared at the guys cock in front of me and watched it growing right in front of my eyes. He wasn’t circumcised and I could see the ridge at the back of his cock head outlined through the skin. His big balls were hanging low and were swinging side to side as he moved his hips to the right and left. I judged him to be the same size as Jeffery and I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble getting this beautiful cock down my throat. I worked hard last week sucking cock down my throat and now I’m looking forward to showing these people what I can do with a big ass cock. I even lost five pounds last week sucking so much cock I hardly took time to eat anything else. Maybe I’ll write a cock and cum diet book when this year is up I laughed to myself. I then looked to the right and tried to get a look at the next cock I’ll be sucking after this one moves on. From what I could see it is a beautiful cock also. That was when I took notice of my new found desire for the taste of cock. This cock in front of me is making my mouth water and my pussy is starting to get that slight burning feeling building up inside as I’m kept waiting to get a taste of his cock that is hanging only inches away from my mouth. Yea I want to suck this cock and I want to show this crowd what a real cock sucking whore can do with a decent sized cock in her mouth.

Ladies and gentleman for our first event in our coliseum of whores tonight we will be looking for the whore that has truly mastered the art form of Deep Throat. During our first event we ask that you please remain silent so that our judges will be able to clearly hear if any of our five whores assembled here should gag, heave, or spit up. When a judge does declare he heard a whore making any of the three different sounds that whore will be eliminated from the contest. Every two minutes our studs will rotate to the next whore on their right. This will be repeated until four of the whores have been eliminated and we are left with just one whore remaining. Now before we can declare that whore is our winner she must have suck down all five of our stud’s cocks without making any of the gagging sounds for the entire two minutes. She will then be declared our winner and the second event of the evening will begin.

Studs are you ready? The announcer asked. My stud grabbed his cock with his right hand and the back of my head with his left and shock his head yes. A thrill shot through me as I knew I was only seconds away from having his big cock inside my mouth sliding over my tongue on its way to the back of my throat. I felt my pussy throb and I wished they had placed one of those Hitachi vibrators against my clit.

Go! A bell rang and I took a deep breath and waited the split second it took for his cock to travel towards my mouth and then straight down my throat. Once he planted his cock deep inside my throat he held it there while he pumped his hips in the hope he could make me gag. I responded by sticking my tongue out and licked his balls for him. I could tell by his eyes he was not expecting me to do that. For a second there I could see he was enjoying what was happening to his cock and then he remembered his job was to get me to gag on his cock and not enjoy it. He then grabbed both sides of my head and started fucking my face like it was going to be the last fuck he was ever going to have. I then heard the judge yell Miami was out and then I heard Chicago was out at almost the same time. When the two minute bell rang my stud gave me three more deep thrust before pulling out of my mouth and I gasp for a huge breath of air to fill my lungs. Then I thanked him loud enough for everyone to hear and told him I enjoyed sucking his dick. Los Angeles was then disqualified for puking on her studs cock just as he was pulling out of her mouth when the bell sounded. She was the one that was on my right and that meant his cock was going to be covered in her vomit.

Now it was just me and Atlanta left. I was thinking the wait in between cocks was taking too long so I shouted out come on lets go I’m here to suck dick. As the stud with the vomit covered cock stepped in front of me I shouted out dinner and a face fuck at the same time what more could a lady ask for? The crowd laughed and a chant of “New York” was repeated over and over again.

The announcer then called for the crowd to become quite so they could begin another round of the Deep Throat challenge. I stared at the cock in front of me and saw that there were small chunks on it and there was lots of liquid still dripping from the shaft. That was when one of the judges asked that the cock be cleaned so the other girl didn’t have an unfair advantage over me. I then yelled, “Hell no! Leave that delicious looking cock just the way it is. Besides, I added, I don’t want to wait any longer to suck more cock into my mouth.”

When the bell rang the stud shoved his slime coated cock into my waiting mouth. Then as my lips descended down his shaft the pool of slime was pushed down his shaft by my tight lips that were wrapped around his shaft. Again when this stud’s cock was deep into my throat I stuck my tongue out and licked his slime covered balls. Looking into his eyes I could tell these big cock studs were not used to having some whore take their cock deep into her throat and then be able to lick their balls as well. This time it was me banging my head up and down his shaft as he watched surprised at the ease I was able to handle his big cock.

One of the things Harold made me practice on while I was sucking his cock was breath control. Harold wanted me to work on holding my breath for at least two and a half minutes before coming up for air. He also told me to try and allow small puffs of air to escape out around the shaft and that would help ease the pressure on my lungs. By the end of the week I was able to hold Harold’s cock in my throat for almost three minutes before coming up for air.

All that practice made this studs cock mine. Two minutes was nothing for me to do and he was amazed I never once came up for air while his cock was in my throat for the entire two minutes. When the two minute bell rang he started to pull out and I tried to move my head forward to keep as much of him in my mouth as I could. After his cock left my mouth I yelled, Next!!

Behind me I could hear Atlanta gasping for breath. She lasted for two rounds so far and I could tell there was a little whimper in her voice as she kept gasping for more air. Let’s go I shouted, not want her to be able to catch her breath. My next stud stepped in front of me and I lean forward against my restraints like a hungry lioness eager for her next meal. I could see a drop of pre cum inside his piss slit and I leaned against my restraints even more.

When the bell rang he rammed his cock into my mouth and my tongue raced to get the pre cum before his cock head was down my throat taking that small taste of his sperm with it. I was able to get it and my pussy flared with a burning desire for more. I rotated my head to the right and then back to the left as his cock traveled down my waiting throat. Once he was all in I kept rotating my head and licking his balls praying that it was possible for him to be close enough to come for me. I wanted to taste sperm and I wanted to feel the validation that comes with giving a dam good blow job. I also wanted to show these people here that I am a dam fucking good cock sucker.

I gave this guy everything I had to give his cock and just right at the one minute and fifty eight second mark he roared and unloaded his balls into my throat. When the bell rang he pulled out and finished on my face. The crowd cheered and again shouted New York over and over. I could hear Atlanta coughing behind me and I knew she wouldn’t be much longer.

When the next stud stepped in front of me the crowd got quit and the bell rang. This guy would pump a few short strokes and then shove it down my throat and push on the back of my head as hard as he could. He almost caught me off guard once and I was able to recover quickly without making a sound. It was at that time I heard Atlanta puke up and I knew this contest was mine. I buried my head into his crotch and sucked for all I was worth until the bell rang. Now all I had to do was suck one more stud and I would be declared the winner.

When the last guy stepped in front of me my eyes nearly fell out of my head. This guy was huge and must have been fifteen inches long. I remembered Harold telling me it is not the length of the cock that matters as much once you have trained yourself to turn off your gag reflex. So far Harold has been right about everything he taught me. It was then I saw a string of cum hanging off the end of this studs cock and right away I was fired up again and shouted, let’s go!!

He stepped forward and shoved his cock into my mouth not even waiting for the bell. I guess he was hoping to catch me off guard and cause me to choke. It didn’t work. Soon his cock was buried deep inside my throat and his big balls were resting on my chin. For a second I thought I could feel it exiting out the other end of my throat. He tried shoving his cock at different angles inside my mouth hoping to make me choke and I could see the surprise in his eyes when he realized this cock sucking whore now owned his cock.

When the bell rang I was declared the winner and the announcer told everyone there would be a ten minute break while they set up the next event. My ropes were untied and as I rubbed my legs trying to get the circulation going in them again a few of the studs told me how much they enjoyed me and what I was able to do on them. I thanked them and told them how much of a joy it was for me to be getting a chance at taking their big cocks down my throat.

Just before the ten minutes was up I was taken to the center of the platform this time. The only city name on the platform this time was New York. Again I was placed in the kneeling position and my arms tied behind me. Then an insulated head band was placed on my fore head. The inside of the head band was made of rubber and the medal outside was made of gold.

There was also a butterfly screw on the back where a long wire was attached. That wire was then run over to a control box off to my left where a man sitting there attached it to a pole position on his control box. I could see other wires reaching out to where the other four girls were tied to padded benches placed around the inside of the arena. Again they were tied to their bunch like we were inside the charity room. Than a four inch long test tube like metal probe with a wire attached was inserted inside their ass holes. Another wire was attached to their clit shields and then two more attached to each of their nipples.

When the studs returned to the arena they had insulated shields strapped to them just above their cocks and they too had wires leading back to the control box. With everything and everyone now in place the announcer came back on and told the crowd that the nights second event was about to begin. He then went on and explained to the crowd what the second event was going to be. If you notice our winner for tonight has a metal band around her fore head and our studs have metal plate’s strapped just above their cocks. Her head band and their metal plates are attached to a control box that has wires leading out to the other four whores. Whenever our studs slam their cocks deep inside the throat of our winner their metal plates and her head band will make contact and complete a circuit that will send an electrical current into the tits and pussies and then out the asses of our four whores who are being punished for losing tonight contest. This punishment phase of tonight’s events will not end until all of our studs have finished face fucking and then ejaculated all over the face of our winner.

Now I understood why Jim told me I wouldn’t like losing. I was excited to get started sucking these guys’ cocks and at the same time I was feeling sorry for the other four girls.

Soon the first stud was in front of me and feeding me his cock. This time I was able to enjoy the taste of his cock before he shoved it deep onto my throat. When my head band made contact with his plate I could hear the other girls scream out in pain as the electricity shot through them. My stud then started jerking his cock back and forth sending small quick jolts of current into the girls. Then one of the girls yelled, “New York hurry the fuck up and suck that mother fucker off you bitch.” That sort of pissed me off a little. I just may be Skippy’s cock sucking bitch and I accept that. But, no bitch from Miami is going to call me a bitch. So I took a breath and sank my head down deep until contact was made and I held myself down there for just over two minutes and listened to that bitch scream.

When the last stud finished coming on my face I asked him if he would please use his cock to feed all the sperm into my mouth. He did and seemed to enjoy watching me eat sperm off his cock. He then sank his cock deep into my throat once again and smiled as he listened to those girls scream. They were not as loud as in the beginning. I guess an hour and a half of my deep throat cock sucking caused them to become a little exhausted.

That was when the New York men were invited to come down and have their way with the four girls. The men in the other four cities could do nothing except watch as it was their whores that lost today’s contest. When the New York guys were finished and had covered the girls in their sperm I could see water hoses were being brought out to wash off the girls. That was when I yelled out no!!! Everyone turned to look at me and I told them that that was New York cum on those girls and by rights it belongs to me. It doesn’t get washed off it gets licked off. They untied me and I went from girl to girl licking and sucking off all the sperm that was in them and on them.

When I finished they held a ceremony where I was presented a small three inch golden cock with two quarter caret diamonds for balls. The cock was then attached to the right small gold chain that hung off the gold ring on my necklace.

On the flight home the next day Jim told me why there were only two small gold chains hanging down from the gold ring. He said that they have never had a girl win more than two events so they stopped putting any extra gold chains on the ring. That was when I made up my mind I was going to change that. Especially after seeing how these guys punished the losers.

Jim then told me that there was going to be another event in three and a half weeks so I better get my ass ready. I took the hint.

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9 months ago
wonderfull, enjoying this series.
1 year ago
Trying to find the time to spend on writing.
1 year ago
so whens the next chapter gonna come out?
1 year ago
They took the word 'grapes' out in the tossing game..
1 year ago
Loved it all...except the vomit...