Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Eight

Jenny becomes a Porn Star Chapter Eight

After getting home I was almost too tired to go down to the pool and do my laps. However, I dragged myself down to the pool and as soon as I hit the water the coolness of the water against my skin seemed to revive me and I completed my ten laps. My swim suit today would have had me arrest if I wore it anywhere other than the pool where I live. I think the manager likes watching me every day as I do my laps. My bottoms consist of a small gold horse shoe shape piece of metal. The opening of the horse shoe stops right at the start of my clit. There are nail holes running down each side of the horse shoe and a black string starts at the top of the horse shoe and crosses the horse shoe like you tie a regular shoe until they reach the bottom where the two ends are knotted and then run down my slit and up my butt crack. They continue up my back and over my shoulder and are attached to two more small gold horse shoes over each nipple. Again the black strings are threaded through the nail holes until they reach the bottom of these two smaller gold horse shoes and then the threads go down to the horse shoe on my bottom. It would have been easier just to have gone naked but, then I wouldn’t be getting the stares from all the guys trying to get a good look at my body.

After my swim I was starting to apply some sun tan lotion before lying out so I could maintain my tan when a young voice asked if I would like some help. I looked around and noticed it was the pool boy the apartment complex hired to maintain the pool. I also noticed the bulge in his swim shorts as he stared at me. Would you please, I asked him, it would be such a help if you would. As he came over I rolled onto my belly and asked him if he would please make sure to apply it to all my exposed skin. My mirrored sunglasses allowed me to watch his every move as he almost stumbled trying to make his way over to me with that boner of his getting bigger. Picking up the lotion he told me I had a lot of exposed skin and he wanted to make sure I wanted him to apply it to all parts of my exposed skin. I told him of course as it helps to keep the tan even and it helps protects my skin. I moved my hair out of the way and he started at the top of my shoulders and worked his way down my arms and then my back. His hands felt good rubbing on my skin and I asked him how old he was hoping he wasn’t f******n or fifteen. He told me he turned 18 about four months ago and was working for his dad’s pool business until college started in the fall. His hands were now at the small of my back and I could tell he was a little hesitant to cover my ass cheeks and I told him he was doing a good job covering my skin and I thanked him again for helping me. He squirted more lotion on his hands and then I felt him starting to move lower over my ass cheeks. I gave him a small moan and told him how good his hands felt on my skin. Feeling encouraged he let a finger follow my ass crack till he reached that area between my ass hole and my pussy. Then he used both hands and grabbed both ass cheeks and rubbed the lotion in real good. My legs were slightly spread as he applied lotion to the back of my legs and then down to my feet. I then rolled over and lay back down and watched as he tried to make up his mind of which end to start on. Finally he started at the tops of my feet and worked his way up my legs till he reached the Y at the top of my legs. I could see the poor boy was having a tough time wondering if I meant for him to touch all the skin around my pussy.

I asked him what’s wrong. He told me he wasn’t sure about how to apply the lotion at my bikini area. I smiled and told him if it’s an area where I would apply lotion then that’s where I need you to apply the lotion also. At first he was a little nervous, but as soon as he saw there was no resistance from me it was like a green light went off in his head and his hands were rubbing all up and down my pussy. After what seemed like an extended stay around my pussy he worked up till he reached my tits. There was no hesitation here and he soaked my tits in lotion and I could tell he didn’t really want to leave them and finish applying the lotion to what was left of my body. When he finished I asked him his name and thanked him as he did a wonderful job for me. He said his name was Jack and then he said he saw me out here a lot and wanted to know if I would like for him to help me again. I said thank you Jack I would love for you to help me again. You’re hands feel good and it helps to make sure all my skin is covered and I like that.

Jack was a little slow getting up to leave and I could see that the hard on in his shorts had to be right at the bursting point. I asked him if anything was wrong and he told me that there was nothing wrong. Then I whispered to him and asked if he was embarrassed about having a hard on in front of me. He looked at me like I just discovered his worst nightmare. Here was a k** brave enough to ask if he could apply lotion to my body and yet still too scared to let me know I caused him to get hard. Then I told him that if he continued to apply lotion to my body this summer that I would give him a blowjob before he left for college. His jaw dropped and he asked me if I would really do that. I told him of course I would and then I told him not to be embarrassed about getting hard as it was a natural thing to happen after running his hands all over my body. He then stood up and I lifted my sunglasses and told him, while staring at his cock, that with a cock that big I’m going to be looking forward to the end of summer. Then, thinking to myself, I might not wait till the end of ---summer to suck that piece of teenage meat.

After I finished my tanning I got back to my apartment and I thought about Steven and wondered what he had in mind for this evening when he and Jimmy got back from their shopping run. That was when the phone rang and when I answered it Glenda said hello stranger I haven’t seen or heard from you since you’ve become a big time movie star. We talked for a while catching up on things when she suddenly asked me what it was like making those kind of movies. I told her it was the best thing I had ever done in my life and I only wished I had done it a whole lot sooner. After some more small talk she got around to asking me about sucking cock and taking sperm to the face and swallowing it. Then, before I could answer her, she said isn’t it degrading for a man to come on a girls face? I said it is only degrading if the man doesn’t want to come on your face. That means he thinks you’re either to ugly or too old for him to want to share his sperm with you.

Glenda I absolutely love for a man to come on my face. At the time a man is ready to cum that is where all the action is and for me having my face where everything is happening is the most thrilling part of having nasty sex and being a total cock whore. I want him to think he is something special and I truly want him to let loose with his load and paint my face with his hot sperm. I love to watch his eyes as each wad of his magnificent sperm leaves his cock and lands on different parts of my face. When he is done I devour his cock like it contains lifesaving serum that I’m in desperate need of. When I am done with his cock he is going to see a whore completely covered and wet with his mouthwatering sperm. In my face he’ll see a whore who he believes could not get enough of his wonderful tasting cock and is still savoring his sweet sperm.

A man loves his cock Glenda and he plays with his cock more then he’ll ever let you know. So when you give complete undivided whore like attention to his cock he is going to be nuts about you. The truth is, Glenda, I love the taste of sperm and I believe I deserve it after I give a guy the best fucking he has probably ever had. Besides we’re not making babies so why the hell not drink down his sperm and give him the most erotic looking facial he has ever been able to give a girl.

That was when the idea hit me and I realized I could take care of two things I needed to get taken care of. First I wanted to spend some alone time with Jimmy and his cock. That meant I would need something to occupy Steven’s time. Glenda, I told her, I can talk to you till I am blue in the face and you are never going to learn anything about whether or not you’d like someone coming on your face and in your mouth unless you actually try it. She hesitantly agreed with me and wanted to know what I was leading up to. I told her about wanting to spend time with Jimmy and I needed somewhere for Steven to go so I can get some alone time with him. You’re asking me to fuck your son so you can have some alone time with Jimmy, Glenda asked me? Not just fuck him, Glenda, I want you to learn how to become an extreme whore and hold nothing back. I want you sucking his cock and I want you to enjoy what it is to have a man’s cock inside your mouth. I want your mouth and tongue exploring everything there is to know about his cock. You’re going to fuck him alright, Glenda, but you are going to make sure you have his cock inside your mouth more than inside your pussy. Suck him slow and don’t be in a hurry. Let your mouth feel him and hold him inside your mouth as you grow to love the feel of his cock inside of your mouth. I want you to dig your tongue into his piss slit and taste him. I want you moaning as you taste his cock and feel him with you entire mouth. Glenda, I need you to make him feel like he is doing you a favor by allowing you to suck him.

For this night, Glenda, I need you to throw all your inhibitions aside and abandon yourself into becoming a cock sucking whore. You got to want to become a whore for sucking his cock, Glenda. You got to want this so much your pussy will start getting wet all on its own as you suck his cock. Let yourself become his cock sucking nasty whore Glenda and when you do your pussy will let you know if you are getting it right. Your pussy will start having small explosions on its own letting you know you reaching that level where you will know what it is like to becoming a real cock whore. Glenda you do this and you will understand what I can’t possibly explain to you about what it is about becoming a complete cock loving uninhibited whore. Tomorrow I want you to call me and I want you to confirm to me you have become a complete whore for cock.

I want you to tell me what it is like having your pussy explode just from sucking cock. I want you to tell me you held nothing back and you exposed everything about you to him. Glenda you are not going to be finished with Steven until he has come in your mouth, on your face, and then I want you to take his cock down your throat and let him explode right straight down into your stomach. Make Steven believe your only reason to exist is to drain more and more sperm from his cock. I waited for her to answer and then I heard her try and cover a small moan. Did you just cum Glenda, I asked? Then in a weak trembling voice Glenda told me, yes, yes I did! Good now get a shower and shave your pussy, I told her. Tomorrow you’re going to be a changed woman and you will thank me and wonder why I held this from you for so long. All I can say to that is that I am still learning myself and there are things I won’t be able to tell you until you become what we call an extreme whore. But don’t worry about that for now; I told her, right now all I want you to worry about is doing what I told you to do. I then told her Steven will return in about 40 minute and then I’ll send him over to what I hope is going to be one very horny want-a-be cock whore.

When Steven and Jimmy did return I let Steven know I had something very special for him to do. I explained everything to him about Glenda and how I needed him to help make sure he trained her into becoming a complete cock loving whore like me. I then handed him my car keys and he was off.

As soon as the door close behind Steven I walked over to where Jimmy was sitting, got on my knees, pulled his cock out from the leg hole of his shorts, and took his cock deep into my throat. My pussy was already wet from my talk with Glenda and now I could feel it getting wetter. Pulling back up a little I applied pressure to the loose skin on his shaft with my lips and started rocking up and down. What this did was move his foreskin up and down each time I went up and down on his shaft. When his cock head became exposed on the downward stroke my tongue would dance all over his exposed cock head. Then when I pulled up my tongue would poke inside the foreskin and I’d swirl all around between his cock head and the foreskin. I then placed his cock head against the top row of my teeth using them to keep his cock inside my mouth. Tilting my head back I opened my mouth wide and lowered my chin to just above his ball sack. Pushing my tongue up against the underside of his cock head I applied pressure against the tube and slowly let my tongue travel down that tube until I reached the bottom of his cock shaft. What this does is it f***es small amounts of air down his cock shaft giving him a small mini feeling like a reverse orgasm. Jimmy moaned at this and I told him I had been waiting to suck his dick all day.

Jimmy stayed until almost nine thirty and I sucked him in various positions always trying to keep the feeling my mouth brought him on his cock changing. There was no hurry for him to come and I was glad he allowed me to suck him the entire time he was in my apartment tonight. When he did come he gently grabbed the back of my head and pushed down until his balls rested against my chin and then he let his sperm empty inside my throat. I felt each spurt on my tongue as it traveled up the big vain underneath his shaft and spurted out his cock head inside my throat. Inside my stomach I could feel the heat from each of his huge spurts of sperm as it sailed out the end of his cock and into my stomach. I was in paradise as waves of ecstasy rushed through my brain sending sparks of pleasure throughout my body causing my heated pussy to spasm uncontrollably for what seemed like forever.

After Jimmy left I felt a void had opened up and I needed somehow to fill it. That was when Colleen started talking to me telling me what a busy little whore I’ve been all day. When she reminded me I’d be spending the night on an aircraft carrier inside Nancy’s brain sucking and fucking all night long I immediately felt the void in my life had been lifted.

Next thing I knew was I had a big cock inside my mouth and we were inside a large shower area. There must have been ten to fifteen men inside with us either taking a shower or waiting their turn with me. I was in the middle of this square room with shower heads on all the walls. Water was spraying all around us as the cock inside my mouth released his load of sperm inside my sucking mouth. Then a hand pushed me forward onto my hands and knees and I felt a cock going up my ass as another cock went in my sucking mouth. On and on this continued with them changing me into different positions depending on how they wanted to either fuck me or have their cocks sucked. Sometimes all three of my holes would be filled with cock and sometime only two. None of these guys seem to take very long as most would pump me hard and fast and then grunt their load out into me. As soon as one guy would finish there was someone else taking his place keeping me in a constant state of orgasmic pleasure? About every fifteen or twenty minutes the crowd in the room would change completely and a new group of guys would start having their way with me. Nancy sure was a lucky girl back then I thought to myself. That was when I heard her say thank you I’m glad you’re enjoying my life.

I awoke the next morning feeling energize and ready to face the day. You would never know I had spent all night fucking and sucking sailors anyway they wanted to use me. Their use of me was intense and I enjoyed how the men would just insert their cocks into me and pump until their seed filled me. A lot of them just wanted to jerk off on me and that was delightful to me as well as I could feel their hot sperm running down my body.

When I got out of bed I looked around to see if Steven had returned from Glenda’s and after not finding him I figured he was still enjoying himself turning Glenda into a cock whore. I have to admit I did feel a little loss at not having Steven here in the morning to suck on.

After filling a thermos with coffee I grabbed two cups, left my apartment, and made my way to Jimmy’s place and let myself in. Setting the thermos on his night stand I got onto the bed in between Jimmy’s legs. I reached for his cock and brought it to my mouth and lowered my mouth until there was no more cock to swallow. I held his cock deep inside my throat while squeezing it gently with my mouth and tongue allowing it to grow further down my throat. Pulling back up slowly I found that I am still amazed at the length of his cock as it leaves my sucking mouth. Jimmy’s morning blow jobs always start out slow and very loving. How it ends usually depend on Jimmy and whatever dreams he had during the night.

Sometimes it is just me sucking him until he lets loose with a load of his fresh sperm and other times he violently fucks my face hard until he blasts me with his angry seed. I love giving myself to him to use as he wants because, in the end, it always means it’s me facing a beautiful cock that is spurting hot cum on my face and into my sucking mouth. It is almost like a battle between us when he comes. I’m fighting to get all his cum out by providing him a beautiful face, if I say so myself, to cum on and a warm tight feeling mouth to suck out all his sperm. He is fighting to get all his cum out and to cover a whore’s face and to fill a willing mouth that’s eager to suck the rest of his sperm from his pulsating cock.

This morning Jimmy is just laying back and allowing me to suck him how I wish. He is lost somewhere in his dream land thinking of some fantasy. I hope it is a good one that will cause him to cum hard when he is ready to cum. Soon I am also lost in the joy of sucking his cock as my mind starts to wander to other things. I am first reminded about last night and all the cock I was able to enjoy while inside Nancy’s body. That was her life every day while aboard that ship. She must have gone crazy looking for cock once she left the ship.

Next my mind twisted around to me thinking of a new scene where I can please my fans and me with another all-out assault of multiple cocks on my body. My first thought that came to me was to find a way for me to get to suck Carl’s cock through several orgasms without stopping. Carl has a huge attractive cock and he can cum several times with a large amount of thick sticky sperm without going soft. My idea is to have him tied to one of those X frame boards that swivel in the middle. Then he would be tilted with his head down and his cock up. I would then be tied to another small table that also tilts. My head would hang over one end of the table and my ass would be hanging off the other end of the table. My arms would be tied behind me and my feet would have a very wide spreader attached to each ankle giving complete easy access to my ass and pussy.

Then, with my feet able to touch the ground, the table would be rolled over towards Carl and the table tilted up until my mouth is even with Carl’s cock. Carl’s hard cock would then be inserted inside my mouth and my table moved closer towards Carl until his large cock is deep inside my throat and I can’t breathe any more. Slowly they then move the table back until they can barely hear me sucking in small amounts of air around Carl’s thick cock. My head is then tied into place and the table is secured. Carl’s hips are tied tight and he is only able to thrust his cock about an inch inside my throat. If he keeps his cock shoved down my throat I won’t be able to get any air and will pass out from the lack of oxygen. We are too remained tied like this until Carl has so many orgasms his cock gets flaccid enough to fall from my mouth.

To help keep that from happening Carl’s head is just under my pussy and he will be able to watch man after man fuck me in either of my holes. Each man is to pull their cock out when they are ready to cum, move around to my face, and then cover my face but, mostly, they are to try and to aim at my eyes and nose. with their cum. Their warm sperm will then, hopefully, start to roll down my face towards my mouth and Carl’s cock. That pool of sperm will form a seal around Carl’s cock and my lips which will start to block any air from coming into my mouth. I will then be f***ed to suck harder around Carl’s cock and start slurping up the sperm as fast as I can into my mouth so I can swallow it down in order to be able to get any more air.

Suddenly I am brought back to Jimmy as he is making the sounds and the moves that tell me he is close to giving me his sperm. I circle his cock head with my tongue several times before sealing my lips tight around his cock. This is that moment during a blow job when two things are about happen. First thing is that a fresh load of hot tangy sperm is about to launch out of his cock into my mouth and then splash around inside my mouth and all over my taste buds until his next load of sperm blast out into to my waiting mouth forcing me to either swallow it away or let it leak out giving me more time to play with and keep tasting his delightful sperm. Secondly, this is the sad part; it is usually the end of a blow job.

I keep my tongue moving as I lower my mouth down his cock waiting for his release to fill my mouth and throat. Deeper I take him and soon my tongue is out licking his sperm filled balls and Jimmy yells out his order for me to swallow all of his nasty cum. He calls me a fucking nasty ass cock sucking whore as his first load of sperm explodes out his cock head and straight down my throat. I back my lips up his cock to the head hoping to fill my mouth with his sperm as he blasts out another load that this time I am able to taste. My tongue digs deep into his piss hole almost blocking his next load of sperm. Pulling my tongue back his next blast pumps out and he bathes my tongue with his hot sperm. Fuck, I think to myself, only a nasty cheap whore would love this and I do.

When Jimmy is finish I keep applying pressure with my mouth to his cock trying to f***e more sperm from the tip and maybe he just might want me to suck him off one more time. Jimmy then pulls his cock out of my mouth and then rubs his cock all over my face and then he thanks me for being the cock sucking whore he has always dreamed of having. I then tell him in that case give me that cock so I can suck it off again. He laughs and tells me maybe later. Maybe! I tell him? Defiantly he answers back and then he grabs the thermos and fills both our cups. After taking his first sip he tells me we need to come up with a new script for tomorrow’s filming. I already have one, I told him. Really, he asks? I start to tell him what I had thought of while sucking his cock this morning. Jimmy’s response to me was how could such nasty ideas come out of the mind of someone that has only been doing this for less than a year? I guess you would have to be a true whore to understand the answer to that question, I told him. Then, using my finger, I scooped up some pussy juice that had run down my leg when I came during Jimmy’s blow job. I then placed the dribble of juice inside my cup and dropped it in while Jimmy watched.

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