A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Xhapter 11

Chapter Eleven

Yesterday was a good day Sally started telling everyone for her web site update. I sucked Josh off four times and got fucked by him twice. All in All, she added, I sucked down eight loads of cum. She did the shout outs and then she announced the start of the multiple cum shot contest would be this Saturday. I’m going to love this she told them. I love and adore every time I get a new cock to suck on and add to it that they have to shoot multiple loads of cum is going to be out of this world. Sally held up the four birthday tubes just before inserting the first one inside her pussy for Josh to pull out later and to tell the members how the birthday winner wants Josh to cum. Jerry, her pussy shaver, had just finishing shaving her pussy and now it was time for her to wake Josh for his morning blow job.
After Josh came between Sally’s tits he watched as she was scooping up his cum into her mouth. He then told her about Kate inviting them to their place for the weekend. We’ll have to take Saturday’s and Sunday’s contestants out there with us, he told her. What does Kate have planned? Sally asked. You’ll see, he told her, you’ll see.
Sally then went back into the living room where Jerry was still waiting to fuck the pussy that he had just finished shaving. Sally saw his cock and noticed that it wasn’t very big. I hope he at least has a nice load to feed me, she said to herself. Josh thought of not putting it on the web when he saw his size but, thought what the heck maybe there might be at least a good cum shot. It never panned out. Guess the only thing he had going for him was the nice close shave he gave Sally this morning.
Saturday came fast and Sally woke up excited to start the day. Today was Billy’s turn to shave her while she did the morning announcements. He was supposed to show up Friday morning, but he had to cancel till this morning. She sat in the chair Josh got her with the stirrups for her legs. It was comfortable and gave easy access to the guy shaving her pussy. So far Jerry and Tom did a fine job shaving her and she found she was enjoying having the guys shave her. She was just hoping Billy would be a better fuck later.
Today, she started, is the start of our multiple cum shot contest and I’m so excited to finally get this thing started. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this day, she added. Ninety minutes of sucking cock and having them cum as many times as they can is almost a dream come true for me. Plus, I get to do this for thirty days straight, she added. She followed this with the shout outs and then the birthdays. She also picked the four names of the guys that get to choose how Josh cums today. This time she handed the first one to Billy so he could insert it inside her pussy for Josh to find later.
She also answered some of the questions the members had sent her. It never ceased to amaze her at the questions these guys seem to what answered. Things like does she really like sucking cock, or has she ever had a load so big she couldn’t hold it all in without spilling a drop, and where does she really prefer a man to shoot his cum? Sally told them she loves sucking cock and is very happy every time she gets to suck a cock. Whenever I’m getting fucked I always ask the guy to cum in my mouth or on my face. Unless there is a dick in my mouth and I can’t talk, she added. Now it’s time to wake Josh and then get our day started. Keep checking our site today because you never know when we might be going live today.
Josh had grown accustom to sl**ping on his back so it would be easier for his mother to get at his cock when it was time for his morning blow job. Feeling her mouth the first thing in the mornings for these pass seven months is more than he ever hoped for in his wildest dreams. Some mornings she would pick it up with her hands and guide it to her warm softly sucking mouth. Other times she would suck it up with just her lips and slowly work it deep in to her throat. She was almost never in a hurry and she made you feel it was alright for your cock to stay in her mouth for as long as you like. Her tongue never stops exploring his cock. Every ridge, crease, and vain got her attention. So much so she probably could tell his cock from any other cock just by the way it felt in her mouth. After all this time she still demands her right to suck me off three times a day Josh thought to himself. Josh had to admit this was a far cry from the days of when he had to jack off by himself, hiding from his mom so she would not find out what he was doing, and then having to clean up the mess his large cum load always made.
Josh opened his eyes and looked down at his mom as she took his cock deep into her throat at an ever so slow a pace. Good morning whore, he told her as he placed his hand on the back of her head and pressed her head even further down on his cock. His ball sack was pressing hard against her chin as he felt his cock head going deep down her throat past the bottom of her throat. He released her head and she slowly came back to the top tonguing the underside of his cock as she made her way to the top.
So how is my slut going to get my cum this morning? He asked her. Without her mouth leaving his cock Sally turned around and placed her pussy right in front of his face. Josh raised his head and tried to retrieve the capsule with his tongue before having to use his fingers to find it. After finding it Josh opened the capsule and read out load how Benson from London, England wanted Josh to come. He wants me to cum completely down your throat. Benson, how did you guess that was how I wanted to cum down this slut’s throat this morning? Watch her when I cum and you’ll see this sluts’ lips and mouth never stop working as I’m ejaculating down her throat. Benson I want you to imagine it’s your cock getting your balls drained by the world’s best cock sucker, Josh teased him. Maybe someday we’ll include birthday boy suck offs. How would my cock sucking whore like sucking off our birthday boys? Josh added. Sally lifted her head and looked into the camera and said, I would love too, then she returned to sucking Josh’s cock.
Josh, knowing they had to get going on their trip, got himself ready to cum. Cuming down his mother’s throat was one of Josh’s favorite ways to cum. Number one, she was good at it. Number two, nothing beat the feeling of laying on your back with your cock deep in a throat and releasing your load into her sucking lips, mouth, and her milking throat.
Here it comes, Josh said, as he released the first jet down his mothers’ throat. Josh could feel the sperm travel up the big vain under his cock and blast down her throat. Time and time again he let loose with jet after jet as his hips lifted off the bed as if trying to get further inside her sucking mouth. Josh also noticed his mother’s pussy right in front of his face was gushing pussy juice all over his face. Without thinking Josh glued his mouth to her pussy and started sucking up her juices just like she was sucking up his.
When Sally first came into the room to wake Josh she already knew how his big cock was going to be coming this morning. After all she was the one that got to decide which birthday boy gets his wish today. Benson had wanted a deep release and it had been awhile since Josh got to come that way. She knew he liked it and she wanted Josh to keep wanting her sucking him off every day. After all this time she still wanted and needed to make sure Josh wanted her sucking his cock every day.
Sally found Josh still sl**ping with the sheets half way down his knees. She climbed up between his legs and lifted his cock head with her mouth and sucked the cock head inside her mouth. She held the head in her mouth while her tongue worked the head. The tip of her tongue digging into the piss hole and tasting the dried piss that was left there. Then she worked the little upside down V under the head and all the nerves just passed it. Sally knew this would wake Josh and when she heard him say, Good morning whore, she felt her pussy spasm into another little orgasm. Sally briefly thought of Jeff and how his cock also made her cum just from sucking it. It’s time to call him again, she told herself.
Sally then found herself lost in the utopia that always resulted when she is sucking Josh’s cock. It wasn’t long before Sally heard Josh tell her he was coming. Sally quickly took a breath before plunging her head down his long shaft until her lips crashed against him. She felt his big cock jerk and the vain underneath expanding as each jet traveled up to blast down her throat. Sally could feel his hot cum burning inside her as it made its way down into her stomach. As Sally was feeling his hot cum collecting inside her stomach she thought to herself, “If this is what it feels like to be a slut and a whore then there is nothing else I ever want to be!”

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